Oct 10 2007

The Greatest Lie Ever Told

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In the annals of great whoppers there will be “Want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge”, “No of course that outfit doesn’t make you look fat”, and “we don’t need new laws, we just need to enforce the laws we have”. OK, John Kerry and Al Gore have a list of whoppers so long I don’t have the time to catalogue them. But you get the point. And here is proof:

The judge, Charles R. Breyer of the Northern District of California, said the government had failed to follow proper procedures for issuing a new rule that would have forced employers to fire workers if their Social Security numbers could not be verified within three months.

If allowed to take effect, the judge found, the rule could lead to the firing of many thousands of legally authorized workers, resulting in “irreparable harm to innocent workers and employers.”

The shocker is this will probably stand. You cannot remove a person’s right to make a living over screwed up or missing (or false) paperwork. Never going to happen. And what kind of precedent will this start? Will a liberal Congress and President make it a firing offense to smoke in areas where smoking is illegal? What about too many traffic tickets? What about getting fired for not paying your taxes or child support? Since when does the government tell anyone who can work or not work for whom? Isn’t this just opening the door for firing people for thinking a certain way? And if you can force someone to be fired you can force them to be hired – which would allow gays into the Boy Scouts, etc.

The fact is being here illegally is a misdemeanor. It is a process crime. The legislation that was proposed this year would have thrown violent criminals out on their ears. But now we have to live with them thanks to a group of people who would let rapist and murderers stay on our street to stop someone who has worked here for 10 years raising a family and paying taxes from becoming ‘legal’.

The laws are broken. They have been for 20 years and anyone who claimed otherwise was lying to us or to themselves.

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  1. Dc says:

    Well, first…all you have to do is look at this “…a judge from Northen California” ..to know the rest.

    So, lets see now AJ if I have this about right….you say you cannot fire someone who doesn’t comply with paper work. Then, suggest that had we just passed that bill that required illegals to have paper work and be part of the system or they’d get deported everything would be different now. Really?? Which is it?

    And when they round people up to deport them under existing laws…. the people on your side of this are complaining and trying to stop them from doing it and arguing that it’s unjust and not right and they are filing cases in court to STOP them? Why?

    Then, they turn around just like you do, and argue out of the other side of their mouth..that had we just pass that bill…we could have done all of those things…that …you object to and suggest should not be done, cannot be done, and should not be done.

    Bah. Strike 9. You’ve been out…3x over.

  2. Molon Labe says:

    Not really following you here. Not clear why it’s a “shocker” if the ruling stands. Seems like a desirable ruling if you support decent, hard-working family-oriented immigrants – legal or not.

  3. Terrye says:

    Homeland Security has asked that states use the online verification system. {I think it is called everify.com or something like that} and several states have refused saying the system has flaws in it. It seems that while the hardliners just like to blame Chertoff and Bush for this whole problem, there is a lot more to it all than just a lazy or complicit federal government.

    I think the point is that if they fire someone and it turns out to be a mistake then the courts can and will intervene. It is also true that employers fear facing possible charges of discrimination.

    I recently heard Arizona passed news laws to try and criminalize hiring illegals. The Chamber of Commerce in that state has challenged the laws saying that people could lose their businesses. This might not bother some people, but if those businesses go under the Americans that work for them will be just as unemployed as the illegals. In fact they are saying they will be more than a half million workers short in a state with a total population of about 6 million if all the undocumented workers move to some other state like New Mexico or Texas or California or Nevada.

    So much for just enforcing the laws that are already there, Arizona passed a bunch of new ones and are amazed to find all sorts of people challenging them for all sorts of reasons.

    Meanwhile next door in New Mexico, Bill Richardson has an approval rating of 64% and his attitudes in regards to illegal immigration are that the wall is stupid and that same sex couples should get family benefits.

    So all the states are different and that is part of the problem.

  4. stevevvs says:


    Another story from San Francisco. A federal judge has given in to labor and civil liberties organizations. The judge is temporarily blocking the U.S. government from cracking down on businesses employing illegal immigrants.

    The Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security had a plan to send joint letter to businesses that have workers with Social Security numbers that don’t match their names. The businesses would face penalties if it was shown that they were hiring illegal aliens.

    These “No Match” letters were supposed to be sent starting in September until labor groups and immigrant activists filed a lawsuit. They claim that this policy puts a burden on employers and may cause “authorized immigrants” and U.S. citizens to lose their jobs over simple mistakes on their paper work. Activists say that this would be a violation of their rights!

    I’m sorry but that is BS. That is NOT why these people are opposing this plan. “The legal citizens may lose their jobs if they incorrectly filled out their paperwork.” If they made a mistake … if they transposed a digit in their Social Security number … they get every opportunity to correct it. . But these activists are hiding behind this pitiful argument in order to ensure that their fellow illegals don’t lose their jobs. Or in this case, aren’t even questioned. As for the unions … you can figure that one out for yourself. They’re looking for new members. Especially since more and more American workers are figuring out that unions do more harm than good.

    He is a highly successful Lawyer, as well as a talk show host.

  5. WWS says:

    For a supposed lawyer, Boortz’s outburst is not just ridiculous but embarrassing. His screed contains nothing but personal insults of anyone who thinks differently than he does and loud cries of “BS” without even a single explanation of why he thinks it’s BS. Would it be too much to ask for even one single reason why he thinks that? But it appears he’s too busy screaming at the top of his lungs to bother taking time to think of any.

    Screaming insults and attacking motivations would seem to be a good sign that Boortz in fact has no substantive legal arguments to make. (but being a good talk show host, he has to throw out the red meat and keep the spittle flying)

    Jerry Springer was much more of a political pioneer than I first realized.

  6. stevevvs says:

    He’s on the air now. Call him, ask him.
    Phone number is there.

  7. Dc says:

    Yes, it’s almost as ridiculous as the people who hold up provisions of the past immigration bill that “we” pushed for, that they fought against, that had to do with enforcement on border and at workplace, when they actually oppose every single one of those efforts. And the reason for that is, because they don’t want to enforce any of this, nor do they have any intention to enforce anyone of those “laws”. That’s the point.

    Proof: since congress and everybody else got an earfull from their constituency over this, and some people lost their jobs over this, they have started to crack down on illegals. The result has been that the same people who claim to have supported such in the last bill…oppose every single effort to do so now. They offer no explanation as to why…only that somehow..had we passed their magical last bill..things would have somehow all been different. These same people, who claimed to have supported such efforts in the last bill, who are now looking upon a massive enforcement effort by the US gov, are instead..doing everything they can to remove such requirements from illegals, and in the case of Va, offering them full benefits for free, because they don’t believe in enforcement against anyone who is here…regardless of how they got here. They never did believe in enforcement, never will, and intend on doing everythign they can to see that it doesn’t happen in the US. THAT is why we have a problem/disconnect here on this issue and always did. There idea of enforcment is to give illegals work permits and drivers lic no questions asked.

  8. BarbaraS says:

    What everyone is overlooking is that the 140,000 letters represent several million illegal aliens guilty of identity theft. These people stole someone else’ identity and can cause endless problems of the legal recipients of these numbers. This is a big deal and the unions and others trying to stop the government are accomplices of this crime. Being here in the US illegally might be a misdemeaner but identity theft is a real crime with jail time.

    There is nothing new about sending out these letters. It was routine. I have been retired for 6 years now and during my work period as a controller I got several of these letters. Some of the people were illegal and they were fired because the law as it stands now is employers are liable for big fines if they hire or keep illegals. I was even one of the mismatched numbers in my early career because one of my employers sent in my W-2 with one number wrong. That error was straightened out with one letter and a corrected W-2 in one day. The unions have an axe to grind. Probably a lot of their members are illegal and they don’t want to lose them or their dues.

  9. BarbaraS says:

    Also, these people are probably using this identity theft to vote, get drivers licenses, social services. It is a crime for the unions to interfere in this process.