Jul 24 2007

Poll Shows Muslims Rejecting Suicide Bombings, Therefore al-Qaeda’s Strategy

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Folks might find it interesting that my observations on how the Muslim community was reacting to the violent nature of al-Qaeda’s mass killings is being born out in an poll soon to be out, according to The Drudge Report which has this pending headline “Global poll finds Muslims increasingly reject suicide bombings… Developing…”. I noted the result of al-Qaeda’s mass killings in two posts (here and here). The latter post from this morning predicted that not only would the Muslim community be turning on al-Qaeda, it would represent a huge victory in our war on terror as al-Qaeda’s killing spree turns the Muslim street against the Islamo Fascists. If this trend continues those who doubted the vision of President George Bush will forever regret their place in history as the ones who tried to surrender when success was finally at hand.

Update: Here is the poll which is now out on the streets:

Most notably, the survey finds large and growing number of Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere rejecting Islamic extremism. Ten mainly Muslim countries were surveyed along with the Palestinian territories, as well as five African nations with large Muslim populations.

For example, the percentage of Jordanian Muslims who have confidence in bin Laden as a world leader fell 36 percentage points to 20 percent since 2003 while the proportion who say suicide bombing is sometimes or always justified dropped 20 percent points to 23 percent. Other countries where support for bin Laden declined are Lebanon, Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan and Kuwait.

The report said support for such bombings and terror tactics has dropped since 2002 in seven of the eight countries where data were available. In Lebanon, the proportion of Muslims who say suicide attacks are often or sometimes justified fell to 34 percent from 79 percent while just 9 percent of Pakistanis believe suicide bombings can be justified often or sometimes, down from 33 percent in 2002 and a high of 41 percent in 2004.

This is a stunning reversal in support of al-Qaeda’s currently preferred tactics. And there is no doubt this is causing a major PR problem for Islamo Fascist movements like al-Qaeda, clearly one of the world’s best known “Sunni Extremist” organizations:

Eighty-eight percent of Lebanese and 73 percent of Kuwaitis—along with smaller majorities or pluralities of Muslims elsewhere in the Middle East—said Sunni-Shiite tensions represent a growing problem for the Muslim world, the report said.

The Arab/Muslim street is waking up and rising up. And it is NOT aligning with al-Qaeda and their ruthless bloodlust. Here is the full poll results.

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17 Responses to “Poll Shows Muslims Rejecting Suicide Bombings, Therefore al-Qaeda’s Strategy”

  1. Terrye says:

    Considering the fact that most of the victims are Muslims, this should not be a surprise.

  2. crosspatch says:

    I am not sure if even this would have any impact on our people in Congress. Things haven’t been the same since the US became an idiocracy.

  3. Soothsayer says:

    Totally, totally ironic – you’re the ones who have been getting panties in a bunch about al-Qaeda in Iraq; I’m the one who has been maintaining that al-Qaeda is an insignificant percentage of the troublemakers in Iraq.

    You’re the one who says that if we pull out there will be an al-Qaeda bloodbath and takeover; me and the CIA have been saying there will be no such thing.

    You’ve been blogging loud and long that we’re killing al-Qaeda in record numbers; I’m the one who pointed out that the military is now referring to virtually ALL Iraqis we kill as being “al-Qaeda”.

    You’re the guys who are so afraid of al-Qaeda you want to throw the Constitution out the window and let George Bush wiretap your phones without a warrant; I’m the one who says I’m more worried about the idiot on the cell phone in the Escalade next to me, and that I’m not scared by any stinkin’ al-Qaeda types.

    Now, you just found out that Muslims reject al-Qaeda tactics . . . well . . . DUH! I guess it’s okay to leave then, and let the Iraqis take care of the few al-Qaeda left.

  4. antimedia says:

    Soothsayer, you really are a piece of work.

    Why are Muslims turning against Al Qaeda and suicide bombings?

    Because they have been the primary victims of those tactics over the past four years.

    Why have they been the primary victims?

    Because the extremists don’t match up well with our forces (i.e. a lot more get dead.)

    What will happen if we leave Iraq before the job is done?

    The extremists will continue to kill Muslims but there will not be a countering force strong enough to oppose them.

    The end result, then, will be the destruction of Iraq and its devolution into anarchy, with the attendant rise in flexibility and capability for the extremists, along with an increase in the influence that Iran has over the mideast, and a corresponding tension with Saudi Arabia, which is Sunni.

    I get that you don’t get it, but for God’s sake, do you have to expose your ignorance to the world?

    Oh, and your reliance on the CIA for the credibility of your position is laughable, since I’m certain you also believe there were never any WMD in Iraq, a position the CIA was firmly convinced of pre-war. Appeals to authority are particularly lame when they’re offset by appeals *against* that same authority when the argument suits you.

  5. The Macker says:

    There you go again!
    General Petraeus just said al Qaeda is the problem in Iraq. And if al Qaeda isn’t on your radar screen, it’s good you aren’t our first alert.

    I’m sure you were referring to terrorists with cell phones in the Escalade next to you. (sarcasm)Citizens need to be free to report suspicious activities without “in-house” terrorist attorneys sueing them.

  6. ivehadit says:

    So, when we ran AlQ out of Afghanistan, where do ya think they would go? Not to Iraq! Heavens forbid. They wouldn’t do that, would they? big sarcasm off

    The Left is just absolutely out to lunch when it comes to protecting this country. Or, they know this strategery is correct and they have to smear it and con the public to get back into power. I report. You decide.

  7. kathie says:

    The United States exposed Al Qaeda for what they are.

  8. crosspatch says:

    Sooth, go back and get an education. al Qaida has been killing Muslims since long before there were any US troops in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    How many muslims has al Qaida killed in Algeria and Morocco and Somalia and other places around the world? Al Qaida was killing muslims in Afghanistan in the 1990’s. Al Qaida and the Taliban were wiping out Shiia muslims in Northwestern Afghanistan at such a rate that Iran nearly invaded when their own diplomatic delegation in Herat was slaughtered.

    Sooth, it is one thing to hear differing opinions but when you come in here and spew utter nonsense, you make a fool of yourself.

  9. dhunter says:

    Quick someone poll Baghdad Bob, aka Harry Reid and the defeatocrats in congress and see what they think of suicide bombers. As long as only MOOslims are dying and Bush is being defeated they would be OK with it. I never heard surrender as a policy going into the 06 elections. It was a new direction that they were for and even voted for. Two weeks later the war was lost and we must raise the white flag and get out now. CIA telling you this too, Sooth?
    Fools to vote against the best and brightest fighting force ever. Give them the up armour humvees you hippocrites after all Bush wasn’t getting them enough body armour fast enough. Now that we are winning the defeatocrats are trying to take our tools away . WAY to late to stop the surge, but not to late for the paper tigers to show their stripes. Gamble anywhere but Nevada. Send Baghdad B. packing.

  10. crosspatch says:

    “nd let George Bush wiretap your phones without a warrant”

    And there’s the other little piece of misinformation you managed to slip in. That program from wiretapping the phones of terrorists overseas, not tapping US phones. The problem was that when someone in the US called that tapped phone someplace else in the world, the NSA couldn’t keep the intercept until recently so Bush authorized them to be allowed to. But that is moot now as that program is no longer needed since an agreement was reached with FISA to allow them to keep the intercept if need be.

    And I think that is a major point to a lot of the problem. People have been misinformed by the media, are lead astray by headlines without reading the article content, or simply read what others post on the internet without finding out for themselves what was going on.

    Sure, nobody would want the government free to go around tapping phones here in the US … but that isn’t what was happening. It was the phones of known terrorists overseas that were being tapped. And the conversations in questions were when these known terrorists were in communications with people inside the US.

    Sooth, again, you make a fool of yourself. Please take the time to understand the subject.

  11. MerlinOS2 says:


    What are you trying to do?  It sounds like you are channeling Larry Johnson the VIPS super duper CIA main man.

    Furthur I recommend you stay of the interstates, you may be squashed by one of those 18 wheeler driving, porn on their laptop watching , CB conversation involved NoDose pill poppers who could just ruin your whole day. 


  12. crosspatch says:

    Personally I think he is another Greenwald sock puppet. I do believe with a fairly high degree of certainty based on a few style quirks that he is the same person who used to troll this site as “Ken”. It doesn’t bother me to see alternative opinions but those opinions should be based on facts and when he expresses an opinion that is based on fabricated information, the opinion becomes invalid as the underlying reality is invalid.

    But he is apparently one of those who believes that if you simply repeat a lie enough times it will become fact.

  13. crosspatch says:

    One thing that is important is that people of the Arab culture (which account for many, though not all of the polled population) tend to be more emotionally driven that Western cultures and can change their position rather quickly depending on events.

    So this quick drop in support for suicide bombing could go just as quickly in the other direction should there be some dramatic event or fundamental change in political realities.

    That said, this is a pretty strong indication that people of the region and muslims over a wider area see al Qaida’s tactics as a failure and the people are not willing to support them. Zawahiri should be taking keen interest in these numbers because from his standpoint it would appear that his pool of potential recruits has shrunk tremendously.

  14. Terrye says:

    Sooth might be Ken, neither of them deal with facts.

    Facts, they say, we don’t need no stinkin facts!

  15. Terrye says:

    In fact I wonder if the Democrats will run on killing the NSA bill? I can see it now, they will be out there promising to make sure that in the future if some nice terrorist plans an attack in this country they will do everything in their power to see to it that his or her constitutional rights are protected. That way, when we turn on the TV and hear about some big ass bombing somewhere in the US we can feel proud knowing that the Feingolds in Congress did their part to protect the privacy of that nice mass murdering terrorist. Oh yeah, people will love that.

  16. crosspatch says:

    Looks like the Algerians hit the jackpot.

    Two hours of fighting ensued in which four members of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb were killed and some 60 others fled to a nearby forest. The military then used night vision equipment to locate the militants before starting to bomb them on Sunday, forcing some to surrender, the newspapers said citing sources close to the troops carrying out the operation. The army later found a computer containing files listing the names of 572 militants, all thought to have attended a meeting of Al Qaeda’s North African wing days before the attack on the police stations

    By the way, that’s the Algerian army against an al Qaida affiliate group. Muslims against muslims with no US troops in the country.

  17. Terrye says:


    I think we may see more of the same in Pakistan. They might not like westerners, but they like people blowing them up even less.

  18. BackOnEarth says:

    “Why are Muslims turning against Al Qaeda and suicide bombings?

    Because they have been the primary victims of those tactics over the past four years.”

    Did you see that? It was quick, and kinda subtle….

    Did you see it? Everything after “Because” was actually pulled out of the poster’s ass. Pretty impressive. He acts as if he has empirical evidence of this…. he doesn’t. But why would that matter? See, the world is really cartoonishly simple and all we need to know to understand it can be figured out through thought expirements in our heads, where we use our incredibly biased view of reality to come to more incredibly biased, but “obvious” (to us) conclusions.


  19. BackOnEarth says:

    Wait, I thought that Al Quaeda was going to take over Iraq when we leave…

    Which one is it?