Aug 04 2007

Running From Their Governing Responsibilities

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Sadly there is now the ‘stomp and pout’ maneuver used by politicians to try and force their minority view on the democratically elected majority. And the liberal newspapers tend to switch their views radically on the honor and utility of such tactics depending on their political biases. For example, six Sunni cabinet members have joined 6 Shiia ministers in protesting the Iraqi government’s lack of progress.

OK, nice political theatre and a good move to leverage their positions to earn some tough concessions. But is it the end of the world or Iraq? Hardly. Despite the breathless predictions of pending doom, the 12 protesting ministers are actually not much different than all those whacky democrats who ran away from the Texas legislature a few years back so they did not have to face losing votes on redistricting. 50 house and 11 senators ran from Texas and hid out in New Mexico in a shameless PR stunt that just made the dems look childish and petulent. Some would argue it just exposed their true nature! So before any liberals ring the alarm bells about these kinds of political stunts – let’s give credit where it is due. The iraqis are just mimicking those silly democrats who ran away from democracy when they could not win the vote!

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  1. Terrye says:

    They are not a lot different than the people in DC right now who can not pass immigration reform and who refuse to pass a FISA bill. They said the President was acting like a dictator and taking too much power on himself. Well, someone had to do this stuff and it is obvious these folks are not up to the job.

    Now they will go home and unlike the Iraqis, they are not putting their lives on the line.

    In truth it might be good that some Iraqi politicians do this, it might light a fire under the rest of them.