Sep 28 2007

Forget Immigrant Workers Here To Make A Living, Protect Our Borders From WMDs!

Want to know why the diversion of what would have to be many times the law enforcement resources we have now on tracking down painters, maids, landscapers and other immigrant workers here to simply make a living is a suicidally dumb idea? Well, if your efforts are focused on the 12-20 million people here working without a work visa then you cannot spend the time or resources looking for the 3-4 people needed to smuggle WMDs across the borders:

A terrorist wanting to smuggle radioactive material from Canada into the United States probably would find it easy to do, a new report from congressional investigators said.

Government investigators were able to cross from Canada into the United States carrying a duffle bag with contents that looked like radioactive material and never encountered a law enforcement official, according to a report released Thursday by investigators from the Government Accountability Office.

“Our work clearly shows substantial vulnerabilities in the northern border to terrorist or criminals entering the United States undetected,” the GAO’s Greg Kutz testified Thursday at a Senate Finance Committee hearing on the topic.

The investigators made crossings from Canada into the United States three times in fall 2006, the report said

We are being blinded by paranoia. The far right is obsessed with the southern border and the influx of hispanic cultures stresses on our own society. They are obsessed with the 12-20 million people who have lived here for years working the underground economy. Their goals and desires require a tripling or quadrupling of our law enforcement resources, basically diverting 3-4 times are current capacity on the issue of illegal workers, when the issue is terrorism.

People checking IDs and Visas, etc are not paying as much attention to what these people may be bringing in. The Litvinenko story is a clear example of how much deadly material one person can bring across with LEGAL access. A suger pack of Po-210 can kill hundreds of thousands, if not millions. That is because ten-millionths of a gram is all that is required to kill one person (Litivnenko). A sugar pack, being one gram, contains 10 million doses of this size. Even with dispersion and ingestion efficiencies in the 1% range we are talking hundreds of thousands of dead.

The amnesty hypochondriacs are dangerously distracted. None of their guest worker issues address this kind of threat. They are focused in the South, ignoring our cultural twin’s border to the north. They focus on English as a prime language when radiation doesn’t speak any language. The fact they are distracted and confused has no bearing on what the rest of us need to do. The left is distracted and obsessed with surrendering Iraq. It is the sane middle of this country that needs to step up and get past all these silly diversions and protect our families and communities.

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25 Responses to “Forget Immigrant Workers Here To Make A Living, Protect Our Borders From WMDs!”

  1. Dc says:

    As you will recall AJ (and Terrye), our focus in argument was on “enforcement” and border issues…ie..hiring more border guards, building a fence, and “enforcing the laws we have”. .

    And what exactly is this issue you are hyperventallting about now?? Somebody crossing the border with a radioactive marked package, because there were not enough border security personel and nobody was enforcing the laws???

    And that had we passed your allien work bill, that they could have deported this guy?? SURE>..if they had CAUGHT HIM!!

    Congratulations on making exactly the point we’ve been trying to make all along…..NONE OF THIS MEANS SHIT without enforcement and the people to do it with.

  2. Dc says:

    btw..I “hope” you are not trying to suggest that current laws allow for illegal crossing of our border with nukes.

  3. AJStrata says:


    All we need to know was what you folks produced = NOTHING!

    You did not (and never have) accomplished anything on immigration but you crippled the GOP for years to come.

    Slick. Enjoy the fruits of your efforts. I know I am.

  4. Dc says:

    And what have you produced by your efforts?

    And how has that done anybody any good?? The bill could have passed had it been more focused on 2 things…enforcement and border security (including more money and manpower on the border)….2 things I might add that you objected to and called nonesense and called those who insisted these were important issues needed to be addressed in any bill hypocondriacs.

    Now, you bring this article which clearly makes that point that we need more border securty personel and money and manpower for enforcement and say it’s our fault??

    I’m not a member of the GOP…nor do I speak for their party.
    But, I can tell you that the democrats control congress and that the bill you supported was defeated—despite 2 attempts to fast track it and pass it without further debate. They didn’t have the votes on “either” side for it.

  5. Dc says:

    btw AJ, anytime you guys are willing to bring a bill that focuses on our safety and security at our own borders, providing manpower and money for enforcement of our own borders and security as it relates to immigration and illegals coming to this country, feel free to let me know. I’ll be more than happy to sign it.