Jul 29 2005

Democrats On Kool Aid

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Ryan James has an enlightening post on why the democrats are probably not done losing elections. While the Durbins attempt to Nazi-fy our military, and the Conyers hold fake impeachment hearings in basement rooms acting out there fantasies, the grass roots has them all beat. Here is Ryan’s great summation

Just to recap: The county Democratic Party opposes the Minutemen, called them racist, and had on their dais a militant group who threatened physical force in opposition to the Minutemen.

Now I wonder how this will play when the Democrat’s national party chairman, a local congressman and the same county chairman get together next week. You know, because Howard Dean doesn’t seem to have a problem playing the race card.

Read the whole thing. If you thought the dems could go no lower, you may be unpleasantly surprised by what they are capable of.

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One Response to “Democrats On Kool Aid”

  1. Somehow, the Chris Matthews reference to our founding fathers as the equivalent of the so-called insurgents in Iraq last night seems part of this pattern (that’s what I’m on about now). In the left, there is a knee-jerk sympathy with our enemies, a knee-jerk distrust of our own citizens/soldiers, and a knee-jerk assumption of our culpability.

    This is not attractive to most Americans.