Sep 12 2007

Liberals Can’t Distinguish al-Qaeda Terrorists From American Protectors

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Liberals have been harboring bizarre fantasies about American soldiers raping, torturing and killing Iraqis as America attempt to gain Iraq’s oil for Bush and Cheney. It is such a childish and uneducated view of the world it is simply laughable. The epitome of this sick fantasizing can be illustrated in Brian DePalma’s latest disaster “Redacted”. Bill O’Reilly noted the outright lies in the movie:

Spotlight one, Hollywood Director Brian DePalma. His film “Redacted” shows American soldiers raping an Iraqi woman and killing innocent civilians. DePalma admits he made the film to hurt the effort in Iraq.


BRIAN DE PALMA, “REDACTED” DIRECTOR: The move is an attempt to bring the reality of what’s happening in Iraq to the American people. The pictures are what will stop the war. And if we can get these pictures in front of a mass audience, and get these stories in front of a mass audience, maybe we’ll have some effect.

The New Republic’s faux Pvt Scott Thomas Allen was another example of this strange need to paint our soldiers as equally brutal and evil as al-Qaeda. And you can’t even count the number of liberal websites spewing this mass madness, here is just one lame example:

Individuals who signed up to defend the United States are engaged in a war that was sold on the basis of lies, was entirely unnecessary, is making us less safe, has nothing to do with defending anyone, and which involves the horror of slaughtering men, women, and children by the hundreds of thousands.

Sgt. Camilo Mejia was one of the first Iraq War vets to publicly refuse to return to Iraq – for which he served 9 months in prison. Mejia objected to the war as based on lies and to the murdering and torturing of civilians that he witnessed.

The fact is these liberals are just not capable of reasoned thought. They are cogs in the mob-think machine. They make things up out of whole cloth and then pretend they are real. But the Iraqis know who is doing the raping, torturing and murdering of Iraqis. They see it up close and in person every day. And the Iraqis are taking up arms against these brutal killers:

Sheikh Jassim’s experience was typical.

“Jassim was pissed off because American artillery fire was landing in his area,” Colonel Holmes said. “But he wasn’t pissed off at us. He was pissed off at Al Qaeda because he knew they always shot first and we were just shooting back.”

“He said he would prevent Al Qaeda from firing mortars from his area if we would help him,” Lieutenant Hightower said. “Al Qaeda said they would mess him up if he got in their way. He called their bluff and they seriously fucked him up. They launched a massive attack on his area. All hell broke loose. They set houses on fire. They dragged people through the streets behind pickup trucks. A kid from his area went into town and Al Qaeda kidnapped him, tortured him, and delivered his head to the outpost in a box. The dead kid was only sixteen years old. The Iraqis then sent out even nine year old kids to act as neighborhood watchmen. They painted their faces and everything.”

“Sheikh Jassim came to us after that,” Colonel Holmes told me, “and said I need your help.”

“One night,” Lieutenant Markham said, “after several young people were beheaded by Al Qaeda, the mosques in the city went crazy. The imams screamed jihad from the loudspeakers. We went to the roof of the outpost and braced for a major assault. Our interpreter joined us. Hold on, he said. They aren’t screaming jihad against us. They are screaming jihad against the insurgents.”

“A massive anti-Al Qaeda convulsion ripped through the city,” said Captain McGee. “The locals rose up and began killing the terrorists on their own. They reached the tipping point where they just could not take any more. They told us where the weapon caches were. They pointed out IEDs under the road.”

The one thing the liberal media cannot control is al-Qaeda, and al-Qaeda is out of control massacring Muslims by the hundreds. The fact is if you read the liberal fantasy crimes supposedly committed by American troops you can find numerous real world examples of al-Qaeda actually inflicting those atrocities across Iraq. Why can’t the liberals see the horrors of al-Qaeda and believe Iraqis when they decide Americans are their best allies in defending themselves? Honestly I am not sure I care. All I know is the fact is liberals cling to their pretend worlds and fail to face the reality of al-Qaeda’s horrors, which means everything they spout is irrelevant dribble from some fantasy world they exist in with no bearing on the realities facing this nation.

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  1. BarbaraS says:

    Liberazl politicians don’t believe the garbage they spew. It’s all politics. They know if we win in Iraq that means Bush wins and they can’t stand that thought. They still believe the election in 2000 was illegitimate and the 2004 election was stolen. That is what all their rhetoric is about…winning power. They know if we win in Iraq their chances of winning the presidency in 2008 are zilch. They know Bush will do whatever it takes to protect us so they can say anything they want to to denigate him. It is all play acting and childish. They are taking a big chance and betting the house that nothing bad will happen in this country in the future. The liberals are so angry with conservatives that when we win the presidency in 2008 I shudder about what the results will be. It has been bad for the last 6 years but another four or eight will have them going ballistic.

  2. Christoph says:

    AJ, I know we’re not friends, but there is a reason liberals can’t make this distinction.

    Please read this article. You will be glad you did, I promise. And that goes for everyone on this blog.

    “I Only Hang With Sheepdogs”
    Posted by Blackfive

  3. AJStrata says:


    Thanks (not sure why we need to be or not be friends for you to post a good link here? = scratching head).

    I agree 100% with the sentiment, and I think it applies to all mankind in general.

  4. MerlinOS2 says:


    Shouldn’t your Scott Allen reference actually be Scott Thomas Beauchamp?

  5. Terrye says:

    I hear that DePalma is counting on making big money in the Middle East and Europe off of this picture. Maybe the movie will help AlQaida gain some recruits there so that more people will get killed. I bet that would make the man’s day.

    I think people know there are awful images from this war. But DePalma forgets we have already seen the videos of people being decapitated. We have seen the images of burned and bombed out markets and businesses. It was not American soldiers who killed 500 people in that sad little town on the Syrian border. No the perpetrators of that crime were the people DePalma here wants to suck up to.

    As for images there are the images of gassed Kurds, the pictures of the remains of hundreds of thousands in mass graves all over the country. Liberals forget, this is the Middle East and the world has been looking at awful images from that place for a long time.

  6. AJStrata says:

    thanks Merlin – fixed it.