Sep 12 2007

Massive Bomb Plot Disrupted In Turkey

I would wager the NSA is having a field day with terrorists right now because we have seen three major bomb attacks foiled in as many weeks. First there was a terrorist cell in Denmark. Then there was the bomb threats across Germany which clearly had a US role in the disruptiong of that terrorist activity. And now we see another massive bomb attack thwarted in Ankura, Turkey:

Police found a van packed with explosive chemicals in a multistory parking lot in central Ankara yesterday, according to the city’s top official.

NTV, a privately owned television station, reported that officials from the bomb squad said they had found about 660 pounds of sodium nitrate, a chemical fertilizer that becomes explosive if mixed with other chemicals.
A later statement by Onal’s office said that 40 bags of various explosive chemicals were found in the van and analyzed by the police laboratories, but it did not say what the chemicals were.

It was not clear what, if anything, had tipped off the Ankara police, who immediately cordoned off a surrounding 3-mile area and emptied buildings nearby as fire brigades and ambulances stood by, according to news reports.

Cellphone service in the neighborhood was also temporarily disabled to prevent any possible remote control detonation of the explosives, NTV reported.

The cell phone trigger is reminiscent of the London bomb plot foiled in the last few months. The material is similar to other terrorist plots as well. Four major terrorist attacks stopped in recent months and some fools in DC are asking if we are safer now……

Well, duh! Prior to 9-11 all four of these attacks probably would have been successfull due to the walls erected between intelligence and legal authorities. Given the liberal mindset so far expressed on the use of NSA (they want to stop the NSA before someone really gets hurt) then I would suspect if we had had a liberal President some of these attacks might also have succeeded. We will never know – but we do know they did not happen these four times.

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3 Responses to “Massive Bomb Plot Disrupted In Turkey”

  1. BarbaraS says:

    The dems want to stop all security on the GWOT. They don’t care about privacy rights or anything else but power. This is a meme just like the Iraqis haven’t met their stupid benchmarks. How in the hell can they meet benchmarks if the country is still at war and are not unified? I wish the dems would just listen to themselves. They would then realize how stupid they sound. But maybe not, maybe they just hope we are stupid enough to believe them. They pay no attention to us and call us “Bubba” until election day. Then they are all over us begging for our votes. Well, they can wait until doomsday for mine.

  2. Terrye says:


    The Democrats do not believe there is such a thing as the WoT. It is all a ruse to them, so they don’t think there is anything to stop.

  3. BarbaraS says:


    If that is the case then they really do live in LaLa land. Do they believe 9/11 never happened? I think it is because they have BDS so bad they can’t face reality. I wish they would just crawl into their cocoons and shut up.