Jul 11 2007

al-Qaeda Kills Thousands Of Muslims In 6 Months

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I posted yesterday on how al-Qaeda’s fortunes in Iraq have soured and now they are on the defensive against US forces, the Iraq not even lasting one day’s news cycle.

U.S. and Iraqi forces have retaken a remote Iraqi village that was attacked by Sunni extremists Monday. Lieutenant Colonel Fred Johnson says the militants attacked the
village of Sherween after fleeing the U.S. offensive in Baqouba.

The deputy governor of Diyala province says armed residents fought the attackers as best they could but the insurgents had taken over. He got a phone call yesterday from residents pleading for help from the Iraqi army. They also reported dozens killed on both sides.

Colonel Johnson says U.S. and Iraqi troops arrived in the village last night and drove out the insurgents in a battle that left at
least 19 extremists dead.

al-Qaeda is finished in Iraq. If they have to gain ground by force they do not have the manpower to take on the 160,000 US troops, the 200,000 (est) Iraqi troops, Coalition forces AND 20 million Iraqis. As America knows all too well, to control and stabilize a country the size of Iraq takes a lot of resource and people. Well more than al-Qaeda can field.

And what brought us to this complete turn around? al-Qaeda’s thirst for blood:

Al-Qaeda in Iraq killed or wounded more than 4,000 Iraqis in suicide attacks in the past six months, US military spokesman Brigadier General Kevin Bergner told reporters on Wednesday.

al-Qaeda has proven it is only good at one thing – killing unarmed Muslims. And this realization is turning the country of Iraq (if not the region) to not only reject al-Qaeda, but to take up arms and destroy them. And we know these animals will try and kill as many people as they can as they march to defeat. It is not hard to agree with the US assessment al-Qaeda will become awash in human blood as it nears its end.

Brigadier-General Kevin Bergner said 26 high-level al Qaeda in Iraq leaders had been killed or captured in operations in May and June in and around Baghdad.

“Over the past two months our collective efforts against the al Qaeda leadership have begun to disrupt their networks and safe havens,” Bergner told a news conference.

“We fully expect al Qaeda in Iraq operatives to lash out and stage spectacular attacks to reassert themselves.”

Simply put, al-Qaeda is trying to salvage its reputation with the news media which sees power as directly related to body count. The Islamo Fascists have become addicted to media attention, and their only way of getting ‘their fix’ is to be as destructive and deadly as possible. The fact al-Qaeda is lashing out at innocent Iraqis demonstrates their panicked state more than anything else.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    Saw a story linked over at Hot Air that a shipment of 200 suicide vests arriving from Syria was discovered in a truck at the border.

  2. crosspatch says:

    Oops, clicked too soon. Here’s the URL


    It is kind of hard for Syria to weasel their way out of it when you nab the physical evidence right at the border. I guess that explains why we keep finding cache after cache of these things. Syria keeps shipping in more of them.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:



    Here is a link to one of the baseline docs from the Brookings Institution of a pdf file that has a lot of comparative data with graphs and trendlines that says a whole lot about the situation in Iraq.

    The picture from the data has both good and bad trends, but it is regularly updated and looks to be a good source for data points that can be used to debunk a lot of reported stuff I have seen.

    Worth reading and saving a copy. 

  4. Terrye says:

    Brookings really has done an amazing job of putting together information on the situation in Iraq.

    I think AlQaida is evil. I know there are people out there who do not believe that evil exists in the world, but post modern relativist psycho babble does not begin to explain these people. They are just plain evil.

  5. crosspatch says:

    Don’t look now, but al Qaida has just declared war on Pakistan:


    So I suppose we can look for al Qaida operators the world over being summoned back to Pakistan if this is real and not just a bunch of bluster from an aging doctor.

  6. Boghie says:

    Where is al-Qaeda going to retreat to?

    Syria is Sunni – but, it is now a very long way, through dangerous territory, from the current capital of the Caliphate, eh…

    Turkey ain’t looking so good. Never did. Kinda got to pass through the Kurds to get there as well…

    Go east young men… Go east!!!

    May the Iranians greet their Sunni Terrorist Brethren with open arms!!!

    It will be like a vacation for both partners! Maybe we can get some good satellite coverage. I think the Iranian leadership may note the difference between funding terror at a distance and dealing with thousands of terrorists in their midst.

    I ask again: Where is al-Qaeda going to retreat to?
    Is the American and Eurotrash Left going to try to spin it as “Attacking in Reverse”.

  7. crosspatch says:

    One place they could possibly use is the Kurdish areas of Iran. Interesting concept and one they apparently have been using already. The Iranian Kurds don’t much like the Iranian govt in Tehran and neither does al Qaida.