Jul 29 2005

Off The Deep End

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This commentary [hat tip RealClearPolitics] is intriguing because it is a completely open expression of the liberal mindset and where it goes wrong. It also is an expression of frustration that Arab Muslims have a tarnished image due to the blood thirsty terrorists, but in good old liberal fashion blames the US and UK.

Mansour El-Kikhia: Arabs shouldn’t have to apologize

San Antonio Express-News

I am fed up with the ceaseless requests by columnists, religious personalities and other American public figures for Arabs and Muslims to apologize for terrorist acts committed by thugs and murderers in the name of Islam.

Well, as far as I know no one is asking American Arabs and Muslims to apologize for terror – we are asking them to stand up to terror and take their religion back and make it one of peace and mutual respect. That is not apologizing. I gather he is tired of feeling like he should apologize because his religion has become blood thirsty and is the only religion condoning murder and mayhem.

As far as I am concerned, the final straw came a couple of weeks ago when the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, paid for a national advertisement repudiating terrorism in the name of Islam.

Let me get this straight, he is angry because CAIR denounced senseless murder of innocent people? He wishes that Islam should embrace terrorism?

As soon as the advertisement was broadcast on America’s media, I read a column by one of the nation’s most ardent Islam-phobic columnists, Cal Thomas, now also a FOX News personality, which plowed into CAIR’s reconciliation efforts.

Or is he mad at Cal Thomas, and not mad at CAIR’s announcement? Honestly it sounds like both. But Cal Thomas has doubts about CAIR because CAIR has supported people in the past who support violence. They have some work to do to convince skeptics. And maybe the skeptics can tone it down a bit, but that is the reality of being attacked and trying to protect ourselves. It is not pleasant, but we did not ask for a holy war, some Arab Muslims did.

He represents a despicable and ignorant attitude that, unfortunately, a sizable segment of America has come to share. There is nothing American Muslims can do to satisfy this group short of packing up and leaving the United States.

Actually, we would rather you stayed and denounced terrorism. There are some who speak too broadly, but that is not the mainstream of America.

I disagree with what CAIR did, and I also disagree with this groveling and begging for forgiveness, as though American Arabs and Muslims are responsible for those atrocities. CAIR knows better, and those running it know that Islam rejects all acts of violence outside self-defense.

This is stunningly naive. Islam should reject all acts of violence. But there are plenty of IMAMS the world over preaching the opposite. Who are we to believe, this fool or our lying ears? They believe they are defending Islam when they murder infidels.

Arab and Muslim Americans are responsible for neither the twin towers nor the London subway bombings, and as Americans they should never accept responsibility for actions they did not instigate, commit or condone.

Name one national leader that said this? In fact, since a serious Bush-bashing is coming up, it should be noted that Bush and his administration and many of us across the nation go out of our way to differentiate American Arabs and Muslims (as well as moderate Muslims across the world) from the Islamo Fascists. Is this guy simply too full of hate and guilt to read up on this subject?

Does anyone think they are pleased to have their movements and telephone conversations monitored or that coercive and freedom-depriving laws are tailored for them? Does anyone in his or her right mind really believe that being an Arab American or a Muslim is pleasant in America today?

What a pathetic cry baby. His concern is he might be included in some surveillance at some time. Maybe if was a little calmer he wouldn’t attract so much attention. But we all get searched, filmed, etc. And if they need to monitor my phone are watch my movements to remove me from suspicion I guess I can live with that. I am not happy about it. But it is better than not trying to stop the carnage. If I would die for this country, I can easily be inconvenienced for it.

The United States has lost 3,000 souls to terrorist thugs, but that figure is miniscule compared to the 60,000 Algerians or the 25,000 Iraqis who also have died at their hands. These thugs don’t differentiate between Muslim and non-Muslim, Arab and non-Arab when they plant a bomb or enter a village at night and murder everyone.

So why is this guy so upset CAIR denounced them? I think it still goes back to his feelings of embarrassment at what the Islamo Fascists have done in the name of Islam, and he is angry people are disgusted with their brand of Islam. He is angry that Islam is getting bad reputation. But is he mad at the terrorists??

It is rejection of U.S. and British policies in the Middle East, not Islam, that has promoted terrorism against America. And for the benefits of those who do not know, 95 percent of Middle Easterners are Muslims. Hence, it is only natural that those opposing the United States and Britain in the region would be Muslims.

Ahh, it is our fault. Of course. After we freed the Afghanis from Soviet invasion, we freed Kuwait from invasion, we saved Bosnian Serbs from ethnic cleansing (by mainland Europeans no less), we saved North Africa from the Nazis, after all this it is normal for Muslims to want to kill those who freed them? What kind of sick logic is that?

More important, it was the British and the United States that drew first blood. The Middle East didn’t come to America or go to Britain; rather, America and Britain went to the Middle East.

This guy is lost because he is uneducated in the ways of history. For one thing, America never colonized or ruled the ME or Africa. The UK did, as did other European countries. But it is clear this guy is an anglo hater of the first degree. He claims we are racist or religious bigots so he can hide and rationalize his racist feelings.

America’s experience in the Middle East is no different from its Southeast Asia stint, and look at the mess it left in that region.

Agian, somehow because we tried to salvage a free, democratic society and brutal, bloody communist regimes came in and killed millions – it is our fault. Incredible.

The United States illegally invaded and decimated a country that did not threaten its security and, in the process, unleashed one of the most vile and ruthless insurgencies the region has ever seen.

This is the sickest of this guys sick thought processes. He would rather see Arab Muslims tortured, beaten, maimed and murdered in mass quantities by Arabs. He would rather see Arab girls pulled off the streets into rape rooms. The country, Iraq, did threaten our security because it was a brutal, regfime run by thugs, it had WMD technology it could share, and it had ties to terrorists. What this torture lover forgot is we gave Hussein opportunities to show he was not going to be a threat and he decided to show he could not be trusted. Ever here of a place called Pakistan? Does Libya ring a bell? They took steps to demonstrate they could be trusted.

And as it did in Vietnam, when the going got tough, it is planning to pull out.

What do you do with a man who is obviously delusional? Bush is pulling out when the going gets tough? He may want to let Kennedy and the other democrats know because they have been calling for us to get out because it is too tough for years now. What do you do with a man this unhinged?

If you are in the MSM you give him page space to do his conspiracy binging on.


As usual, Mark Coffey and I posted on the same subject, so here is his view of this nutty tirade.

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