Jul 28 2005

What An Ego Helen

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Drudge has a bizarre comment out regarding Helen Thomas’ statement about a Cheney run for President

Veteran wire reporter Helen Thomas is vowing to ‘kill herself’ if Dick Cheney announces he is running for president.

The newspaper HILL first reported the startling claim on Thursday.


“The day Dick Cheney is going to run for president, I’ll kill myself,” she told the HILL. “All we need is one more liar.”

Talk about your ego maniacs. Does Thomas actually think the country would chose saving her over selecting our next President?? What makes her think she matters at all?? I suggest she commit to performing the suicide by holding her breath until she turns blue…

And then she can stomp her feet and pout for an encore.

Someone get that women to a psychiatrist.

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  1. GOP and the City said, “This is news because I thought Thomas was already dead.” While Nickie Goomba reports that, “Gallup has reported that support for Cheney has shown an amazing 52% increase in early polls.”

    Well, I thought they were funny.

  2. I Dare You! I Double Dare You!

    Let me be very clear: I don’t want Helen Thomas dead. But whenever I hear someone make an outrageous threat…

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