Sep 21 2007

A Brain Fart As Art – Or – MIT Brat Ridicules Victims Of Suicide Bombs

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Update: OK, assuming one needs a modicum of an IQ to go to MIT it is now argued the ‘fake bomb’ is only a bizarre fashion statement (and given the battery and what rain does to batter casings I would add “dysfunctional”). Sorry, someone who lives in Hawaii must have done a trip through airport security and known what to expect there. And any engineer worth their salt would power the lights wiht a watch battery, not that clunky 9 volt shown in the picture at the link above. While the folks at Salon may not know engineering, some of us do and that device could have been covering something UNDER the sweatshirt. The security at airports cannot see through a sweatshirt to see if C4 is strapped around the chest.

Given the outburst at the Kerry speech I sense a MoveOn idoicy movement in the works. Young people demonstrating why wisdom comes with age and not IQ. Looks to still be some sort of media stunt. A dumb still too. The legal system will sort it out. – end update

MIT is a prestiges school for very smart people. But book smart or science smart doesn’t make you infallible. In fact the ego that sometimes comes with smart brains can make it so the smart ones make really big misjudgements. More smarts the bigger the mistake. Such is the case with the idiot who felt pretending to be a suicide bomber in a airport (with children) was a good idea.

An MIT student with a fake bomb strapped to her chest — later claiming it was art — was arrested at gunpoint Friday at Logan International Airport, officials said.

Star Simpson, 19, had a computer circuit board and wiring in plain view over a black hooded sweat shirt she was wearing, said State Police Maj. Scott Pare, the commanding officer at the airport.

“She said that it was a piece of art and she wanted to stand out on career day,” Pare said at a news conference. “She claims that it was just art, and that she was proud of the art and she wanted to display it.”

This is all a big, sad ‘look at me’ joke. Check out her picture from MIT and you can see a bright and precocious young lady.

Too bad her brains do not include thinking about the message she sent to the victims of suicide bombers. Their lost loved ones and personal injuries are not a joke. Mutiliated bodies and emotional scars are not ‘art’. This is the reality of suicide bombs. Our little MIT attention getter needs to review the results of suicide bomb attacks as part of her punishment. She should be required to view the pictures of the aftermath and see the pain of the victims and their families.

And what about the families in Logan Airport when this tart had her brain fart? How many children were scared out of their poor minds by this MIT fool? Are the children now scared to go into public? Why is an MIT student doing Bin Laden’s bidding for him anyway? Maybe she needs to go to Iraq and see the results first hand. Maybe she needs to be cleaning up a bomb site, collecting body parts so some kind of burial service can be held.

I am sure she wanted to convey some liberal, leftwing message. And she did. She made it quite clear how cold hearted the vultures of the left are. They will mock anything. Our soldiers, are war dead, and the victims of al-Qaeda’s bloodlust. All the time claiming all this is our fault, something America brought on itself. The message is clear, the leftward fevered swamps are the antithesis of America itself. No wonder they hate America so much.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    She is VERY lucky she didn’t collect a few ounces of lead in the process. Now we are probably going to have a wave of copycats and someone might get hurt.

  2. Face?: Yep!

    Body?: Hard to tell definitively, but looks good; so Yep!

    Brains?: Need I ask? NOPE!

    Conclusion?: Typical Leftwing Anti-American Moonbat!

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    There is a picture of the device she was wearing here

  4. scaulen says:

    The idiots at Salon defending her just priceless, I just want to give them all such a big hug… until the shit in their heads leaks out and they start thinking normally. This reminds me of the toy gun shooting incidents. The toy guns looked real, the cops shot. Now all toy guns have to have that big orange tip. Maybe MIT students need to wear big orange traffic cones on their heads so the cops know not to shoot them???

  5. sjreidhead says:

    I think this is the first time I’ve disagreed with you! Having listened to the ups and downs of my niece and nephew, I am giving this kid the benefit of the doubt. This is the kind of thing my niece would have done, then stood there scratching her head as to why anyone would be upset about it. From what I’ve been able to learn, she does design sweat shirts like the one she wore to Logan. Evidently she also wears sweat shirts like this, with the hood quite frequently.

    To me the over-reaction is indicative of the abject loss of a sense of humor we now have and maybe some incompetence by the cops there at Logan. They stopped her on her WAY OUT of the terminal. I was under the impression there are all sorts of sensors and bomb sniffing thingies at Logan. If she did not set off any sort of an alarm while she was inside the terminal, why was she stopped as she was leaving the terminal? Why was she allowed inside in the first place?

    SJ Reidhead
    The Pink Flamingo

  6. lurker9876 says:

    Hey, Dale, what do you think about “Laws of Sea Treaty”? Do you know if our military endorses this?

  7. Lurker: sorry, not an expert on it; but this is from the Wiki, and it says that Bush and the Pentagon both favor the UNCLOS, and that Bush has in fact, urged the Senate to ratify it:

    “National Security: The US military, which relies heavily on its ability to freely navigate on and fly over the sea, has been a strong advocate of UNCLOS. In the absence of treaty law, the US is forced to rely on customary law that can change as states’ practices change. Also, under this customary law, the Pentagon claims that countries often make unreasonable and irresponsible claims on marine territory to obfuscate US military action. The US has tried to talk around these claims, but without a legal framework to support them, the Pentagon believes it risks compromising its intelligence and military operations at sea. “

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