Sep 17 2007

al-Qaeda Losing Support World Wide

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We know about al-Qaeda’s fortunes in Iraq – they are now so hated Sunnis chanted “al-Qaeda is the enemy of Allah” as they buried one of their leaders who resisted al-Qaeda’s Islamo Fascist thuggery. Iraqi Muslim are swearing on the Koran to destroy al-Qaeda. Clearly al-Qaeda is not leading these people, it is fighting them to the death.

Lebanon is another place where al-Qaeda is now the enemy and disparaged. As the Lebanese army fought al-Qaeda insurgents hiding out in a Palestinian refugee camp, the population of Lebanon put their support behind the army, not al-Qaeda:

Mustafa Borghol stares solemnly out from one of dozens of “martyr” portraits stuck to walls in this village in northern Lebanon. The 24-year-old Lebanese Special Forces soldier is the 10th resident of Bibnine to die in three months of bitter fighting between the Lebanese Army and the Al Qaeda-inspired militants of Fatah al-Islam in the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp, just three miles from here.

“This village used to be famous for fishing and carpentry,” says Mohammed Borghol, Mustafa’s father, while sitting in his butcher shop. “Now it is famous for its martyrs, and we are very proud of them.”

Martyrs go to heaven to meet Allah, their enemies go some place else.

The fact is al-Qaeda’s atrocities are aimed primarily at Muslims. al-Qaeda has brutalized, tortured and killed tens of thousands of Muslims in their brutal effort to subjigate Muslims, as fascists are wont to do. And the result across the world is something we in the West thought impossible in the early days after 9-11: the Muslim street is turning against Bin Laden and al-Qaeda.

What’s new is the dramatic decline in his standing in majority-Muslim countries. Polls in the two nations that have suffered some of the worst of al-Qaeda’s violence — Afghanistan and Iraq — show that more than 90 percent of those populations have unfavorable views of al-Qaeda and of bin Laden himself.

Pollsters say that it is difficult to find 90 percent agreement that apple pie is American — yet polling in Turkey two years ago found that 90 percent of citizens believe the al-Qaeda bombings in London, Istanbul, Madrid and Egypt were unjust and unfair; 86 percent thought that there was no excuse for condoning the Sept. 11 attacks; and 75 percent said bin Laden does not represent Muslims.

Ninety Percent! The tide is turned and gone in Iraq with these numbers. 90% of the people sharing a common view is impossible to turn around, especially with increases in violence and attacks on those same people. al-Qaeda’s Ramadan offensive is going simply cement the image of al-Qaeda as evil and wrong in the minds of Iraqis, and others in the region. How many markets filled with women and children does al-Qaeda have to blow up to make people support them? Some things in reality are just not possible – and this is one of them. al-Qaeda is just too wedded to their blood lust to know any better or stop themselves. The answer to everything, for al-Qaeda, is a bomb and lots of blood.

And the Muslim street knows it is THEIR blood running, not the blood of Westerners or Americans. And so they keep turning away from al-Qaeda and Bin Laden:

Support for terrorist tactics has fallen in seven of the eight predominantly Muslim countries polled as part of the Pew Global Attitudes Project since 2002; in most cases, those declines have been dramatic. Five years ago in Lebanon, 74 percent of the population thought suicide bombing could sometimes be justified. Today it’s 34 percent — still too high, but a stark reversal.

Perhaps most significant, Muslim populations are increasingly rejecting bin Laden’s attempts to pervert their faith. found in April that large majorities in Egypt (88 percent), Indonesia (65 percent) and Morocco (66 percent) agree: “Groups that use violence against civilians, such as Al Qaida, are violating the principles of Islam. Islam opposes the use of such violence.”

al-Qaeda promised to vanquish America and the West and bring a new Islamic revolution where Muslims lead the world. So far all the Muslims have been doing is leading funeral processions and burying their loved ones killed by al-Qaeda. The lucky ones are killed. The atrocities to children in order to force their families to toe the line are among the most brutal acts this planet has ever seen. The Islamic revolution by al-Qaeda is one of horror and suffering. And the only people able to stop al-Qaeda are Americans. And this too is dawning on the Muslim nations.

Major Update: The rejection of al-Qaeda is now being seen in Saudi Arabia, in mosques that once chanted their propaganda about Islam rising up against the evil West:

A Saudi Islamist former dissident and prominent cleric has slammed Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden for the killing of innocent people including children, his first such attack on the West’s most wanted man.

‘How many innocent people, elderly men and children have been killed and displaced under the Al Qaeda banner? Would you be happy to meet God carrying the burden (of their death) on your shoulders?’ Shaikh Salman Al Odah said in a ‘message to bin Laden’ posted on his website, islamtoday.

‘What did we gain from the total destruction of a people as happened in Iraq and Afghanistan? … Who benefits from the attempts to turn Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and other countries into scared countries where people don’t feel secure?’ Odah asked.

‘Who is responsible for crowding the prisons with youths, prisons that have become breeding grounds for new waves of extremism and violence?’ he added.

Odah, a well-known cleric in the Gulf region, was arrested for political and religious activism in 1994 but has since ceased to oppose the Saudi regime and moderated his once radical views.

He is not the first, nor will he be the last Muslim leader to look back on what al-Qaeda has done since 9-11 and understand why it was all a lie, a desert mirage. al-Qaeda has openly destroyed the hopes and families of so many Muslims now it is clear the devil is not America, but the thugs of Bin Laden who torture and kill Muslim children in the streets. (more here)

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  1. gwood says:

    Great post, AJ.

    The reason al-Qaida is no longer polling well in the “Arab Street” has nothing at all to do with their brutality, and everything to do with the fact that they are now seen as losers in Iraq.

    It’s very instructive that all of a sudden killing innocents is viewed as contrary to Mohammed’s teachings in the Koran. These voices have been silent for years, and bin-Laden would still be their hero if he hadn’t lost to the Great Satan in Iraq, IMHO.

  2. Enlightened says:

    OTH – I often wonder lately if Al Qaeda is quieting down – on purpose. To let us “feel safer” and as soon as they see the sure signs of complacency, wham – they attack. They don’t mind waiting. As long as their finished product is spectacular and lethal – they will wait 10 more years if they have to.

    The brighter side is more and more people are opposing that kind of hatred and violence – but I’m not convinced it’s enough to stop some of these lunatics.

  3. stevevvs says:

    You all should be learning and reading from:
    I’d suggest books, but I don’t think anyone here reads books, so those websites, read daily, will teach you more than any others I know of.
    Also, at jihad watch, look at the top for dhimmi watch, Islam 101 and the Koran blog. Very instructive.
    I’m on my 9th Islam book. Currently reading Robert Spencer’s Religion of Peace, why Christianity is and Islam isn’t. It’s very well researched, and a great read.
    Take care folks.

  4. AJStrata says:

    What kind of crack is that Stevevvs – we don’t read books here??

    Other than that those are good sites.