Oct 05 2007

Craig To Stay Through Retirement, GOP Implodes Again

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Craig’s Statement Here

Well, the judge decided he couldn’t trust the legal system to unearth the truth of what happened to Craig (no need to link on this item, so many stories out there). The 20 page ‘decision’ shows a judge desperate to defend his decision. This is a misdemeanor charge! It doesn’t require a 20 page opinion. The judge just let everyone know he was going to fight even his view of what justice is about. Why else spend so much time and effort convincing himself?

Craig is still resigning, at the end of his term. And that, is the end of that. While I am in full favor of a house cleaning in Congress, I want to see the shrill hardliners out and more pragmaic centrists in. Craig was, sadly, more of the latter. But Idaho does produce people who are salt-of-the-earth types who have more interest in principles than fame. There are some outstanding GOP contenders in Idaho, so that is not an issue.

The fact the GOP cannot accept this and are planning a senate show trial is, however, probably the last straw with the spineless GOP. There is such a thing as ‘no comment’ and ‘that is a personal decision’. But no, the GOP could not step back and simply let it end. They have to take the whole mess onto the TV screens across the nation:

Craig will now face the full glare of a Senate Ethics Committee investigation and the ire of Republican Senate leaders, who say they feel as though he’s gone back on his promise to step down after news broke of his arrest on charges that he solicited sex from an uncover police officer in the men’s room of the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.

“He gave us his word that he would resign,” said Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., who’s in charge of the GOP’s 2008 Senate election fundraising. “I’m calling on Senator Craig to keep his word. If he loves his party, and he loves the Senate, the honorable thing to do is to resign.”

John Ensign has just elevated himself to my ‘please elect someone else’ list. Ensign made a promise to defend this nation and he should have much more pressing concerns than getting in front of the media discussing Senator Craig’s word of honor. The GOP purists have little to no honor after all their name calling, calls of treason and calls for impeachment. If Ensign ‘loved his party’ he would shut up. But I, thankfully, am not of his party so in the end how badly the GOP screws itself over on this one is irrelevant.

The fact is the GOP is going to self destruct in this show trial and the Dems are going to be holding their hands all the way throught the pending disaster. It is a misdemeanor charge, not a crime against God, country or party! Ensign sounds like a nag. No wonder the amnesty hypochondriacs flip out all the time. Here’s the message: Americans even violate a misdemeanor you can be drawn and quartered – career wise. One thing America hates is sticklers for every rule and law those who want to draw maximum blood for the smallest infraction. That will be the first wound on the GOP – they will firm up their reputation as the nags who want everyone living in a police state which enforces every minor law to ridiculous extremes.

Next is the back-stabber image. In a time of war, dedication to one’s allies and comrades is paramount. It is simple context and comparison. Our military out in the streets of Iraq covering each other as they do the nation’s bidding (yes Congress – you authorized this action) compared to the GOP and its dealings with Craig. The comparison is stunning to think about. People make mistakes – and I am talking minor mistakes here. Tactical decisions that looked good initially but turned out bad in hindsight. Mistakes are not crimes. If you think war is mistake-free you get your history from comic books. Everyone knows people make mistakes and can die from them. But you stand by them and help them not make any more mistakes. Mistakes are not crimes.

Right now the GOP looks to be the worst fair-weather ally anyone could ever think of dealing with. Again, it is a misdemeanor. Even if the Senate ethics board found him guilty (which they can’t of course) it is the same as a speeding ticket. The Senate is barred from taking any action on this except a vacuous vote about its displeasure. In a time of war people are going to wonder what is wrong with a Senate that can’t deal with the raging wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, can’t get budget bills passed without political dumb tricks, but they can have a show trial over a dumb ticket about public behavior.

So the GOP will come off looking like distracted nags who can only come together to wring their hands over a misdemeanor ticket, but cannot be trusted as solid allies in facinf this country’s greatest issues and causes because they are obsessed with enforcing the minutiae of law. Yeah, there’s a plan! Geez, this is actually turning into a Class A, one-for-the-history-books joke.

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  1. WWS says:

    While I agree that this did not need a 20 page opinion, I think the reason is that the judge was eyeing the national audience this otherwise very ordinary case has.

    Just about any other judge in the country would simply have said one word 10 seconds after the filing was made: “Denied!” Nobody gets to take back a guilty plea once it’s filed. (there’s some exceptions if you can prove you were insane, or illiterate without any access to counsel, or you were beaten by the bailiffs until you agreed to plea. none of those seems to apply here.)

    To me, Craig’s childish and naive belief that he could get a “do-over” on this is simply continuing evidence of his extremely poor judgement. I don’t really care about his sexual preferences or activities, but he is certainly a self-deluded fool. And that’s because with this filing he set himself up for continued public ridicule without even the faintest chance that any good could come of it.

    Let me repeat – his chances of being allowed to take back his guilty plea were ALWAYS less than zero. (guaranteed to do more harm than good for him) Anyone who said differently was simply milking the story for the press, just like the judge in this case who wrote 20 pages to try to make his 15 minutes on the stage seem like so much more than it actually was.

  2. VA Voter says:

    It is physically impossible to have a wide stance. Think about pants around knees or ankles. It’s impossible unless your pants are fully up or you partially undress and have taken a leg out of the pants leg (in which case you have to also take your shoe off).

  3. dave m says:

    Once he’s “got” perhaps the GOP can then turn it’s
    full attention to that Britney! Must be noted that even the
    democrat controlled press is after Britney! So we have
    bi-partisan consensus. Britney Is Bad.
    Talk about scarlet letter, she’s still free and how in the world
    is that even possible?
    Squeaky-clean – that’s what we want!
    When do we want it?

    I believe that’s how that chant usually goes.

  4. AJStrata says:

    VS Voter,

    glad to have you comment but what makes you think anyone cares? Is this to be the focus of our Nation? Anyone obsessed about this story is seriously distracted.

  5. stevevvs says:

    Craig Stays, C-Span Adds Senate Restroom Cams
    by Scott Ott

    (2007-10-05) — Following Idaho Sen. Larry Craigâ?Ts announcement that he would remain in the senate working to clear his name after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct charges, C-Span announced today it would add Senate restroom-cam programming to its C-Span2 lineup.

    Might as well get a chuckle!

  6. SallyVee says:

    I am inexplicably, maybe even irrationally overjoyed by Larry’s decision to stand firm with his wiiiiiide stance. The only thing more fun would be if someone asks Alan Keyes to pontificate on the subject in the next debate. I can hear his voice rising two octaves above the usual three, calling down lightning bolts and torrential rainfall on toe tapping outlaws around the world!