Aug 01 2007

Saber Rattling In A War Weary America

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Sen Obama’s attempt at showing his manliness illustrates once again his inexperience. it seems Sen Obama is just fine with attacking an ALLY of the US: Pakistan. It is not OK to attack our enemies in Afghanistan or Iraq, but it is OK to invade an ally. Yep, that stinks of inexperience all right. America is just itching for another war. I am all for taking out a KNOW al-Qaeda center. But to ‘hunt down’ al-Qaeda means long term invasion of a soveriegn nation. Hillary won’t do anything unless invited and Obama will go in and look around. Bush and Cheney wisely keep quiet and non-committal to any one option.

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  1. Magic Negro May Send Troops into Pakistan…

    One has to figure in order to burnish their foreign policy credentials, by the time the primaries actually roll around, the Democrats will probably be threatening to nuke every country on the planet….

  2. Soothsayer says:

    Seems to me Obama’s statements concerning Pakistan were premised upon very specific conditions:

    If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf won’t act, we will,” Obama said.

    1. If we have actionable intelligence – unlike say the lousy cherry-picked crap Bush used to justify invading Iraq; AND

    2. Musharaff won’t act; THEN

    3. We will STRIKE them.

    I’m still looking for an actual quote from the text of Obama’s speech about “hunting them down” – which implies a longer term effort than “striking” them, which could be an isolated use of missiles/air power.

    If he is indeed talking about invading Pakistan with a standing force . . . then he needs to rethink. That could lead to destabilization of Pakistan and seizure of plentiful Pak nukes by Islamic fundamentalists . . .

  3. The Sandbox says:

    Unilateral Attack: Obama Against It Unless It’s Him…

    This is my first post in almost three months, but I had to say something about this. Via AP:Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Wednesday that he would possibly send troops into Pakistan to hunt down terrorists, an attempt to…

  4. Soothsayer says:

    As usual, Obama’s statements are mischaracterized by both the Media and the Strata-sphere . . . Obama’s actual statement is available HERE!

    I find nothing about invasion or committing troops to Pakistan, but a resolve to strike high-value terrorist targets IF we have actionable intelligence about them and Pakistan drops the ball.

  5. Obama draw his gun, shoots self in foot…

    Publicly announce an intention to invade an ally with nuclear weapons. That is not naive. You would have to smarten up a lot to make it to naive….

  6. Soothsayer says:

    There is no mention of invasion in his statement. That’s all media spin from what I can see . . .

  7. Terrye says:


    Oh puhleaze, Pakistan is a nuclear power with a large population, a well trained army which might take exception to invasion and is run by an ally walking a tight rope. As usual the Democrats only support a war we are not fighting while they find reasons to lose the one we are.

    I remember Moore and his friends saying the only reason we went into Afghanistan at all was for a fictitious pipe line. Now it is the good war and we should enlarge it by invading a sovereign country.

    Never mind the fact that we are working with NATO over there and have specific rules of engagement. Never mind the fact that we are working with Musharaff and might actually be sending some special forces into specific areas even now.

    No, screw that, invade Pakistan, get the bad guys and come home.

    If we invade Pakistan what we encounter there could make Iraq look like a cake walk. In which case, Obama and his fan club would immediately demand not only a withdrawal but would criticize the very people they sent in there.

    Zarqawi was trained in Afghanistan by Osama, he had a safe haven in Iraq and he was dedicated to killing Americans…but from what I hear we were supposed to just leave him alone. And now here Obama is saying we should invade, knock on Zawhiri’s door and read him his rights…

    all before dinner no doubt.

  8. Terrye says:

    And by the way, what do you call an invasion Soothie? No, there is no mention of an invasion, we will just take our military and if Musharaff does not get the job done we will ignore NATO, ignore the sovereignty of Pakistan and just go in get Osama. Screw the Pakistanis.

    But golly gee, don’t call that an invasion.

  9. Soothsayer says:

    Where do you get this invasion crap? Read his statement. He’s talking about strikes against identified terrorists – most likely by air.

    Learn to read.

  10. Terrye says:

    Oh For Chrisake, really.

    Oh I see, well I know that if another country made specific strikes against certain bases in this country, I would not consider that an act of war, or an invasion of our sovereignty or anything. It would be ok fine with us. No doubt.

    It is kind of like when Clinton was president and he bombed Iraq, and made the removal of Saddam from power our national policy, and accused Saddam of violating the cease fire, and of trying to kill a president, and named his regime in the 1998 indictment against AlQaida for the African embassy bombings, and routinely flew our planes over Iraq’s air space, and supported sanctions against the entire country, and tried to help the locals pull off a couple of coups…. it was not as if Bill actually invaded 0r did anything that might be construed as screwing with the sovereignty of Iraq or anything.

    yeah, we want to go down that road again. you betcha.

    Poke that tiger, go ahead.

  11. Terrye says:

    BTW, last September Bush said that if he knew exactly where Osama or Zawhiri were he would order in troops to get them. Needless to say the people who supporting Obama’s remarks did not support Bush’s.

  12. crosspatch says:

    And the combined number of people identifying as either Democrat or Republican keeps dropping.

    Both parties are polarizing themselves into oblivion.

  13. kathie says:

    I think Obama needs to look at a map. Perhaps the implications of going to war with Pakistan might have some disastrous implications.

  14. crosspatch says:

    Give Obama a Hummer and tell him to just TRY and drive up into some of those remote valleys. Some are accessed only through passes that are above helicopter access. The only way in is with pack animal or parachute and you don’t get in AT ALL in the winter because all of the passes are closed.

    People who spout off at the mouth about just going into that region like it is driving across Kansas or something expose their own ignorance. There is no way we could get access to those regions without the support of the tribes who live there.

  15. Terrye says:

    There is a reason the leadership went to this region, it is impossible to get to.

    Of course when Rumsfeld killed a plan to go in there in 2005 because the footprint would be too large, the left demanded an immediate invasion.

    just kidding.

  16. Terrye says:


    Yes, they are.

    This morning I looked at at about 6am and the headlines under the blogs were about Tancredo threatening to nuke Mecca and a post at Free Republic about how the real enemy is not in Iraq, it is the invasion of the illegal aliens {invasion was the word they used}….and I thought to myself, the only reason people like Obama even have a shot at the White House are people like this making the Republicans look bad.

    It is sad really.

  17. owl says:

    Well…well…the Ordained One finally said something so stupid and dangerous that even the deranged might sit up and notice.

    Now don’t confuse Sooth with those examples Terrye. BTW, I watched it on TV and if anything, it was much, much worse. Really scary stuff when a top tier candidate declares war on a nuke country. Don’t you just FEEL that famous Democratic Diplomacy? I am watching him again………right now…….and he looks and sounds like a little kid. This might have stopped what I have said from the beginning was a Hillary/Obama ticket. Naaaahh….

  18. Terrye says:

    Hell, owl, they will just piss the terrorists off and then leave it to some Republican to clean up the mess. And no doubt bitch about how he does it.

  19. kathie says:

    The Dems just don’t get it. The guys who attacked us on 911 are dead, so we can’t go after the them. bin Laden trained thousands in Afghanistan, some of those he trained came to the US or were recruited by those who trained in Afghanistan and came to the US to kill us. Others who trained in Afghanistan were sent to other places in the world to recruit and attack to spread the caliphate. Some of the big guys are in Iraq, the very same ones who trained in Afghanistan. So I’m wondering why are we leaving Iraq? Why is al Queda in Iraq not al Queda in Afghanistan, but it is al Queda in Pakistan?