Sep 28 2007

America Is Getting In A Fighting Mood

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America was heading towards the mood of “this is too hard, why can’t we just run and hide”. This mood had led to the precipitous drop in support for the President and the GOP and gave the Dems an opening in the 2006 elections. However, America did not want a disasterous surrender and they never committed to the suicidal fanaticism the permeates the leftward fever swamps. Here are a few of the obsessions of the left America did not sign up for:

  • They are not about to empty GITMO and bring all of al-Qaeda’s thugs here to America so we can lawyer them up at tax payer expense.
  • Americans did not want to get involved in a civil war in Iraq, but they are more than happy to kick al-Qaeda’s butt from one end of that country to the other. And the more the Iraqis join in the more Americans support it.
  • The fact al-Qaeda has focused all its efforts and forces on Iraq means they are not focused here or in Europe – and America is fine with that situation
  • America never once wanted the government to throw away leads (NSA tips from Surveillance),on terrorist efforts here in the US on the whimsical paranoia that their may be a second coming of Richard Nixon. Fear of the next Nixon is so low in this country I would suspect it ranks lower than fear of missing The Simpsons rerun this week.
  • The fact is America is not fanatical and is coming to the realization that people obsessed with politics are a bunch of hyperventilating weirdos with too much free time on their hands (yours truly would be one of those obsessed with politics of course). So is it any wonder that the polls show serious concern with Iran and no interest in appeasement?

    Fully 80 percent of Americans say they believe Iran’s nuclear program is intended for military purposes, not for peaceful energy purposes as the country claims. Furthermore, by a 50 percent to 31 percent margin, voters say the United States should take a tougher line with Iran, including military action if necessary, rather than a softer line, including more diplomacy.

    Americans know the consequences of a nuclear armed Iran with their myriad terrorist connections. This is the Iraq-Saddam-WMD concern on massive steriods. And when it comes to believing our government or the mad men of Iran, Americans are far from liberal-left on this matter:

    Over half of Americans (54 percent) think Ahmadinejad’s purpose would have been to honor the terrorists responsible for the World Trade Center attack. Some 17 percent believe he wanted to honor the victims who died there, and 29 percent were unable to give an opinion.

    To steel a phrase from one of my commentors on another post, it is good to see the national idiocy level has dropped down to 17%. Anyone crazy enough to think Iran wants to honor victims from an attack they cheered with glea are simply too far gone to even save. While may would like Bush to not attack Iran and leave that to the next President, the point is they are willing to go to war over Iran’s nukes. They are not in the mood to hide their heads in the sand and pretend there is no threat from Iran. The Democrat base is going to split right down the middle on this. The far left fringe will break once and for all against the Dems if we push Iran. Which would be the best thing to clearing the air and our heads regarding this threat.

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    1. Terrye says:

      Now Ahmadinejad is in Venezuela pandering to another strutting dictator. I hear however, that the government of Argentina is accusing the Iranians of masterminding a terrorist attack in Buenos Aires back in the early 90’s.