Sep 26 2007

Congress Defines Iranian Revolutionary Guard As Terrorists, Far Left Wilts In The Face Of Iranian Madmen

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Is Iran backing terrorism on a global scale? Of course – it says so itself. Does it support the use of violence and death to further its aims. Of course, why else send all those weapons to all those terrorists they sponsor and control. It seems we are heading into a showdown with Iran. Apparently things are coming to a head and I can only guess there is some worrisome, yet solid, intel out there driving the escalation. The final rounds of diplomatic pressure – the all or nothing rounds – are taking place. And the US Congress has stepped into it big time with a measure that had enormous support in the Democrat controlled Senate:

he Senate on Wednesday approved a resolution urging the State Department to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization, a move aimed at bringing additional economic pressure on Iran.

The measure passed 76-22.

The proposal by Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., and Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., attracted overwhelming bipartisan support. But a small group of Democrats said they feared that labeling the state-sponsored organization a terrorist group could be interpreted as a congressional authorization of military force in Iran.

Why would Democrats go so openly against the rabid anti-war base? Well, it would take some serious concerns to risk your elections and limited grip on power by doing something so anti leftward fever swamps. And it did not take the swamps long to cry foul.

What I want to know is, what the f**k has happened to our Democratic leaders?

Why do we even bother to have elections?

What good is the Democratic Party if they consistently ignore their constituents (and morality)?

It’s quite simple. Something scared them more than ranting and raving liberals at Daily Kos. I strongly encourage people scan the comments on this one – it is quite educational.

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