Aug 15 2007

Whatever Happened To Thomas Tamm? Plus, Obama And Plame Game II?

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You can tell something serious is happening when a story blossoms and then goes absolutely silent. Only when it is a serious matter does the Federal Government go pitch dark on a subject. The latest was the search of DoJ Lawyer Thomas Tamm’s house in regards to the NSA leak investigation. This is not the first time this has happened, the news of Mary McCarthy, the CIA leaker, was in the news for a few days before going cold as well. Not that I have any answers, but it is interesting to see the Feds can keep quiet when they need to.

Update:: I have to take some of this back. Mary McCarthy’s case has not been in the mainstream news, but she did get mention on a blog as a backer of Presidential wannabe Boy Obama:

One line in particular by Obama jumped out at me: “The Taliban pursues a hit and run strategy, striking in Afghanistan, then skulking across the border to safety.”

That is not only true – and true also of Al Qaeda-led fighters conducting cross-border ops – but surprising to hear in any public setting these days, much less a high-profile political speech by a leading presidential candidate. Obama had help from a group of former Clinton and Bush National Security Council veterans, including some who haven’t even endorsed him: Richard Clarke, Susan Rice, Rand Beers and Mary McCarthy.

The cross border incursions by terrorists between Pakistan and Afghanistan are well known, so I am not sure what all the surprise is about. But what we do see in the list of supporters are names that are connected to some of the intelligence community’s most notorious people. Richard Clark, who has always seen himself as the shadow President telling Cheney and Bush what to do on 9-11, is a well known purveyor of exaggerated accounts. Clark is infamous for being more concerned about a computer attack on the US prior to 9-11, becoming an expert after the fact.

Rand Beers is a name not so well known surrounding the Valeria and Joe Wilson “Plame Game”. Rand Beers crosses Mary McCarthy’s path since he spoke up for her at the time of her shameful departure from the CIA. Rand Beers left government to join the Kerry campaign and he is the one who let slip Joe Wilson had joined the Kerry campaign when he was passing all those lies to a gullible media about Forged Documents that did not exist when he went to Niger (we learned later).

The fact Obama is enlisting the same crowd that fed lies to a gullible media is definitely something that the American people will want to know. If Obama’s national security brain trust is being culled from the losers of Kerry and Clinton teams then Obama’s election prospects will be very dim indeed.

Update:: One thing I never checked after Richard Armitage was fingered as the Plame leak source was what connection he may have had to Wilson and Beers. Turns out Armitage and Beers were both in hot water for pushing the idea Colombian drug lords were allied with terrorists in Afghanistan (not implausible – just not substantiated). It would seem Wilson might have heard the same story Novak and Woodward heard about Armitage outing his wife via Beers. I wonder if Beers was someone who met with Armitage and Judith Miller as all the Plame Game BS was coming down?

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  1. Mover Mike says:

    The Silence Speaks Volumes…

    The Strata-Sphere has no news of DoJ Lawyer Thomas Tamm’s or Mary McCarthy, but he does have news from whom Barack Hussein Obama is getting his foreign policy advice! Tsk, Tsk!…

  2. Jeff H says:

    According to Who’s Who in America 39th Edition 1976-1977

    Edward Allen Tamm and Quinn Tamm were brothers. Edward was with the FBI from 1930-48 and Quinn from 1934-61.

    Quinn had two children Quinn and Thomas Mark. Nothing about middle names or initials for the Quinns. Quinn the elder married late in life and so these boys would have been born in the late 40’s or 50s (assuming the wife listed is their mother).

    There are Quinn Tamm references in Cherry Hill, NJ, one with the FBI, who supports Republicans.

  3. Jeff H says:

    Actually in the 1930 Census Quinn Tamm is listed as Quinn J.

    Quinn died Jan 23, 1986. His house sold in late 2006. His widow was relatively recently giving to Republican interests from there.

    There are a number of public references to a Quinn J Tamm born around 1950 in Boston, San Francisco, Virginia Beach,VA, Ocean City, NJ, and Cherry Hill, NJ.

    Washington Post
    Quinn Tamm, Ex-Assistant Director of FBI

    The FBI: A Comprehensive Reference Guide By Athan G. Theoharis

    Story about Ed and Quinn Tamm

  4. AJStrata says:

    Many thanks Jeff H!

  5. […] The Strata-Sphere has no news of DoJ Lawyer Thomas Tamm’s or Mary McCarthy, but he does have news from whom Barack Hussein Obama is getting his foreign policy advice! Tsk, Tsk! […]