Sep 12 2007

Support For Bush On Iraq Is Starting To Climb

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Look out Democrats – your worst nightmares are about to come true. If Iraq continues to improve (which I think it will) Americans will see Bush vindicated and rally around him in his last days in office. A shift in the public’s attitude is starting to move towards Bush:

Approval of President George W. Bush’s handling of the Iraq war has risen, according to a poll released on Wednesday on the eve of a speech by Bush in which he is expected to endorse a plan for a gradual troop withdrawal.

Just 30 percent of Americans approve of Bush’s handling of Iraq, but that was an 8-point jump from July, said the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

No surprise here really. In an early post I noted a poll which gave the military an 3-1 edge in trust over the Dem led Congress when it comes to solving Iraq. It was pretty clear if Bush followed the lead of the military he would simply join their locus of support – leaving the dems high and dry and rejected on the top issue facing our nation. More details here. I want to see how the Dems and Congress are fairing. Recent polls show them lagging Bush on this issue and with even less public support. I would think this has not changed at all, and maybe even worsened. You can’t keep praying for defeat and expect to win popularity contests.

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3 Responses to “Support For Bush On Iraq Is Starting To Climb”

  1. BarbaraS says:

    The media class all people who do not like the way Bush is running the war into one category. They act like all want to end the war. This is not true. Many people wanted Bush and the military commanders to be more aggressive not to surrender and certainly not to leave in disgrace with our tails hanging low. The media are liars who misrepresent the news all the time. I no longer take a newspaper or listen to their lies on tv. I have caught them in too many lies to trust them ever again. After saying all that, I do not trust polls either. The questions asked are misleading and the pollsters are biased.

  2. Terrye says:

    I don’t watch the news as much as I used to but last night I watched Brit Hume and the panel was talking about Bush’s speech. Everyone of them said he should not give a speech on this. As a general rule they complain that he is not giving enough talks about Iraq.

  3. BarbaraS says:

    Isn’t it a shame Bush doesn’t ask the advice of the pundits before he makes a move? According to them, he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. I wish they would wake up and realize no one elected them to anything and they are guessing just like everyone else.