Sep 08 2007

Hagel Reads The Writing On The Wall

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Last April I predicted Hagel would bow out of politics because he was getting creamed by his likely primary challenger after months of being more democrat than GOP:

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning (R) took another step toward a 2008 U.S. Senate candidacy Monday, issuing a poll showing him beating Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) 47-38 in a potential primary match-up.

Hagel’s disasterous positions had him opposing Bush at every turn – which would not be too bad since the far right isn’t keen on Bush either. But Hagel ended up always swerving left instread of right. So he was able to alienate moderates who support Bush and the GOP stalwarts. That left him with left of center support, which is why his poll numbers are so poor. It seems even Hagel now sees the writing on the wall and will retire from politics – as was inevitable in my opinion:

According to one person interviewed, Hagel told Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky on Friday morning that he had decided to retire. Hagel’s staff learned of his decision that afternoon.

For me Hagel crossed the line when he compared Iraq to Vietnam. It seems to me, with the exception of McCain who did his tour of duty in Vietnam from a prison camp, many of the Vets from that period like Hagel and Kerry want us to lose in Iraq so they won’t be the last and only generation to lose a war. Hagel said Iraq seemed to be familiar to his recollections of Vietnam – which led me to ask:

What part seems familiar Senator? The part where the Democrats spurned the war and created the image that our soldiers were out of control, killing machines reminiscent of Ghengis Khan? The part where the military was hampered by a Congress which put down ridiculous rules surrounding their ‘permissible actions’ so that they had no hope of winning and were nothing more than sitting ducks? Is Hagel remembering how the Congress and a Democrat President micro-managed the effort and basically killed tens of thousands of American because they never once had the humility to recognize a political genius is not a military genius? Is Hagel remembering how all faith in the military eroded away, taking with it the honor and prestige of serving your country?

Hagel created his political funeral. While now we hope and a significant turning of fortunes in Iraq Hagel saw only defeat and wept on the Senate floor. He was not able to face up to al Qaeda and buckled. Vietnam was a terrible experience because of policies coming from the Democrat Congress and President, and because of the lies about the troops proffered by Kerry and his disgusting ilk. Hagel was hurt by Vietnam, that much is clear. I wish him well in retirement and I look forward to some new blood in the Congress.

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4 Responses to “Hagel Reads The Writing On The Wall”

  1. lurker9876 says:

    I am glad to see him go. I was furious with the article he wrote last fall. I hope he won’t go to Syria to be interviewed like that former senator from South Dakota. Even this former senator is just as bad as Kucinich and Ron Paul.

    Where did these people come from? They’re totally uneducated in the true history of Islam Christianity, and Judaism.

    So much for their propaganda as LGF says.

  2. Terrye says:

    He kind of reminds me of Ron Paul.

  3. dhunter says:

    The mainstream media is fond of suggesting this may equal another pick -up for dems in the senate. They just cannot help but cheer on their troops when in fact there is little likelyhood of this happening, unless the Dem manages somehow to get to the right of some very strong Rep. candidates.
    The reason he’s not running is because he is a he would lose and that indeed might get a rat elected.
    Good Riddance ! I prefer the enemy we know to the ones pretending to be friends, that goes for both parties!
    Lots of newly elected bluedog Dems going to have trouble getting re-elected if they continue to follow Dirty Harry and Nasty peloosi.
    Thats not what they ran on —–Surrender!

  4. roslyn says:

    If Kerrey runs I think he can win and even if he doesn’t the GOP will have to spend resources to keep the seat anyway.
    Not to mention the other 20 some seats they’ll have to defend when the Dems only have 12 in play. And Landrieu is the most vulnarable.
    And that’s because all the Dems in Louisiana are still displaced from Katrina.
    Gee what a fair way to add a senator to the GOP collection.