Sep 24 2007

There Will Be Bad Days In Iraq

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al-Qaeda will get some wins, even as they are on the path to destruction in Iraq. It happens in war. Even in the final days the loser gets some final jabs in. Today al-Qaeda got a good hit in on all of those working to succeed in Iraq:

A suicide bomber blew himself up in a Ramadan iftar (breakfast) banquet inside a Shiite mosque in central Baquba, sources said.

The banquet gathered Shiite and Sunni top officials including the Baquba governor and police chief, who was killed in the incident, as well as a senior US military officer and other local leaders.

The key victims are Shiite leaders, a Sunni leaders and an American leaders. They died together trying to stop al-Qaeda from committing even more horrific atrocities on the people of Iraq. My bet is their memorial will solidify the alliance of good against evil. The Shiia, Sunni and Americans will come together to remember these brave people. The new martyrs who gave their lives so others could live. More here:

A suicide bomber killed 26 people including the police chief of the Iraqi city of Baquba on Monday in a mosque compound where local Shi’a and Sunni Arab leaders were holding reconciliation talks.

Two other senior police officers were killed while tribal leaders were among 50 people wounded in the attack in the local capital of Diyala province. Police said there were reports the governor of Diyala had also been wounded.

The bomber entered the compound while senior police officers, local government officials and tribal leaders were taking part in reconciliation talks and attending a meal to mark the breaking of the daily fast, police said.

The negotiations were aimed at easing tensions in the city, 65km north of Baghdad.

Iraqi state television said members of the 1920 Revolution Brigades, a large Sunni Arab insurgent group, were among those taking part in the talks.

No word of American dead in the latter reporting, but I have seen it other places. The alliance took a hit today. The wobbley-kneed left is probably still recovering from their fainting spell at this news. But those Iraqis who al-Qaeda targetted have an infinite supply of replacements among the Iraqi people. Iraqis understand violence. They lived under Saddam’s jackboot for decades. They will not cower to al-Qaeda. And al-Qaeda cannot face 25 million people willing and able to stomp them out in the name of Allah.

al-Qaeda got one in today. But it will cost them in the long run. Now the people of Diyala have a good reason to go out and kill al-Qaeda without hesitation.

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  1. stevevvs says:

    Al-Qaida accuses Iraqi insurgent group of betraying Islam

    The purity of their Islam — this is ever the basis of the jihadist appeal, and is ever ignored and downplayed by Western analysts, rather than studied so that it can be effectively combatted.

    In a statement posted on at least two Islamic Web forums used by Iraqi insurgents, the Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella groups of insurgent factions dominated by al-Qaida, called on members of the 1920 Revolution Brigades to repent during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

    “We call on the leaders and wise men of the (1920 Revolution) Brigades to reconsider where this path will lead them and, swearing to God, we tell them that you have betrayed your religion and the pure blood of your martyrs,” the statement said.

    I guess we shall see where all this leads in the weeks ahead.

    And al-Qaeda cannot face 25 million people willing and able to stomp them out in the name of Allah.
    Fine and dandy. So your saying there are 25 Million people in Iraq who do NOT support Al Qaida’s efforts. And on top of that, they will stomp them out in the name of Allah. But Al Qaida uses the Islamic Texts as their Justification, and frankly, the Texts back them up.

    U.S. Commander: Iran Supplying Taliban

    Sunnis will kill Shia and vice versa, but they do not hesitate to unite against the Infidel when they see such a union to be expeditious.

    “Pakistan backs off Al Qaeda pursuit:

    Political realities force Musharraf to reduce efforts against Al Qaeda, depriving the U.S. of one of its strongest counter-terrorism allies,”

    Thai jihadists murder another Buddhist schoolteacher

    There’s that word again, “restive.” Do a search and you’ll find dozens of mainstream media articles about Thailand that describe the Muslim southern region as “restive.” It’s their Homeric epithet of choice. But what causes a place to be “restive”? Just something in the air or water? Do a search for the use of the word “jihad” in connection with Thailand, and you will find many fewer articles.

    “Buddhist teacher shot and killed in Thailand’s troubled Muslim south,”

    Maryland: Six more Muslims arrested on money laundering charges — one charged with financing Al-Qaeda

    This makes 39 indictments. Will the Islamophobia never end? “FBI arrests six more Pakistan-origin suspects on charges of money laundering,”

    Canada: Muslim inmate wins $2,000 for bacon on his plate

    He couldn’t just not eat it. It had to not be there. And now the Canadian prison system will pay for its sin against multiculturalism. “Prison fries for serving bacon,”

    Swedish Muslims Upset by Cartoon Ruling

    They will “respect” the ruling. But it is unlikely that they will give up their attempts to compel Sweden and other European countries to adopt Sharia blasphemy laws.

    Just a sample of what you are missing by not going to

    There is an awfull lot to learn…

  2. docdave says:

    Do those people have anything that resembles security at their high level meetings? I can’t imagine the same thing happened in Israel. If the muslims weren’t so biased, they might learn something from the Israeli IDF suicide bomber control.

  3. stevevvs says:

    Middle Eastern Muslims, for the most part, believe that the Jews are desendents of Apes and Pigs. So learning anything from the Israelies is unlikely!

    It’s really a shame that the Middle East is the way it is. Could you imagine living in Israel? All around you are people who yearn for the day when your all dead and gone.

    I hope for the best in this war. I do think we are making progress, but I caution everyone to not get to up at this time. The whole situation is going to take years ,if not decades, to really see any positve, PERMANENT Changes, if ever. Iraq is but one theatre in this war, and that theatre, while looking better, is extremely volitale.

    I just hope to turn some people on to the Islamic Texts, and Islamic History. We just are not taught this important stuff by our asleep media and for the most part, our politicians. It’s up to us folks. The more we learn, the better off we will all be in the long run.

    Steve Emerson had a great interview in the Jerusalem Post. There is a link to it at, as well as He has been on top of this problem for decades. A great guy really. Has written some good books over the years.

    Well, time to go, take care.

  4. kathie says:

    Did any one hear Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speak at the United Nations today. I think that he said that Islam is in charge from this day forward, the order of the past no longer exists (WWll), the Medhi is coming and he put us all on notice. There will be more bad days to come. He was very scary.

  5. stevevvs says:

    The gole is Islamic [Sharia] law governing the world. That’s why I think people need to study Islam more closely.
    When I saw the Documentary: Obsession, it changed me. I realized I was clueless about the threats we face. That led me to turn off the Internet, and open up some books. I’ve now read several books on Islam, and each one teaches me something I did not know. There truely is a lot to learn.
    Unfortunately, most people don’t bother to learn about the enemy.
    I read so much, by so many, that is so wrong and or misguided. But honestly, 14 months ago, I would have read the same stuff I read today, and would have agreed with it. It wasn’t until I took the time to educate myself on Islam, that my views changed.
    I’ve read books by Walid Shoebat, Ayaan Hirsi Ali [2], Robert Spencer [3], Nonie Darwish, Brigitte Gabriel, and Mark Steyn, and just finished Spencers latest.
    After reading the books I came to realize the best Web Based areas to study The Enemy are:
    I’m sure there are other great Websites, but these seem to be the three most honest asessment’s of what we are up against, and what to do about it, I have found.

    I just wish that when the Iranian President’s plane touched down in N.Y., he had been arrested on the spot for War Crimes. His people and his weapons have been killing our Soldiers for years now. And for reasons I don’t understand, we continue to let that happen.
    I believed in the “Bush Doctrin”, unfortunately, I was dupped. I thought If I had voted for him the second time, we would actually do something about Iran, Syria, and North Korea. I was wrong.
    Instead of Bush being more agressive, and more Conservative, we got soft and more liberal. My brother warned me that could happen, and I laughed it of.
    The only saving grace I have is I suspect a Kerry administration would have been even worse. Amongst the people I know and talk to, they all are very disapointed in this second term. Me too.