Aug 31 2007

Bomb Threats At Stores Across The Nation, May Be A Test For Terror

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There seems to be a rash of bomb threats being called into stores across the nation this week, possibly as a precursor to somethning bigger:

Four bomb threats were made Friday morning at three grocery stores and a Wal-Mart in northeast Ohio, the latest in a series of threats made across the country this week.

“We believe these are all tied into the same individual or group of individuals that are doing this all over the United States,” FBI special agent Scott Wilson said.

The FBI and police said Wednesday they were investigating bomb threats at more than 15 stores in at least 11 states.

The majority of the calls involve an extortion attempt and the threats appear to be coming from overseas, Wilson said.

Practice? Unlikely. Terror? Why allow the stores to be evacuated? A message? Possibly. If the terrorists want to send a signal they can hit us even when we are on alert then that would be a powerful message to make prior to the Iraq report to Congress this month. It could push the Dems into full fetal position, begging for surrender in Iraq. Of course, it would have the opposite effect on the nation, who would recall the only people still predicting an al-Qaeda win (which would be a huge turn-around in Iraq right now) are on the left.

Of course it could be old fashioned dirty business tricks. One thing is clear this is not isolated or a localized event. Definitely worth keeping an eye on. And we all should be vigilant and on the look out for suspicious behavior as we run up to the Iraq report. al-Qaeda must dearly want to send us a bloody message, if they can.

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  1. momdear1 says:

    And it could be that they are collecting money for Al Queda and raising organizations one by one. Wasn’t that $10,000 payment sent to a foreign bank acct?

  2. scaulen says:

    Channeling Southiesou the Banshee now: Insert diatribe with big words, post link to no where backing up diatribe with big words, scream that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq has made us less secure since we don’t have enough troops or ammo in the country to protect us. Then point at every one and say all the chickenhawks should be over seas proving their points, just as liberals prove their points by cowering and selling out the US to terrorists. End channeling of Southiesou the Banshee.

    God I feel so dirty now, just even thinking up the vile anti American scree to mock him. Time for a beer then field stripping weapons, that always makes me feel better…. CLP, toothbrush, cleaning cloth, ahhhhh.