Sep 22 2007

Democracy Is Not Imposed From America, Another Congressional-Fools’ Errand

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You would think the GOP would appreciate the fact that democracies are formed by the people being governed, not by outside egotists playing God. But it seems some of the GOP senators have been infected with the same brain-draining, ego-boosting disease that makes every liberal in Congress an expert on everything for everyone else on the planet. The disease that makes people assume only government can work things out for the best (which is oxymoronic when one realizes people form governments and companies and societies all the time to better things for humanity). Today’s lesson in the limitless egoes on Capitol Hill comes by example of a Bill by Joe Biden (who is a well known self admirer of himself even on the self aggrandizing Senate) that tells the Iraqis what kind of government they will form:

Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, a longtime backer of President Bush’s Iraq policies, on Friday joined with a prominent Democrat to push a war proposal the Bush administration opposes.

She joined with Sen. Joe Biden, a Democratic presidential candidate from Delaware, on a proposal that would give regions of Iraq local control over police, jobs, education and government services. A central government would protect Iraq’s borders and distribute oil revenues.

What an ignorant plan. All I can say is this is the kind of maneuver that feeds right into the concept of “Imperial America”. And it illustrates once again why Democrats, at their heart, are poor leaders. They lead by dictat, not by unleashing and guiding the positive creative spirit of others. The former process puts the dictator in the lead for the glory, the second process requires the person providing the catalyst to stand aside and let others share in the glory and lead. This is why this is an act of ego.

Some minor facts to consider when contemplating this piece of work. First, Iraq has a government elected by its people. It is not part of the United States of America. Therefore the US Senate has no jurisdiction over anything that is law in Iraq. A US Senate law – even if it were to be signed by Bush, which it won’t because he is not brain dead – doesn’t mean anything in Iraq. US law is not Iraqi law. And it is an insult to even propose why a Senator from Texas and Senator from Delaware should know what is best for the people of Iraq. The people of Iraq can figure that out. They figured out they needed to destroy al-Qaeda and pick a different path for their future. I am confident they have more good and wise choices in them still to make.

Sadly, the same cannot be said of our completely dysfunctional and disliked Congress. We are the ones who need new leaders, not the Iraqis.

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  1. Terrye says:

    If the Iraqis want to split their country up they are quite capable of doing it themselves.