Aug 31 2007

American Honored As Hero By Iraqis

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In what can only be accurately called kidnapping, sex-slavery, life-time slavery we find al-Qaeda’s brand of Islam includes the kidnapping of daughters for forced marriages:

Iraq’s Sunni tribes began turning against al Qaeda when the largely foreign-run terrorist organization tried to arrange forced marriages with local women to secure their foothold in the country, according to a top counterterrorism adviser to the U.S. coalition in Iraq.

Australian Col. David Kilcullen, who just completed a tour as senior counterinsurgency aide to U.S. commander Gen. David H. Petraeus in Baghdad, said in an extensive analysis that the decision by the Sunni tribes to break with al Qaeda could prove a major — if unanticipated — boost to President Bush’s surge strategy in the country.

“The uprising represents very significant political progress toward reconciliation at the grass-roots level, and major security progress in marginalizing extremists and reducing civilian deaths,” Col. Kilcullen wrote Wednesday in the military blog Small Wars Journal (

With an estimated 30,000 Sunni fighters in Iraq now battling their former al Qaeda allies, “the tribal revolt is arguably the most significant change in the Iraqi operating environment for several years,” he added in his entry titled “Anatomy of a Tribal Revolt.”

No wonder the Iraqis are fighting back and al-Qaeda is being spurned across the nation. Massacres through bombings of public areas like mosques and markets, public torture of people who disobey the smallest edict, and the kidnapping of daughters as payment for foreign fighters (a religious form of mercenary) and it is not hard to see how Iraq turned. And it is clear that al-Qaeda sick views on the perfect society are so extreme that where ever they are applied a backlash ensues.

al-Qaeda’s days are numbered. And those who doubted we would succeed over such brutal animals must realize that their inability to see how America really compares in this world to fascism of all forms is a fault within them, not with America or our President. We are succeeding because we are stronger, better armed. But that is not enough. al-Qaeda has emphasized that America is truly a force for good and a good choice for an ally. This has led Iraqis to start making their choices between joining us in a bright future or joining al-Qaeda in a dark and bloody future. The choice was never really in doubt. The only thing that was unknown was how long would it take for the country to see the real choices, instead of the media proposed false ones.

The media (and their liberal politicians) saw nothing but defeat in Iraq, especially in Anbar province which was highlighted as an al-Qaeda stronghold we had no hope of controlling. That was a myth promulgated by an ignorant and biased media. The missing piece to their scenario was the brutality of al-Qaeda. We never needed to “control” Anbar, that is what al-Qaeda yearns for. We needed to liberate it and let the people know we would be allies, not overlords.

The Iraqi people also had the al-Qaeda propaganda laid on them about the Nirvanna of the modern caliphate. That was a faux option as well. The Nirvanna was for those in charge we saw the people as resources, cattle that could be sacrificed to fill a need – sometimes just to fill a lust it seems.

The media lies have been exposed, because America and Americans are seen in a totally different light in Iraq than the media predicted and expected:

An American ‘martyr’ is being hailed in the Sunni Triangle for restoring peace to a town where soldiers now fight only water leaks

The police station in Tameen, a district of Ramadi, occupies a wreck of a building – its roof shattered by shells, its windows blown out, its walls pockmarked by shrapnel. That is not unusual in Iraq. What makes this station extraordinary is that a city in the heart of the infamous Sunni Triangle, a city that once led the antiAmerican insurgency, has named it after a US soldier – Captain Travis Patriquin.

The honour is well-deserved. Captain Patriquin played a little-known but crucial role in one of the few American success stories of the Iraq war.

He helped to convert Ramadi from one of Iraq’s deadliest cities into arguably the safest outside the semi-autonomous Kurdish north. This graveyard for hundreds of American soldiers, which a Marine Corps intelligence report wrote off as a lost cause just a year ago, is where the US military now takes visiting senators, and journalists such as myself, to show the progress it is making. Ramadi will be Exhibit A when General David Petraeus, the US commander in Iraq, appears before Congress in two weeks’ time to argue that the country as a whole should not be written off.

Only a crass, bitter fool would write Iraq off now. Only someone so hell bent on proving they were not mistaken they would throw entire Iraq country back into bloody carnage and save al-Qaeda from its bloody track record would reverse course now. And sadly we have plenty of folks in denial about how wrong THEY were about our fight for Iraq. Are the BDS driven opponents of this war so obsessed with their egoes they would take this dream away from the Mayor of Ramadi:

I listened incredulously as Latif Obaid Ayadah, Ramadi’s Mayor, told me of his desire to build an airport and tourist resort in Ramadi and talked – only half in jest – of twinning his city with Belfast and Oklahoma City. “I want it to be a small slice of heaven,” he declared.

Liberals always talk a big talk about providing people hope and freeing them from oppression. They infest the UN with their babbling greatness. But when it comes down to it they cannot muster the will it takes to make the sacrifices in blood and treasure to engage and beat evil. After 30 years of Saddam and 4 years of being bombed and tortured by al-Qaeda the Iraqi people are finally awakening from their long nightmare – and it is liberals in DC and NY who are now proposing we run away before Iraq can make the last step to permanent stability and peace with the West. Cowards to the end it seems.

Update: I need to add this quote because it says it all about Iraq and al-Qaeda:

“Al-Qaeda is gone. Everybody is happy,” said Mohammed Ramadan, 38, a stallholder in the souk who witnessed four executions. “It was fear, pure fear. Nobody wanted to help them but you had to do what they told you.”

Their nightmare is over, thanks to us.

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  1. dave m says:

    Liberals are crass bitter fools and they are still trying to lose the war.
    The talk for today seems to be yet another “independant report”
    highlighting the lack of political progress.

    And moveon is still saying the war is “unwinnable”.

    These people cannot be accomodated. They have to be defeated,

  2. Cobalt Shiva says:

    When I was in the USMC, every survival instructor repeated the same thing in every single class or training session:

    When you are a stranger in a strange land, and utterly dependent on the kindness of strangers for your survival, the local women are off limits, end of discussion.