Aug 19 2007

Petraeus The “Betrayer”?

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Want to know how desperately some left tilting people will go to deny Iraq is turning around? They will go so far as to call General Petraeus a betrayer of America:

AFTER being hailed as King David, the potential saviour of Iraq, the US commander General David Petraeus is facing a backlash in advance of his report to Congress in September on the progress of America’s troop surge.

Critics, including one recently retired general, are privately calling him “General Betraeus” on the grounds that he is too ambitious to deliver a balanced report on the war.

Sounds like we have a mopy general with victory envy. To even hint Petraeus is betraying this country because he wants it to succeed while the opposition has been pushing for our defeat to the point of discussing pulling funds to make sure we lose pushed the concept of ‘projection’ of one’s fallacies onto others to the straining point. The left is not projectging, it is propagandizing. It is lying through its teeth just as Goebbels lied through his teeth for the Nazis. Just as al-Qaeda claims successes in their hour of defeat as the Muslims start to reject their tactics and see through their egotistical fantasies, the surrendermedia and surrendercrats cannot pretend to be pro-American and expect anyone to keep a straight face anymore.

The act of trying to call Petraeus what is in essence a Traitor to his nation demonstrates the desperation on the left. They no damn well their reputations will be screwed for decades to come if Bush can turn things around in Iraq. But they are too naive or panicked to realize they cannot change the dynamics in Iraq by name calling here in the US. So the expose their idiotic intentions in a fit of self delusion. Petraeus is trying to make things right – and all oppose him clearly want to make things turn out bad for us. Those are the betrayers – the traitors.

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  1. BarbaraS says:

    The modus operandi of the dems is to destroy the reputations of anyone who disagrees with them or works against them.