Jul 28 2005

This Is Hillary-ious

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The two faces of Hillary are seen in the democrat propoganda at its best. To the moderate democrats Hillary says “Ignore my votes, listen to what I say”, and to the liberal fringe (2/3rds of democrats) she say “Ignore what I say, look at my votes”.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political alliance with the centrist-leaning Democratic Leadership Council, which once saw her as an adversary, will not weaken her support on the party’s left because of her liberal voting record, a close adviser to the New York senator said yesterday.

Mrs. Clinton’s new agenda-setting role with the grass-roots organization that helped her husband launch his presidential campaign in 1992 has sparked attacks from liberal activists who say her embrace of the DLC will draw opposition from the left if she runs for president in 2008.

But supporters dismiss such criticism, saying her relationship with the DLC should not concern Democratic activists on the left. They say those on the far left should pay more attention to her voting record, which has earned her a near-perfect 95 percent approval score from the liberal Americans for Democratic Action.

Earth to dems. We are at war. If you think a campaign this unclear and schizoid is going to engender leadership trust you are kidding yourselves. We do not want Parsing-Tongues in the White House again (my apologies to J. K. Rawlings).

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