Sep 24 2007

Lame Excuses From Those Charged With Murder In Iraq

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I am not buying the WaPo spin about an alleged US program to bait Iraqis into the scopes of US snipers. It all sounds like some ass covering by those charged with violating the rules of combat and trying to blame others for their crimes (and yes, these are crimes). The evidence this is a lame attempt to cover up their own activities comes out in the reporting. For some reason, this ‘program’ was only known to a very few in all of Iraq:

Soldiers said that about a dozen platoon members were aware of the program, and that numerous others knew about the “drop items” but did not know their purpose.

Dozens? A ‘program’ will involve all sniper units in an area. And it would involve their spotters as well. The WaPo goes out of their way to ignore the lack of evidence this was dictated form on high, but it does note some interesting coincidences:

Members of the sniper platoon have said they felt pressure from commanders to kill more insurgents because U.S. units in the area had taken heavy losses.

Within months of the program’s introduction, three snipers in Didier’s platoon were charged with murder for allegedly using those items and others to make shootings seem legitimate. Though it does not appear that the three alleged shootings were specifically part of the classified program, defense attorneys argue that the program may have opened the door to the soldiers’ actions because it blurred the legal lines of killing in a complex war zone.

What this looks like is some overly aggressive folks went too far and now are trying to shift the blame off of them. And the WaPo is trying to help them because they see this as a way to tarnish the entire military effort by extrapolating the actions of 3 to the behavior of 160,000. The fact is in a force of 160,000 finding 3 misfits or bad apples is a given. The odds say there are even more – no matter how good the screening is at the induction process. These people are charged with faking a terrorist kill by planting evidence.

The military alleges that the killing of the man carrying the sickle was inappropriate. Hensley and Sandoval have been charged with murder and with planting evidence.

This is not a military program gone awry. This is less than handfull of people who became criminals. Nothing more.

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  1. Soothsayer says:

    Speaking of miscreants with lame excuses, prosecutor Christopher Renz alleged in court papers Monday that Craig had plenty of time between his June 11 arrest and Aug. 1, when he signed a plea petition, to think about the consequences of pleading guilty and whether he had actually committed a crime in the airport bathroom.

    Renz warned of a “deluge” of defendants who would ask to withdraw guilty pleas if Craig succeeds. The prosecutor said his office was contacted by a defendant trying to withdraw his plea after Craig announced that he regretted pleading guilty.

    The court papers detail several phone calls between Craig and Renz as the case proceeded. On one call on July 17, Renz told Craig he should seek an attorney’s advice.

    Boo-hoo for poor put upon Larry Craig.