Sep 28 2007

Suicidal Democrats, Hiring Jihad Supporters

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Would any sane person put a pro-palestinian, firebrand Muslim, to head an immigration commission just outside our nation’s capitol? Apparently a Democrat would:

Governor Timothy Kaine recently made a controversial new appointment to the state’s immigration commission. Omeish is the president of the Muslim American Society. Critics say he’s an Islamic radical, and they’re calling for Kaine to rescind his appointment.

Palestine, the West Bank and Gaza all have been and continue to be under the repugnant illegal occupation of Israel,” Omeish said. “The heinous illegal occupation must end today. The massacres and the genocide committed against the Palestinian people must end today.”

Sounds just like Amhedinejad talking, doesn’t it? And is this all there is against this man? Well, how would it sound if a US Governor named a man to a state commission who was dedicated to replacing are constitutional republic with Sharia Law”:

He [Omeish] is the president of the Muslim-American Society, or MAS. A 2004 investigative report by the Chicago Tribune found that MAS was created to help establish Islamic sharia law in America.

Gartenstein-Ross says Omeish’s group is the American arm of the Muslim brotherhood: a radical jihadist group founded in Egypt.

The terrorist group Hamas was founded by Muslim brotherhood embers. the brotherhood has also served as an inspiration for al-Qaeda.

I know Governor Kaine is a bit inept, but really! Did ANYONE do a background check on this man? Apparently not. It seems Kaine learned of his commissioner’s beliefs from YouTube. This is why liberals and democrats are seen as poor on national defense. They truly are clueless and naive. More here.

Addendum: Kaine is so lame he tries to make this Jihadi supporter out to be the model of a good citizen! From the last link:

Several hours later, the governor issued a news release announcing Omeish’s resignation. “Dr. Omeish is a respected physician and community leader, yet I have been made aware of certain statements he has made which concern me,” Kaine said.

Respected physician? Is that like a respected flight school student? And after what some phsyicians did in the UK by planting car bombs in London one has to ask why does being a doctor give anyone special treatment when it comes to promoting terrorism? Because that is the essence of supporting Jihad, you support the use of terrorism and mass killings. Kaine is an idiot to even pretend this man should be respected. Good terrorists use charades like being a physician or some other normal person to hide their intentions. Kaine is just emphasizing is ignorance here.

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  1. Crzy4politks says:

    I know Kilgore was a bit of a puppet and had no plan for when he was Governor, but geez, what is Kaine thinking? All I want to know is where is Potts, we should have elected him.

  2. Crzy4politks says:

    Oh and before everyone goes attacking me. I worked on Kilgore’s campaign (reluctantly) and I personally met all three candidates.

  3. Terrye says:

    Zawhiri of AlQaida is a doctor too. hmmmmmmm