Oct 05 2007

CIA Warns Of Possible al-Qaeda Attack In Europe

It seems US Intelligence thinks al-Qaeda may be preparing some spectacular attacks in major European cities:

The CIA has warned counterparts in Europe of the possibility of terror attacks in several countries, with Paris’ sewage system among the suggested targets, a French official said Thursday.

The US spy agency warned that al-Qaeda agents may be planning suicide or bombing attacks in London and cities in Italy, France and Germany, Le Monde newspaper reported. It said the CIA had warned of the possibility of attacks taking place this month.

The French official confirmed to The Associated Press that such a note had been sent. The official said the CIA mentioned “waste water systems” in Paris as a potential target.

OK, I can’t resist some humor here, my apologies. It seems AQ wants the crap to hit the fan soon – so to speak. But one has to wonder if al-Qaeda truly is a crippled entity if their target list includes a flotilla of floating french turds.

With that out of my system we can get back to the serious side of this story. It seems the fear is with regard to all those who escaped the German dragnet a few weeks ago:

In Washington, a counterterrorism official said there was ongoing and “very deep concern” about the potential threat from members of an extremist Islamist cell who escaped arrest in Germany after the highly publicized September arrests there of three senior leaders of the Islamic Jihad Union.

German authorities foiled the trio’s alleged plot to attack US and other targets in Germany, but up to 10 others believed to be involved in the organization escaped a subsequent manhunt, the Washington official said. At least one is considered extremely dangerous and is now believed to be in Britain, the official said on condition of anonymity because the subject involves intelligence matters.

I posted on this problem a while back where the reporting was on 49 suspects, not just 10. This tells me maybe we had another incident where the news of the threat was leaked to the news media and authorities had to act before they could get all their assets in place. Partial dragnets spoil months of good intelligence as the targets go underground.

It is not a huge leap of speculation to figure that the NSA plays a key role in all these warnings and detections. Intercepting communications is the best way to detect and stop attacks. The Dems should be careful they do not get caught again opposing a critical national security program which is stopping attacks on the US and West. Their penchant for political suicide will be a result of their calls for national suicide by suspending our best chance of defence.

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  1. patrick neid says:

    Interestingly the Paris sewer system has long been a tourist attraction.

  2. Snapple says:

    I read that Bin Laden seems to believe that Columbus Day is symbolic because in 1492 the West began to expand and Ferdinand and Isabella captured the Alhambra.

    The Cole and Bali bombings were on October 12.

    Here is an interesting article about this idea.


  3. Snapple says:

    I would be interested to hear your impressions of this article. I thought it was very interesting.