Sep 28 2007

Follow The Money To Understand America’s Choices

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Americans invest in winners. This is a solid fact in politics. The money flows to those America want to win and dries up for those people do not want to win. With this fact of life in mind the GOP is in serious trouble:

Using data for Aug. 31 in the election cycle’s off-year as a snapshot, the figures show that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) reported $20.5 million more in cash on hand than the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), which reported only $1.59 million in the bank.

Both committees, which serve as their parties’ respective political arms for the House of Representatives, also reported they faced more than $3 million in outstanding debt, after paying down millions in debt earlier in the year.

In the first eight months of the year, the DCCC reported raising $44 million, while the NRCC lagged at $34 million.

A look back shows how sharply the Republican fortunes have declined. On the identical date in 2005, the NRCC had $624,000 more on hand than the DCCC, while on the Senate side Republicans had a $950,000 advantage.

In 2003, the NRCC had a $1.52 million edge over the DCCC as of Aug. 31, while Senate Republicans had an $800,000 margin. In 2001, it was House Republicans with a $1.38 million margin, and Senate Republicans led by $730,000. In 1999, the DCCC managed a $661,000 lead in cash on hand over the NRCC. But Senate Republicans enjoyed a $1 million edge.

Historically the GOP has had a money edge – until their disasterous showing in 2006. The polls show that while Dem led Congress is almost despised in this country, the Dems still get large support in the general election match ups. The GOP’s tactics of ragging on people who differ with them, using over the top and abusive rhetoric on issues that demand working together, is taking its toll. The purity wars are working, the GOP is shrinking down to its shrillest, purest core. Which means it will be spending a lot of years wandering in the wilderness of the minority again.

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  1. Terrye says:

    Not only that they begin to talk about those horrible big money people and how America has been sold out blah blah blah. Kind of hard to ask a guy for money after you have called him a traitor or a tool.

  2. stevevvs says:

    If Only:

    We hadn’t had so many Pork Projects

    We hadn’t double the size of the federal government in the last 7 years

    We had implimented an energy strategy: Drilled off our shores, drilled in Alaska, made it simpler for oil companies to open new refineries, built more power plants.

    If only we had stopped the Ethonol insanity:

    Corn would be cheaper, Beef would be cheaper, Pork would be cheaper, Chicken would be cheaper, Milk would be cheaper, Cereal would be cheaper, and everything with corn syrup and corn dirivatives would be cheaper.
    But instead here we go down the heavily subsidized Ethonol boondogle Express. But at least it costs the same, has a lower BTU Factor, thereby giving us less gas milage. Oh, that’s not a plus.

    If only we had secured our borders

    If only we had Governed in a way that showed the American People that there really is a difference in the two parties!

    Yes, they blew it. Rather than Stick to Core Beliefs and Principles [maybe they really don’t have any or many anymore] they got drunk on power and figured with a war on, there was no way the American people would vote for the other side. But they did! And may continue to do so.

    I just can’t see myself voting for Rudy, Mitt, or John. Nor any of the Dems.
    I just don’t see any of the “Front Runners” being for any or many Conservative Beliefs. So, in 08, if those guys win, I’ll just vote for Elizabeth Dole, Robyn Hayes, and I’ll write in my vote for President. It may help the other side, but I’m just not going to vote for the lesser of two evils.

    By the way, in N.C. Elizabeth Dole has an approval rating of 62%. It’s so high, there are serious worries as to who the Dems. can actually run against her!
    What are her unwavering points?

    No Amnesty
    Border Security
    Win The War.
    She has been a leader here in N.C. in the fight AGAINST Amnesty, she has been in the fight to get us an Immigration Court in Charlotte, so we don’t have to send the Aliens to Atlanta. She has been instrumental in getting County Sherriffs signed up for the Federal Program to Identify Aliens when Arrested. Getting funds to the Counties to get this program running anywhere it is desired.

    Off for a day of enjoyment. Take Care Folks, enjoy the weekend.