Aug 04 2007

Dems Dragged Kicking & Screaming By Bush To Protect America

The far left liberals in this country have a serious problem when it comes to National Security. They tend to favor protecting terrorists over stopping them before they can attack. They see terrorists as potential legal clients instead of dead & buried enemies. They want us to be legally reactive and not militarily proactive. They see America as a cancer in the world, and therefore see little reason to get all upset when murderers are openly claiming to be planning to attack us. In essence, they are naively dangerous to this country. As examples of this reality we have Iraq war and the NSA surveillance issues. In Iraq, whether you believe we needed ties to the past 9-11 or evidence of future possible 9-11s to tie Saddam to al-Qaeda (the latter being highly possible and the reason for invasion), the fact is we are in Iraq and al-Qaeda has made our removal from that country its top priority.

And liberal democrats are more than happy to assist al-Qaeda in winning this goal, even as we have recently turned the tables on al-Qaeda and made it virtually impossible for al-Qaeda to win back the hearts nd minds of the Iraqis. Iraqis who are now swearing on their Korans to fight and destroy al-Qaeda (something that would have been thought a Poilyannish fantasy in 2002). Yet with this turn of events happening across Iraq and changing the view of al-Qaeda outside Iraq, we see obsessed liberals grasping for a way to turn the situation in Iraq back to an inevitable al-Qaeda win:

911 was “blowback” due to policies of which the American public at large was never made aware and never understood. Their ignorance persists.

[AJStrata: i.e., we deserced what we got on 9-11, and we deserve another attack because we still don’t get how evil we are]

Our illegal attack of Iraq was a totally inappropriate response to 911 and resulted in the recruitment of a whole new generation of enemies. Reading correctly how corrupt our government is and was, Osama bin Laden was able to accomplish his goal of retribution. At the same time, the corrupt leadership of the United States used 911 to accomplish their goals as well: the overthrow of the US Constitution in favor of what Paul Craig Roberts calls the “The Return of the Robber Barrons.”

Clearly anyone who disagrees with this leftist fascists is corrupt. Ah, the naive sense of self purity! The fact is the nation has been proceeding along as a democracy and making hard decisions during tough times and exposing the universal truth of ‘human imperfection’. Outside the fascists, who are so right and pure, humans are fallible. This blathering liberal fantasy is all about insecurity. The liberal world fell apart in 1980 with the election of Ronald Reagan and has been crumbling apart ever since. The nation occassionally lets liberals back into power to see if they have been able to progress (funny how libs take on such ironic labels) beyond their failed ways to only find they have sunk farther into their fantasy madness. Clinton and this round of a Democrat led Congress are such checks to see if the left is worth looking at.

But while this fool rants about how we deserved 9-11 and fails to see Iraq as the next best nexus of resources and terrorism to create future 9-11s (the left refuses to see the potential threats of the future, outside their Chicken Little conspiracies about the political right in this country), we have reality to face. And that reality is the threat to this country is not our President but Bin Laden’s storm troopers who still have their eyes on blood baths here in America. The primary reason we have not been attacked is al-Qaeda’s obsession and focus on Iraq. Only a very gullible and naive liberal would assume 5 years peace under Saddam in Iraq would not have allowed al-Qaeda time and resources to hit us again. So while the evil rightwing in this nation is trying its best to detect these attacks, the completely lost leftwing is trying to tie their hands at each opportunity – increasing al-Qaeda’s chances of another successful hit on us.
Take for example the NSA bill grinding through Congress today:

Senate Democrats reluctantly agreed to passing a bill Friday night that would update the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, known as FISA. The House planned to consider the measure Saturday after rejecting a Democratic alternative.

Bush is demanding passage before Congress’ planned summer vacation, scheduled to begin this weekend.

The president praised senators for acting “to give our intelligence professionals the legal tools and authority they need to keep America safe. I appreciate the hard work they did to find common ground to pass this critical bill. Today, the House of Representatives has an opportunity to consider that bill, pass it and send it to me for my signature.”

President Bush is the eternal professional – praising people for doing the right thing even when they resisted doing the right thing. In essence, he gave praise for the Dems for not following their suicidal instincts and waking up to the fact people are trying to kill us and coordinating their plans with their terrorist masters overseas. So we BETTER be listening in on the communications of those terrorist masters overseas – especially when they make contact with people here in the US.

We are dragging the liberals, their heels dug in all the way, into making this country safe. The liberals do not want to do this for a variety of reasons – all self serving. The least repulsive is the excuse they don’t want to give Bush a win. If he keeps us safe for his entire term after 9-11, and things turn around in Iraq, then he will have been vindicated in all his actions – imperfect as they are human. Bill Clinton suffered attack after attack from al-Qaeda and did nothing as these attacks escalated. Execution of 9-11 started on his watch. When Bush took office most of the terrorists were in America, contacting their masters overseas, and their communications were being destroyed to protect America. Clear logic, eh?

So back to our mad-hatted liberal in the first link. To understand how deranged he is one only needs to note his plan for America. Be the fascists he his, he proposed a propaganda effort to explain the new reality to people, and to convince them to support the overthrow of the elected government of our country.

In my view, the only strategy that will now reverse these dynamics must necessarily include the following four components:

1. The American people would have to be properly informed as to the accurate historical context in which current events are now playing out.

2. The American people would have to conclude that they want to repudiate the policies and behaviors that have evolved within their government, and are contributing to the present state of affairs.

3.The American people would have to take action to remove from power those individuals who planned, carried out, and facilitated these strategies, and hold them accountable in a way that would convince the world community that we seek forgiveness and intend for justice to be done.

Emphasis mine. Note the dictate of action on Americans. Of course if anyone were to resist this treasonous plan, they would be of course branded ‘corrupt’. This Hitler wannabe claims Americans need to aplogize to the world for being worthy of mass killings like which happened on 9-11. This fool needs to spend a month in an al-Qaeda controlled area to get a real sense of the alternatives at play here. It is al-Qaeda’s world vision versus our world vision. Our world vision , the American and Western vision, does NOT include global dominance, nor imposed religious feality, nor brutal oppression. It does NOT include kidnapping daughters as bounty wives for those in power. It does NOT envision women as property. It does NOT support the use of suicide bombs in public places as emphasis to political views. It does NOT include the massacre of anyone who does not ‘believe’.

Why are liberals kicking and screaming and resisting protecting America? Honestly, who cares? All we need to know is they are resisting our efforts to succeed. They are fighting the clear and obvious need to monitor our enemies and their potential forces that may be in our country.

It is not as the liberal newspapers claim. Bush is not trying to cicumvent FISA, it has been fighting FISA to accept intelligence leads from agencies like the NSA as evidence in probable cause arguments. Prior to 9-11, if the NSA had a call from Atta to Osama discussing the date of the -11 attack, the FISA Court would NOT allow that evidence to be used to support an FBI investigation and monitoring of Atta here in the US. That would have been thrown out as tainted information because of which agency found the evidence – NOT based on the merit of the evidence or the risk to American lives! Now the court is being forced to accept the fact intelligence sources can detect attacks where sometimes the FBI cannot. And if protecting American lives is the pre-eminent responsibility of this government, then the FISA court (and the Congress) have no choice but to use all means at our disposal to legally detect any future 9-11′ now in the works.

It is still criminal that our leaders need to have their heads pulled out of the partisan priorities and be forced to focus on our national defense. It is clear evidence we have the wrong people in leadership roles when this even has to be debated. But Americans have the power to change priorities. And they can exercise that power daily as well as every two years. The power of the purse, the choice of where you spend your money, is the daily force that starves out the dangerous ideas and invests in those that strengthen the safety of our nation. So when news media outlets start taking the suicidal, liberal position – just stop supporting the outlet. And get involved in politics and selecting candidates early. The GOP has hotheads like Tancredo who’s main plan against al-Qaeda is to nuke Muslims at prayer in Mecca. The guy is as dangerous as the liberals who want a revolution to restore the world order they support (since democracy is not going to allow it to happen). Support reasonable candidates. Stay away from the looney fringes. I prefer a Lieberman over a Lamont or Tancredo. A Bush over a Kucinich or Gingrich. And I think most people do as well. Our nation and lives are on the line. It is time we all took this matter seriously.

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6 Responses to “Dems Dragged Kicking & Screaming By Bush To Protect America”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    AQ could try to pull a complete 180 and do their best Hammas impersonation and quit killing everyone in bombing range and become the providers of services and such that the government cant at the moment.

    After all Z number 2 tried to tell Z the blot spot to cut out all the bad $hit because it was just ticking off people.

    But that wouldn’t play to well because it would sort of conflict with what is going on the Pakistan right now.

    Besides, who would be fool enough to believe them?

    Regardless how you cut it this ain’t a religious war, it’s just the vehicle.

    You have a bunch of idiots trying to drive an agenda using the religion thing to fuel their cause and don’t really have a whole lot of interest in that or they wouldn’t be killing their own off instead of the infidel.

    The game is becoming more transparent each day.

    They want to use the religious bent to further their own ends.

    Now the question to be answered is just how much will they lash out to hurt when they realize they are going down with nothing to lose.

  2. Terrye says:

    I heard that both FISA and the NSA have ask Congress to get this done. Right now too much is uncertain and they need to the legislature to legislate.

  3. gwood says:

    The price of admission into the leftist sphere is the renunciation of one’s American-ness. I know, I was a lefty once. They love the land, the things that America provides, but they hate everything about the ideals that made America what it is. This all starts with the belief that equality is a reachable goal, and thus ends up concluding that capitalism is bad, bad, bad. There is also a distaste for things military, especially if the military is backed by a capitalist nation.

    Liberals truly don’t want America to win in Iraq, especially now that communism has been somewhat defeated. This would mean another victory for Bush, and a loss of power for the left in America, but just as importantly, it would be yet another victory for capitalism and proof once again that a strong military can do good things.

  4. ivehadit says:

    “Now the question to be answered is just how much will they lash out to hurt when they realize they are going down with nothing to lose. ”

    Bingo Merlin. They are enraged and rage, a very powerful emotion, seeks to destroy. It will not be pretty.

  5. MerlinOS2 says:

    History teaches us this isn’t a true religious war.

    Look at the flow and ebb of muslim history and you will see that is true.

    If this was a religious war we wouldn’t have the sect wars going on like we have. They would be united in dealing with the infidel and sort their own issues out after that.

    We have some riding on top a faux religious wave that is almost a ripple compared to historic contexts but enough to cause a whole lot of grief.

    Pick a country where Muslim related violence is going on from the dozen or so that is happening and you will see across the board that it is a very small percent of the Muslim population that is in the game.

    That sort of brings to question the religious basis of the whole process.

    So basically you have a bunch of thugs duping a few to play their game.

    Read on each country if you can and you will see the cookie cutter stamping out copies.

    It’s a model transferable to other cultures like Jamaican drug lords, MS-13 gangs or bad guys of your choice.

    That doesn’t in any way mean we can ignore them, we do at our own risk.

    Even more ironic is that if they have cells here, they may be holding them off as long as some are so anti-war here and serving their needs.

    If we join hands and resolve to kick butt , then those cells might get the green light.

    With the present internal debate they may have a red light as much as they would love to hit us because they know it would revive the rage here.

  6. Terrye says:


    It always sort of been like that. Even during the Crusades. The same was true with the Christians, the east and west did not unite. The Byzantine and Rome were completely estranged. And then came the Catholic and Protestant wars.