Oct 13 2007

Put A Fork In The NY Times

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A newspaper cannot be so cold hearted as to dishonor the very people it is associated with and expect to stay alive financially. No one is going to force the NY Times to stay in business after it decided to ignore a homep-grown hero:

“If he had killed 15 people, he’d be on the front page of their newspaper,” fumed James Casey of Malverne, a Vietnam vet and past commander of the state American Le gion organization.

“It’s amazing that a Long Islander and a New Yorker can receive the highest commendation this country can bestow and the Times doesn’t see fit to mention it – especially on the heels of the Gen. Petraeus MoveOn.org ad,” said Casey – referring to the paper’s deci sion to run a full-page ad from a liberal group con taining the headline words “General Betray Us.”

The man died in the service of his country, receives one of its top commendations and the NY Times impugns him by turning their back on his life story. Well, that will create a backlash as most Americans will now be returning the favor to the NY Times and turn their backs on it. I would bet this just may be the moment the NY Times went out of business. Optimistic? Harsh? I’m not so sure. How else do you honor the man and all those who died or were injured fighting for us? Even if you don’t agree with the war or how we got in it, most people would find this an even worse infraction in simple human decency. You honor them by making clear the contempt and disgust we hold for such a petty act. And no pretend excuse will save them from their just desserts. In fact it may make the matter even worse.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Still what can not be overlooked there are a core group of people with a matching agenda with more than enough financial clout to prop up and hold together what they perceive as their megaphone for their agenda.

    You have to get past them for the Times and others of similar ilk to go down.  Plus by now the Times is largly down to a core group of subscribers that are in agreement with their positions bolstered by many that read it just to see which plank they choose to walk today. 

  2. WWS says:

    Agree with you, Merlin. The vast majority of the Time’s readership today is “offended” by the idea that anyone in the service of this country can be a hero, and the Times management knows that they have to suck up to them.

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  4. BarbaraS says:

    Why are you surprised? The NYT have never mentioned any of the military except the dead and their phony soldiers with one exception when they smeared General Petraeus. They never report the brave acts by our military. Listening to them you would think our soldiers are over there solely to be sitting ducks who never fight back. That in itself is demeaning. The NYT is not a business but a propaganda machine. If it was a business it would be interested in getting more people to subscribe. When a newspaper has turned half the country against it without caring you realize they have their own agenda. I do not understand companies like the NYT, Ben& Jerry’s, Starbucks, etc turning half the country against them when they could have their politics and still keep their mouths shut. Same goes for the movie stars and other entertainers.