Sep 22 2007

Elections Matter, So Do Screw Ups

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The GOP had an opportunity to fix the immigration problem twice under Bush. Once when they still ran Congress and once this year when they could redeem themselves. But no, the amnesty hypochondriacs had to start bashing everyone in the conservative coalition who disagreed with them and starting a sit-home protest to teach everyone, especially Bush, a lesson. The lesson is they screwed up in reverse handing the reigns of power to those truly are open boarders proponents.

The latest example is now we see NY removing any requirement for citizenship or legal immigration status in order to obtain a NY drivers license. The immigrants may not be licensed to be here, but they will be licensed to drive here. Heaven help those who need to get into a line in NY for a driver’s license for the foreseeable future – the lines are going to be hell.

If this is what the amnesty hypochondriacs wanted with their brilliant plans then we can all thank them. Not only did they leave all the criminal aliens on our streets when we could have been deporting them, they also helped them get licenses, so they can move about and find more victims. Wonderful.

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  1. Dc says:

    It has NOTHING to do with their occupation, or just how hard working they are, or the fact that they are good people..or etc.. Nor are mexicans the largest population of illegals in this country as present.

    It doesn’t even have to do with “them” personally. It has to do with the bigger problem of a proposed policy of rewarding the behavior we don’t want (ie..that has caused the problem in the first place)…while punishing those who do what we want them to do (ie..why we are in the big problem we are in) while claiming that you are trying to do something about the problem ..when you clearly are NOT.

    It’s simply common sense and human nature.

    Of course…you can’t stop every speeder or catch every murderer either. That doen’st mean you make it LEGAL!!!

    You don’t solve any such problem by rewarding the people who break the rules..and punishing those who do not. I’m not even sure why im’ having to explain that to you.

  2. The Macker says:

    Your problem is confusing every regulatory tool with “reward” and patronizingly describing the problem as a behavior problem. It’s not! It’s an economic problem.

  3. Dc says:

    Your problem Macker is in not recognzing that regulatory tools are rules meant to “regulate” behavior. Even economic problems have a behaviorial component that is and can be readily seen and regulated (or not).

  4. owl says:

    Newsflash: You do not know one thing about this ‘problem’ that I don’t know. I watched it for 40 years build and even know some of the very people you all rant about. What? You don’t think I have not been OUTRAGED when I paid my car insurance and had to show proof and the illegal just drove on by me and waved?????????

    I even had doubts about the ‘fence’ but let p neid convince me. No problem with me. I actually think we should KNOW who is in our country.

    The problem………….it started with a bookwriter that would not let the issue be the issue but became so hardcore over a period of not getting HER way, that she had to put a footnote to EVERY issue and start to call the president an incompetent that would only nominate his cronys. She attacked from Katrina to every nominee. Over what? She split this party in half and after 6 years of it, finally got all her Pundits on board because the ‘Problem’ was not exactly a secret. And it was not only me that was angered when that Mex drove by as I was paying my insurance.

    But the Problem is still the problem. It will remain the Problem because you can not win what you all seem to want. Your solution was IMPOSSIBLE and much too far-reaching. At the same time, you have created unrepairable damage.

    The damage? You are writing about it on this post. You gave it to the Dems. Just gave the whole taco away. You gave them the last election and MY future elections. You think I wanted this? You think I did not KNOW the Dems would immediately start buying Mex favors? This is just the start. The beginning. Bush got 30%. That 30% will now be recorded on the Dem side. Peanuts, you say? Add that to the black solid voter block. This same person waged a Fry Brownie campaign that was carried over into S Collins committee and echoed (just like the idiots) until it looked as if we all agreed that it was all FEMA’s fault. So stupid when we could have waged a campaign against Blanco/Landieu sitting on the goods. Made that a solid black vote……….again. Why did Pugs feel the need to eat their own on every issue when we already have the entire MSM against us?

    There was a reason why you could not win this issue. It was IMPOSSIBLE. So why not try to get some of the problems fixed? I think it was probably impossible by the time the famous ‘bill’ was introduced. People were already screaming ‘traitor’ at one of the Pugs very best presidents and the Dems were just sitting back grinning and lapping it up. They KNEW they had a win-win. They had once again wiped out all the good Bush’s Compassionate Conservative had accomplished . We are once again painted as the ole prune faced corrupt hypocrites that are true bigots at heart while we preach. What a picture. Does not matter if true or untrue. Your side of this issue just put it in concrete. And all of it over this one issue. Good grief. I still did not get one thing about this problem fixed but instead, lost a voter friend to the other side. Good grief.

  5. Dc says:

    You can’t catch every murderer.
    Your can’t stop every drunk driver or speeder.
    And you can’t catch every person who is here illegally.

    That’s never been the point. But, you CAN reduce any and all of those things…and I think we all know how that is done.

    Impossible? Yea… mean like just asking 11 million illegals to come out of hiding and use their “real names” and join a database so they can register?? Somehow..that’s possible??
    Give me a break. Oh..but to make that work, we’ll offer them legal status and put them in a process where they can work off their citizenship?? I think my forefathers had to do the same thing in the late 1600s when they came here. People didn’t want to give up their slaves either..because they had become an integral part of the economy at the time. But, somehow..we managed to convert that to one of the greatest economies in the world. But, of course…people who are worried about the car insurance…are not exactly workign a job that most americans would not want to do now are they??

    The “problem” is people who are coming here illegally in droves. It doesn’t matter why they do it. It doesn’t matter who they are, or where they come from. Because its NOT THEIR DECISION TO MAKE. If you want to do something about that problem…setting up process and administrative rules and regulations for US citizens to follow to deal with them once they are here…and give them new status in the US…is simply dealing with the symptoms of the problem (ie..the people who are already HERE). It does nothing to stop the daily flow of more and more and MORE people who come here and stay illegally. There is nothing wrong with dealing with the symptoms, we have too…the problem is HUGE. But, there is a problem in doing that…before…you put in place things that make an attempt to actually deal with the problem of why so many people feel they can just come here illegally with immunity. By all admissions..that was “put off” in the last bill for some future debate on the issue…just as it was in the 80s..and is exactly the reason why the problem grew to the proportions it is today. It’s not that hard to understand. It’s common sense. It had nothing to do with some magical mystical woman piping it into people’s hearts and minds.

    The only reason “any” of the enforcment provision were in the last bill was becuase of added admendments trying to save the bill (that were strongly objected to I might add). It simply had the wrong focus from the start, and people were not buying it, and it could not be salvaged. But, instead of recognzing that, and making adjustments what did you do? You brought the same thing out..and tried to force it through. Then what? Ram it through again? That’s what brought the wrath down on you. And here we are want to drag it out again?? Fine…do it. I’m not worried what you think. Becuase I know what’s going to happen.
    The fact that none of you can understading the problem is not surprising given that after being rejected ..what…2-3x now?…you choose to keep dragging out the same dead horse…wishing it alive…and blaming the fact that it is not so…on those you do not understand in the first place.

  6. Dc says:

    It’s sort of like watching the democrats drag out the pull the troops home now bill..again and again and again…defeated again and again and again. You think that’s building any sort of consensus for them??