Sep 21 2007

Liberals Ugly Across The Globe

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You think slandering the military and those who serve to defend this great country is only an America Leftwing thing? Sadly it is a global problem:

A senior figure in the Australian Government was under pressure to resign yesterday after comparing a political opponent to a concentration camp guard.

Dr Peter Phelps likened Labor Party candidate Colonel Mike Kelly to a Nazi because of his service in Iraq.

Phelps, who is chief of staff to Government minister Gary Nairn, suggested Kelly’s tour of duty in Iraq was incompatible with his party’s pledge to withdraw Australia’s 550 combat troops from the country. “You took part in it willingly because you weren’t sent over there, you volunteered, didn’t you?” Phelps said.

Kelly replied that as a professional soldier he did what he was ordered to do by the government of the day.

“Oh, like the guards at Belsen perhaps? Are you using the Nuremberg defence?” Phelps said at a public forum in Nairn’s constituency of Eden-Monaro in New South Wales.

Truly revolting. As revolting as John Kerry calling our military “reminiscent of Ghengis Khan”. Or Senator when Senator Durbin compared our military to the Nazis, The Khmer Rouge and the Soviets (supposedly Stalin’s Soviets). It seems liberals of all ilks are mean and ugly way down deep. They slander what they cannot understand\ out of some kind of frustrating inferiority complex. But thankfully they cannot control themselves at all times and their facade (the lie they present to the rest of humanity) slips and their true feelings come out.

Given the ubiquitous nature of this syndrome one has to wonder if Darwin is at play here? Is this simply a population of human beings with genetically induced issues?

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  1. scaulen says:

    You know what politics needs, well besides an enema, honor duels. How many doing it for the pork, stab you in the bag scumbags would run for office knowing they would be really held accountable for their words?

  2. mporter2007 says:

    You are very confused on this story, but I don’t blame you, it was confusing for me too.

    Some basic facts. The ruling party in Australia (since 1996) is called the Liberal Party, and they sent troops to Iraq with the USA. The Liberals are regarded as the conservatives in Australia; that’s “liberal as in classical liberal”.

    The opposition is the Labor Party. They support being in Afghanistan, but not Iraq. They may be regarded as a typical modern party of the centrist quasi-left, fiscal conservatives who will nonetheless get the vote and the support of public servants, academic and media intelligentsia, etc.

    The ridiculous episode being described here is an attack by a staffer for one of the governing Liberals, against a Labor candidate who served in Iraq, accusing him of hypocrisy for supporting Labor even though they are against the war. In other words, it is not at all what you think – someone against the war, calling a soldier a Nazi. It is in fact someone who is for the war, calling a soldier who is now nominally against it, a Nazi. So it is uniquely stupid, but it is not what you describe it to be.

  3. In the meantime…

    IF you needed any additional PROOF that “Bootlicker”, besides being a Traitor and an Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Leftist Nutbag, then look no further.

    I’ve always been suspicious, that “Bootlicker” was nothing more than a typical Kos’ian Moonbat, despite his pathetic attempts to paint himself as some type of “Centrist” or “independent”.

    Then, he began his recent attacks on Gen Petraeus, and his Bronze Star!

    I briefly did a Google on that, and the only place I could see that type of commentary, were at Leftist Nutbag sites, and then I let it go, because the effort involved, and “Bootlicker”, frankly weren’t worth the 30 seconds it would take to do the research!

    But, following a link from Little Green Footballs just now, over to Lunar Chiroptera Colony homebase at the “Kos” which is an appropriate name by the way for the Leftist Nutbag who runs that site; to prove his Dhmmi-status and Anti-American credentials, the Leftist Loon has even adopted an Arabic NIckname, and it’s true meaning can be found here (just read the first one, that’s all that’s necessary:

    I stumble upon this:

    Is any additionally proof needed, that “Bootlicker” is in fact, not only a Traitor, but a dyed-in-the-wool Kos’ian Leftist Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Nutbag?

    NOPE, no further proof needed!

    He gets his daily talking points there, that much is obvious now, as has always been suspected!

  4. AJStrata says:


    Thanks for the clarification. I knew it was stupid…

    Just missed how stupid. Still, the Nazi analogies need to end with al-Qaeda. They are the new Nazis.