Aug 31 2007

VA GOP Icon, Sen John Warner, Steps Aside

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I hate to see the ‘ol War Horse, John Warner, leave our Commenwealth’s political leadership. But his equivication made it impossible for him to garner support, so stepping down was a smart thing to do. There are lots of good candidates, especially Jim Gilmore who was a great Governor and recent Presidential candidate. If VA allows his seat to go Democrat that should be a wake up call to the GOP. Sadly I don’t think the GOP is listening to anybody but the strident talking heads in the echo chamber, like the ones calling for Sen Craig to resign. The purity wars will only result in a smaller, angrier, less popular GOP. Thank you John Warner for all you did for this country and this proud state.

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  1. SallyVee says:

    Well said in few words.

    “The purity wars will only result in a smaller, angrier, less popular GOP.”

    Looking forward to a small minded, angry blowout in ’08.

  2. Terrye says:

    Warner is also getting old. He might not be up to it anymore.

    I do agree about the GOP getting smaller. They seem bound and determined to run off as many people as possible.

  3. I had not liked Warner much after he sabotaged Ollie North’s `94 Senate run.

    His departure is a relief.

  4. buzznutz1959 says:

    yes honorable but why the lat few months was he so outspoken on the iraq war when he knew dam well the surge was working, to tell ya the truth i believe someone over in the dnc had dirt on him and was blackmailing him…..JMHO

  5. The Macker says:

    Pompous old windbag.

  6. momdear1 says:

    One of the reasons the GOP ‘s support is eroding is because so many national leaders are so quick to jump in and play “Ain’t it awful” every time any kind of trumped up charge is made against one of their own. It is the daily parade of Republicans calling for Craig’s resignation that is keeping this story in the news. If they had all kept their mouths shut, the whole thing would have been reported and then forgotten as it should have been. But the Reps have a history of throwing their own under the train. Just look at how they dumped on Newt Gingrich when the Dems filed false claims against him. And they were the loudest in condemning Rep. Foley and now it turns out he didnt’ break any laws, but they forced him to resign as soon as a story made the headlines. They did the same with Bob Livingston, Trent Lott and Tom DeLay. The Dems and Soros’ Organizations have teams of experts with Phd’s in Psychology who know how to jerk the Republicans around. Just mention something questionable and the Republians will do a job on themselves. The Dems have got to be laughing their heads off.

  7. Advocates withdraw and surrender in Iraq; good riddance!

  8. Mike M. says:

    Momdear1 is right. It’s not a matter of ideological purity…but there is a strong tendency to gut their own based on accusations. Verdict first, trial later.

  9. Tinian says:

    I’m very happy to see this defeatist gasbag leave. He’s nothing but another Chuck Hagel.

    momdear1 says:

    It is the daily parade of Republicans calling for Craig’s resignation that is keeping this story in the news. If they had all kept their mouths shut, the whole thing would have been reported and then forgotten as it should have been.

    Earth to momdear1:

    What planet do you live on? The drive-by media never allows anything to “have been reported and then forgotten” when a Republican is involved.

    While I agree that, at times, the GOP does overreact, this time is not one of them. Wake up and smell the diaper pail. The MSM would’ve gleefully reported on Craig up to the second Tuesday in November, 2008, if given the chance.

  10. hnav says:

    Again, I am not certain the correct label for the this closed minded movement is accurately the ‘GOP’.

    The GOP Majority ran Congress with imperfection, and then the group of extreme frustration grew quite vocal after the 2004 Election.

    Whatever it was, displacement with the frustration with the overt liberal slant of coverage of news, the difficulties in Iraq, being spoiled with winning elections, etc…

    Many began to become quite hyperbolic, embracing the most extreme conceptions.

    Myths about the Dubai purchase of a company that handles cargo, became ‘selling sovereignty’.

    I will never forget Ms. Malking calling Ms. Meirs a ‘bellhop’.

    Imagine, a reporter who never managed anything, who writes a blog, vilifies someone with an impressive law background who served the Nation admirably during the post 9-11 Era.

    Regardless, none of the expression, work, efforts of the most emotive ‘frustrated’ Conservative block did anything to grow sound policy or reduce the influence of the misguided Liberal Democrat Party.

    If we want serious immigration reform, low taxation, strong National Security, sound Judicial Appointments, the answer is not debasing the GOP.

    We must work constructively to build our interests within this Party, to defeat the unethical efforts of Hillary Clinton and Company.

  11. Jacqui says:

    It was time for the ‘ol war horse’ to go. In the past two years several of his comments and actions were divisive and unproductive – as was Sen Hagel. It’s time in both cases to let the “Country Club” Republicans go and get some fresh blood in the Senate. The GOP is already positioning a strong candidate for 2008 into Craig’s soon to be retired position. Eric Cantor, currently in the House may run for the Warner seat. He would be great as well as Gilmore or Tony Snow, who’s name is being tossed around for this as well.

    And there seems to be a new fire out of the White House… heard Gillespie this morning say if the Dem Congress couldn’t get their act together to help the American people we would see Executive Orders where appropriate. Meanwhile, Iraq is turning in Bush’s favor…people think it is now winable..2008 may be a better year than people expect for the GOP. Especially since all we have on the Dem side is Edwards, Obama and Mrs. Bill Clinton.

  12. clarice says:

    He’s tall and he married two rich women. What else can you find in his resume that distinguishes him? I think he’s a gasbag without the traitorous impulses of the Senator he most closely resembles:John Kerry.