Sep 19 2007

The Vultures Of The Liberal Media

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A widow of a fallen hero from Iraq has come out to scold the liberal media for using videos of her husband’s body being desecrated, and the bodies of any of our heroes in Iraq being desecrated by terrorist thugs, to promote their anti-war sentiments and provide al-Qaeda their much needed propaganda distribution. As this amazing young mother of 5 notes, there are plenty of positive stories about the military and their efforts in Iraq and back here in the US that deserve to be told. As she says, ‘We Americans must not feed into or legitimize hate filled and political motives of terrorists”. The media are the ones ‘betraying’ those who have fallen in their efforts to protect this nation. They are vultures feeding off the dead for their own political and career gains. The video is here.

I doubt she would do a large news show (why trust the media?), but her story needs to get out on Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and others. This story of an abused widow of a war hero deserves as much air time as Cindy Sheehan – and then some. Please pass this on and make sure we see it on the nightly news this week.

I should note Dr. Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report had this story much earlier.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Well, looks like the new polls indicate an all time low for Congress at 11 percent. Bush 26 percent.

    Being that Bush at 26 percent, the Democrats certainly cannot blame the war on their low numbers.

  2. BLACKFIVE says:

    Ginger Gilbert – Someone You Should Know…

    Many of you have sent this story today. Please, do yourself a favor and go read this story and then see Ginger Gilbert, Major Troy Gilbert’s widow, thank the military community and take on the national media. Read the story…