Sep 24 2007

al-Qaeda’s Atrocities Upon Muslims Continues

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al-Qaeda is desperate. They are losing ground in Iraq, and the people of Iraq – the Muslims of Iraq – are turning up in ever greater numbers to fight and destroy Bloody Bin Laden’s movement. The reason is obvious, al-Qaeda is spilling ever more Muslim blood in a useless and counter productive attempt to force Iraqis to submit to them. And as al-Qaeda’s brutality continues to create an ever larger and ever spreading backlash, they cannot seem to stop themselves from ratcheting up their crimes against Islam. The image of al-Qaeda’s atrocities grows more stark with each passing day.

The unearthing of a mass grave of 20 students executed by al-Qaeda is one such view into the gruesome nature of al-Qaeda. The people of Diyala know who killed these young people. al-Qaeda takes credit for their crimes againt humanity, leaving little doubt. And, as promised, their bloody holy month of Ramadan is coming to fruition as well:

A suicide truck bomber blew himself up Monday near a checkpoint in Abu Maria village on the Mosul-Talafar highway, killing at least six Iraqis and wounding 17 others, a police source said.

Meanwhile, a car bomb targeted the motorcade of chief of the al- Multaqa district in Kirkuk, Abdul-Kareem Nassif, killing one his guards and wounding six others.

Ten Iraqi civilians, including a child, were also wounded, some seriously, in the attack.

There are more incidents, as there will be tomorrow and the next day. And each day the tips against al-Qaeda increase, the number of al-Qaeda supporters and chiefs captured or killed notches up, and al-Qaeda’s death spiral continues. Islam will apply antibodies to the cancer that is al-Qaeda. The more Muslims al-Qaeda kill and torture the more Muslim voices that will be rising in outrage against al-Qaeda. Until al-Qaeda stops (and finally admits defeat in Iraq) this cycle will continue to grow opposition to al-Qaeda.

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  1. cali_sun says:

    While political correctness runs amok, nobody wants to offend muslims, but here is the rub:
    Whenever I hear ‘holy’ by these morons, it is so disgusting. To kill for a god named allah seemes absurd, and contrary to what a Real God ask us to do, namely love your neighbors as you love yourself.
    While it is also custom, and allowed is simply to lie. Many claim that islam is the ‘religion of peace’, but I digress. Islam means ‘submission’, to kill, behead, and all the other atrocities along with it.
    I wish that politicians would refrain from their PC, and be honest, and name a spade a spade, rather than beating around the bushes.
    It is time, that americans understand what this religious war is all about-global domination, and forced conversion.
    Again, any god who ask to slaughter innocent could never be such, but rather the sidekick if satan.