Jul 23 2007

It Really Is Over For al-Qaeda

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The SurrenderMedia is just now grasping what has been happening in Iraq with regards to al-Qaeda. Only now do they understand that human beings are not tolerant to just any level of brutality and violence. The SurrenderMedia are finally groping their way of their “made for TV” view of the world. Iraqis are repulsed by al-Qaeda’s brutal from of Islamo Fascism. They are so repulsed by the mass killings and murders that they are turning on al-Qaeda, and portends al=Qaeda’s doom in Iraq and in the broader Middle East:

Fed up with being part of a group that cuts off a person’s face with piano wire to teach others a lesson, dozens of low-level members of al-Qaeda in Iraq are daring to become informants for the US military in a hostile Baghdad neighbourhood.

The ground-breaking move in Doura is part of a wider trend that has started in other al-Qaeda hotspots across the country and in which Sunni insurgent groups and tribal sheikhs have stood together with the coalition against the extremist movement.

“They are turning. We are talking to people who we believe have worked for al-Qaeda in Iraq and want to reconcile and have peace,” said Colonel Ricky Gibbs, commander of the 4th Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, which oversees the area.

A key factor is that local people and members of al-Qaeda itself have become sickened by the violence and are starting to rebel, Lieutenant-Colonel Michael said. “The people have got to deny them sanctuary and that is exactly what is happening.”

When pressured al-Qaeda reacts with mindless bloodbaths. They kill Muslims in large numbers so as to get attention in the media and by those in Congress who have shown themselves to be too weak to stand up to this modern fascist movement. But they also get the attention of the Muslim masses, and they are not happy with what they see. al-Qaeda will go down in history as a blight on humanity, and its legacy will be told by its victims: Middle East Muslims. And the architect of this stunning change in fortune, President George Bush, will also go down in history as the man who exposed al-Qaeda, and by doing so determined al-Qaeda’s fate.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    And how are things going on in Waziristan?

    And Lebanon pretty much wiped out Al Qaeda in that camp. Unfortunately, Hizbollah needs to be wiped out but they are building up its arsenal of rockets along the south border. And UN’s doing nothing about it.

    In the meantime, Russ Feingold tries the censure again along with the Code Pink doing the impeachment process. They’re claiming that the polls are leading to a 40% desire to impeach Bush.

    Unfortunately, if they do the impeachment process, they will make up crimes as they go along.

    But this will lead to the least effective and efficiently run government.

    The American Public must want this government to do absolutely nothing and continue to vote for this type of a government so that they would be left alone or they will vote them out. The ’08 elections will tell us what the majority mandate is.

    I’d say…Bring it on!

    P.S. Did you see the “Killitary” post?

  2. ivehadit says:

    Democrats: the party of defeat. They have so much invested in America’s defeat it’s sickening.

  3. dave m says:

    The London Times, from which we read the story, has been
    no friend of the Bush administration. Most of the UK papers
    lean left, well all of them actually, so I’m going to bet there
    was some editorial approvals needed to publish.
    The mystery of the Left is that it supports a side with whom it
    would have nothing in common if that side actually won. I guess
    they’re deranged, but the depth of their derangement is almost
    I would be happier to start seeing the story published stateside,
    but it’s a start. The Times is owned by Murdoch as is British
    broadcaster Sky and, of course, Fox News, but Murdoch does
    not seem to impose any corporate standards on his companies
    so I feel the Times article is of their own choosing.
    I predict a desperate fight to the death. (by al-qaeda too).
    The democrats will deny reality to the end, like the Iraqi
    information minister.
    It is a shame that President Bush cedes the media battleground
    to them. He should be in everybody’s face with war reports,
    once a week at least.
    Finally, Reid and Pelosi are actually getting people killed.
    They are al-qaeda’s last hope. They could end the war tomorrow,
    by ending their surrender-crat position, and letting al-qaeda
    realise there is no more hope for them.

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    I think Michael Yon expressed it well in an Email with the recently passed General Wayne Downing

    From: Michael Yon
    To: Wayne A Downing
    Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2007 8:00 AM
    Subject: Re: Savages


    I have a growing feeling that despite the rhetoric, there is progress that is not yet showing on the radar. AQI has made itself terrorists-non-grata in so many places that they are running out of places to run to. Am starting to get the feeling that there is more success going on than is currently obvious. Time will tell. We’ll all know soon enough, but with a finger on the pulse here — for instance Baqubah is now rabidly anti-AQI as is large parts of Anbar — there might be more room for optimism than even the leaders here are letting on.


  5. ivehadit says:

    When all is said and done, the democrats will continue to be seen in a very bad light. But then again, that seems not to matter to them in their shameless attempts-at-all-cost power grabs.

  6. al-Qaeda’s New Enemy…. ummmm, AL-QAEDA!!!…

    We are seeing a trend over the last month but let me be very clear here, completely destroying al-Qaeda in Iraq will not be the be all end all of our problems there….

  7. dhunter says:

    Remember Jon Carry was for the war before he was against it so if we win he was for it and if we loose he was against it , same o same o for Hitlery. And Baghdad Bob aka Harry Reid he thinking we lost a long time ago, well I thinking his daddy had an early withdrawal. Gamble anywhere but Nevada.