Oct 23 2007

The Ridiculously Paranoid Left

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We are at war with Islamo Fascists who spend all their time, energy and money in the pursuit of pulling off a large massacre of Americans and Westerners. They had great success in the 1990’s as their plans were kept secret and we used lawyers to fight them in the courts. We were distracted from the threat and the terrorists were able to kill 3,000 of us, using our own passenger airlines (carrying children) as weapons.

The far left in this country was woken up for a brief time. For once in a long while patriotism reigned. It was OK to wave the flag, cross your heart when the pledge of allegiance was quoted, to even use our military to go after those who killed all those people simply to send a message about how much they hate us and our way of life.

But that is not the natural state for a liberal. Confidence, pride in country and self, optimism, determination – all these things are foreign to the liberal state of mind. More often than not the left has no confidence in Americans to act positively and responsibly – that is why they require government to hand hold us at every corner and nag us about our choices. Liberals don’t admire thsi country, they feel it is as much cesspool as the Taliban were in Afghanistan before 9-11. And they are not optimistic – they are obsessively paranoid. I jokenly called it their OOPS (Obstinately Obsessive Paranoia Syndrome) in a previous post. But it does exist and it is a seriously crippling syndrome.

When it comes to protecting this nation, right now we have all our resources focused on detecting terrorist attacks in the making before they can kill. This is not the liberal way of doing thins – they prefer to wait until the bodies are stacked up to take serious legal action. Proactive action frightens them. But to detect attacks we need to monitor our enemies overseas and investigate those they contact or send money to here in the US. Getting inside the US cannot be a ‘free base’ for terrorists. But that is not what worries the paranoid liberal.

Instead of facing up to the terrorist threat, the far left is stuck in some bizarre Hollywood fantasy where the government is actually out to get them! Not protect them – get them. Like anyone cares what paranoid, delusional and lost people are doing with their lives? Like we have the resources to waste on these crackpots? Check out this silly argument against montoring terrorists:

A few decades ago, the FBI regularly conducted “black-bag jobs” that involved sneaking into homes, hotel rooms and offices with the cooperation of the building’s owner or even a neighbor with a spare key. Locks were picked otherwise.

Because no judge had authorized the FBI’s black-bag job, they were incredibly illegal. In the mid-1970s, the Church Committee famously disclosed the bureau’s clandestine operations.

Now President Bush is backing a bill that seems to encourage the FBI to revert to some of its old habits.

The FISA Amendments Act, approved by a Senate committee last week, seems to immunize people who cooperated with the FBI, the CIA, the National Security Agency–and other even more shadowy agencies–that conduct black-bag jobs.

Note the ‘seems to’ sprinkled everywhere? No evidence, just fiction. Note the reference to the days of J Edgar Hoover and Nixon? The problems referenced here were over three decades ago – and wrong. But some stubborn paranoia drives these people to believe they still exist today. Maybe its a version of fear avoidance – denial of reality by creating a fantasy fear they feel they have control over. I would trade rampant abuse of government power for political gain (e.g., Watergate) for suicide-mad terrorists trying to kill us in large numbers any day. But that is not the reality.

The left in this country are paralyzed by their fantasy demons. For whatever reason they cannot or will not recognize the real world threats to this country right now, even after 3,000 people died demonstrating the clear intent of the terrorists. The left have cucooned themselves in some strange paranoid delusional dream of Nixons coming and black helicopters hovering over their houses at night – dying to listen in on the ramblings of a group of people just not worth the effort to listen in on in the first place.

The left has lost their minds when they start fantasizing that the efforts being made by brave fellow Americans to stop terrorists are actually, in their warped minds, black bag jobs aimed at political opponents. It is insulting to those who risk their lives and spend their lives protecting us. And it is a joke – no matter how frightened these people have made themselves. It is just a pathetic joke. We are not out to get the far left. What would be the point? They have proven, through these bizarre paranoid fantasies of theirs, they are impotent and just very strange. With terrorists out to kill us, why would anyone listen in on the liberal left – especially when they rant and rave on weblogs all day and all night long anyway!

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  1. Terrye says:

    More than three decades ago, in fact FDR used to bug people all the time.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    If you think the press clips you link are bad AJ you really need to take a tour of the most left of the blogs and all the usual suspects are spinning version of that tale on steroids.

    Even more concerning is their comment threads are cheer leading them.