Aug 30 2007

America Goes From “Occupier” To “Protector” In Iraq

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General Petraeus is likely to say in his report to Congress that the pivotal change that has occured in Iraq is the nature of the relationship and image the Iraqi people have of America vs al-Qaeda and the Mahdi militants.

The general also said there was a gradual shift from Iraqis perceiving U.S. troops as an occupying force.

“Al-Qaida in Iraq and criminal militia elements have overplayed their hands,” he said. “In many areas and neighborhoods now, in fact, coalition forces are seen as partners in the effort to bring sustainable stability to Iraq, as opposed to occupiers.”

Petraeus said this to an Arab news organization, no doubt floating parts of his report to Congress to gauge reaction and give the DC handwringers an opportunity to change their self desructive minds. At previous points in this conflict this issue being the pivotal hinge upon which our success or fate would fall would have led to the conclusion we cannot win. But al-Qaeda has severely overplayed their hand and right now all they are doing with the mass killings of Muslims is recruiting allies for us.

All the left can now do is point to incomplete benchmarks and do their pathetic Chicken Little dance, of course assisted by those spineless GOP members who run from anything controversial and tough (heaven help them if someone asks them to do their job and lead). In an even more pathetic example of how crass and uncaring the left is CBS is using it (and all the death and tragedy it represents) as a way to salvage ratings – nothing more. This is the corporate America that the left rants about – their corporate America using a serious subject to fix a bad decision they made on which arse they wanted reading queue cards (yeah, teleprompters – I know).

The Chicken Little darlings of DC cannot change the fact al-Qaeda has been the one to drive the people of Iraq into their hands of their opponents. And while I wish the best of luck to Katie in her next career move (she is a disaster) and those CBS employees who can find a functional company to work for, they are not going to turn the tide in Iraq. The dynamics are too large and have too much momentum. We are the protectors. We fight the enemies of the Iraqi people. al-Qaeda is the enemy that must be destroyed. Those are powerful political changes. The rest will follow.

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  1. The Macker says:

    Well said.

    And let us remember that Iraq’s enemies are also our enemies. The word “occupation” was positive after the liberation of Europe. The modern Left has twisted it to mean “imperialist.” Indeed, we are “protectors.”

  2. Soothsayer says:

    America goes from Light of the World to War Criminal under the tender auspices of cheerleader and coward-in-chief Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and the rest of the Whole Sick Crew:

    the Red Cross described the agency’s detention and interrogation methods as tantamount to torture, and declared that American officials responsible for the abusive treatment could have committed serious crimes. The source said the report warned that these officials may have committed “grave breaches” of the Geneva Conventions, and may have violated the U.S. Torture Act, which Congress passed in 1994 . . .

    A former C.I.A. officer, who supports the agency’s detention and interrogation policies, said he worried that, if the full story of the C.I.A. program ever surfaced, agency personnel could face criminal prosecution. Within the agency, he said, there is a “high level of anxiety about political retribution” for the interrogation program. If congressional hearings begin, he said, “several guys expect to be thrown under the bus.” He noted that a number of C.I.A. officers have taken out professional liability insurance, to help with potential legal fees . . .

    The C.I.A.’s interrogation program is remarkable for its mechanistic aura. “It’s one of the most sophisticated, refined programs of torture ever,” an outside expert familiar with the protocol said. “At every stage, there was a rigid attention to detail. Procedure was adhered to almost to the letter. There was top-down quality control, and such a set routine that you get to the point where you know what each detainee is going to say, because you’ve heard it before. It was almost automated. People were utterly dehumanized. People fell apart. It was the intentional and systematic infliction of great suffering masquerading as a legal process. It is just chilling.”

  3. The Macker says:

    Why do you litter this site with agenda driven reports. Previously, it was the bogus casuality study. You won’t get traction with the knowledgeable readers of this blog with sources like that. Nor with stupid ad-hominums constantly directed at the President, VP and ex-SecDef. Interesting, coming from a defender of the party of cowardice.

  4. Soothsayer says:

    Agenda driven??

    You don’t think the preposterous header: America goes from Occupier to Protector isn’t agenda driven?? And that the agenda isn’t more absurdist propaganda?

    Yesterday, a US Marine testified he was ordered to execute a room full of Iraqi women and children during an alleged massacre in Haditha that left 24 people dead.

    The testimony came in the opening of a preliminary hearing for Marine Sergeant Frank Wuterich, who faces 17 counts of murder over the Haditha killings, the most serious war crimes allegations faced by US troops in Iraq.

    At one house Wuterich gave an order to shoot on sight as Marines waited for a response after knocking on the door, said Lance Corporal Humberto Mendoza.

    “He said ‘Just wait till they open the door, then shoot,'” Mendoza said. Mendoza then said he shot and killed an adult male who appeared in a doorway . . . when I opened the door there was just women and kids, two adults were lying down on the bed and there were three children on the bed … two more were behind the bed,” Mendoza said.

    “I looked at them for a few seconds. Just enough to know they were not presenting a threat … I told him there were women and kids inside there. He said ‘Well, shoot them.”

    Oh, the Iraqis think of us as their protectors, all right. And Larry Craig “just has a wide stance”.

  5. The Macker says:

    To get beyond the MSM headlines, read yesterday’s Powerline account of how the prosecution of said marines is falling apart.

    And your gratuitous line about Craig is curious, considering it relates to a cherished Dem Party value.