Oct 05 2007

Bush And Congress Hit New Lows In Public Support

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Actually, mathematically speaking, neither Bush or Congress have actually hit a new low because the new levels are within the margin of error of the both the new poll and last poll. It is just the media lying to us or too dumb to know what they are reporting on – but here are the numbers:

Only 31 percent said they approve of the job Bush is doing, according to the survey released on Thursday. Though his positive ratings have hovered at about that range since last year, his lowest previous approval in the AP-Ipsos survey was 32 percent, which was recorded several times, most recently in June. That is virtually even with the latest reading.

Congress’ job performance was approved by just 22 percent, continuing a gradual decline in the public’s assessment since Democrats took over in January. Its lowest reading in the poll was 24 percent, recorded most recently in July.

Again, mathematically these numbers are statistically identical, not “virtually even”. That goes with the media’s level of a “virtual education”. More fun with numbers. Congress’s approval is roughly 60% of Bush’s. Also, Bush is roughluy 150% more popular than Congress, or 1 and half times more popular. All these are mathematically true and politically irrelevant. Bush is not ever going to face the electorate again and Congress is going to have trouble surviving their next date with John Q Public.

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  1. Soothsayer says:

    Congress is going to have trouble surviving their next date with John Q Public.

    Not hardly; such simplistic analysis doesn’t address the truth behind the numbers.

    Needless to say, this polling does not address how constituents feel about “their” representatives, and a closer look at the numbers reveals that as a party, Democrats still rank higher than the Commander in Chief; 29 percent of Americans approve of Republican lawmakers, while 38 percent approve of their Democratic representatives .

    Much of the disapproval expressed by Democrats for Congress is caused by the failure of the Democrats to do more to impeach Bush or to cut off funds for his war.

    Combining this information with widespread Republican retirism and continuing illegal clown activities by Republicans like Ted Stevens and Larry Craig, there is a very real potential for a November ’08 blowout of Republicans in Congress.

    Hate to say I told you so on Larry Craig’s appeal, but I certainly did. Now I’m make my ’08 prediction: Good-bye GOP, about to be marginalized.

  2. From the top story just posted by AJ:

    “Nearly one out of every five Democrats thinks the world will be better off if America loses the war in Iraq, according to the FOX News Opinion Dynamics Poll released Thursday.

    The percentage of Democrats (19 percent) who believe that is nearly four times the number of Republicans (5 percent) who gave the same answer. Seven percent of independents said the world would be better off if the U.S. lost the war.”

    As IF there was every ANY question, what 20% the Anti-American, Pro-Jihadi, Leftist Nutbag Traitor “Bootlicker” belonged too??

    Go away Kos’ian Nutbag Traitor, your rote recital of Anti-American Democratic Talking Points, which you download every morning from the “Kos” (Arabic for a female’s private parts, how appropriate!) webiste, directly into that pile of feces that pass for your “brain”, is tiresome, boring, and not at all expected!, you being being a Leftist Nutbat Traitor and all…