Jul 29 2005

Free Michael Graham’s Mouth

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UPDATE III: 8/8/05:

Keep up the support, but Michael asks that we stop harrassing WMAL radio in DC. Here is a new site I am adding to the list of sites who are supporting Michael’s right to be heard.


Got this from Michael regarding my idea for a blog wave:

“I could definitely use your help, and I’ll gladly link any websites I can.

Michael Graham

If you are for free speech, let me know and we will add your post to the list below

Email me at AJstrata@strata-sphere.com with any links you have.

And keep checking the comments for hints on more ways to help Michael. I have already alerted WMAL 630 their station is off the air for me until they reinstate Michael.

You can also go here at JWR


We need to show solidarity with Michael with something novel, something internet based. We need an internet wave. We need to list his supporters so the media wake up and take notice. We cannot let him be brow beaten into silence for speeking his mind, especially since it was rationally spoken without hate.

Here is the list (the first 4 5 I selected, rest coming in on their own):

Michelle Malkin
Mark In Mexico
Little Green Footballs
My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Dr Sanity
Right Wing Nut House
The Balancesheet
TMH’s Bacon Bits
Support Michael Graham

Start posting and let’s make a blog roll no one can ignore.

End Update:

Living and working around the DC beltway Michael Graham is a staple of my AM listening – when I am in the car. And at least twice a week I am in the care doing my 45-60 minute commute from Virginia into Maryland and I like to listen to Graham or Laura Ingraham – depending on what they are discussing.

So I was pretty well glued to WMAL 630 AM the other morning when Michael Graham was discussing his latest article. An article, here, where he makes a strong case that the instutional structure of Islam, the mosques and Imams and leaders, could be considered a terrorist ‘organization’. Note he doesn’t say the religion is a terrorist theology, he points to the leaders and their inability to dencounce violence as a political answer to their greivances. And his argument is a good one.

I too have made mention that Islam will be tarred with the blood of terrorism if doesn’t stop waffling on the issue of violence. When Muslim leaders come out and say murder is OK under certain circumstances, and the determination of when those circumstances arise is up to the terrorists, then Graham has a good point.

But he also makes it clear he is talking about the leadership, not the faithful masses. He makes it clear he is talking about the institution, not the faith. That is the difference between the Catholic Church and Christianity. For comparison, I think the Catholic Church is a bit sexist because it treats men and women differently in the leadership of the religion. That does not equate to Christianity being sexist or all Catholics being sexist.

So now the PC crowd has denied Michael Graham his right to free speech. If Muslims do not want to listen to Michael, switch the dial. If Muslims want to challenge Michael, enter into the debate. Michael had numerous, upset Muslims calling in and he debated them, and he continously differentiated between the leadership and the faith in general.

And one of his callers exmplified what Michael was saying. He said the hate was good. That the Jews and Christians had to get angry to fullfill the coming of the Muslim’s final Prophet. He will come and bring the world to the Muslims. The caller seemed to call for hate and bloodshed.

No, Islam is not bad, it’s just portrayed that way by infidels…..

Here is Michael’s site with latest comments.

More on this at Mark In Mexico and Michelle Malkin’s site.

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  1. Decision '08 says:

    Is Islam a Terror Organization?

    Michael Graham has been suspended from WMAL for calling Islam a terror organization, under pressure from CAIR; AJStrata is trying to put together a blogroll of his supporters, so please check it out, and read AJ’s post, too. AJ’s one of the favorites…

  2. Think about this – UPDATED (again)

    If the Boy Scouts of America had 1,000 scout troops, and 10 of them practiced suicide bombings, then the BSA would be considered a terrorist organization. If the BSA refused to kick out those 10 troops, that would make the case even stronger. If people…

  3. MoK says:

    Bless you for starting the blogwave, AJ! And best regards to you.
    It’s times like these that I wish I had a blog. I, too, listen to WMAL daily, and Michael does our local community a great service by reguarly and relentlessly pointing out pending nanny legislation, and in general clueing us in on what the MSM does not.
    Additional ways to help are to flood the execs at WMAL/ABC with supportive email (why, thank you, CAIR, for posting the addys):

  4. The Cowardice of the American Broadcasting Company

    The American (with an emphasis on American) Broadcasting Company shamed itself by caving in to the demands of a group that has repeatedly failed to condemn terrorism. That terrorism has been directed against Americans and has resulted in the deaths…

  5. Michael Graham Deserves Better: Boycott WMAL-AM 630 (if not ABC-Disney)

    I applaud Michael Graham for standing out on a limb and speaking about what he and so many of us believe is the ascendant face of evil in this world — and the Muslim religious heirarchy that seems insistant to allow its radical faction to drag t…

  6. […] Link support offered by The Strata-Sphere, who is starting a blogwave for free speech on this topic. […]

  7. […] Michael Graham has been suspended from WMAL for calling Islam a terror organization, under pressure from CAIR; AJStrata is trying to put together a blogroll of his supporters, so please check it out, and read AJ’s post, too. AJ’s one of the favorites around these parts, and he lays out a good justification for his position, but I can’t sign on to this one; I think the statement is too broad and too intentionally inflammatory. I do think moderate Muslims have a duty to condemn the Islamic extremists and marginalize them, and I’ve stated it repeatedly. […]

  8. MoK says:

    Re “Free Michael Graham’s Mouth” — So now (8/21) he has officially been fired by ABC. Here is the letter my husband and I sent to WMAL and ABC:
    “We grew up listening to WMAL. Our parents listened to Hardin and Weaver in the morning, and we used to enjoy Felix Grant’s show at night. We are second generation listeners, you could say.
    You have squandered decades of our goodwill by your gutless firing of Michael Graham. You have caved in to pressure by an organization with ties to terrorists, which makes you an appeaser. We’re disgusted by your cowardice and your boot-licking of the enemies of civilization. We are removing 630 AM from the presets on every radio we own, and will encourage our family and friends to turn their backs on you as well.
    We’re going to contact the sponsors of your station and encourage them to take their business elsewhere, as well.
    We’re almost speechless with disappointment, anger, frustration, and disgust. We *never* thought we would have to say that about WMAL radio.
    And we sincerely regret having to say goodbye to Chris Core, as we have enjoyed listening to him all these years. We are contacting him separately to apologize.”

  9. AJStrata says:

    Mok, Thanks for dropping by and giving the sad news. That’s it for my WMAL listening. That includes Rush Limbaugh as well. I guess ABC will learn one way or the other who their listeners really are.

  10. […] I first read of WMAL’s cowardice at MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Beth has numerous links to follow for more on this story. UPDATE: Check out The Strata-Sphere for the beginning of a blog storm. […]