Jul 11 2007

Deadly Arrogance Led By Incompetence

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Lots of meetings today, but I have to post a comment regarding the war in Iraq and the arrogant ignorance being displayed in Washington DC and NY City. With the exception of George Bush, who has been an amazingly successful and good President (look at his list of accomplishments and compare it to any other modern President) Congress and the media has to be the worst group of people to be in those positions in our entire history. This is no Continental Congress braving all sorts of political and deadly consequences to create a brave new world. No, this is a bunch of egotistical, waffling, finger pointers who voted support for Iraq and have had no staying power to see it through.

And the media is much, much worse than that. They don’t report, they echo. They are amazingly arrogant about things they could not do themselves. And they are obsessed with image, not essence.

These two nadir’s of American culture have combined to create a deadly feedback loop with al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda kills because every massacre makes the Congress and Media quake and piss their pants. Al-Qaeda has been taught, like Pavlov’s dog, that violence does not bring retribution and destruction upon those inflicting the violence – it gains them political and media capitol. The more people (out for personal political gain) question Iraq and blame Bush for OUR efforts there (yes, Iraq is OUR challenge, not Bush’s) the more al-Qaeda kills. Look at that massacre of a village by a massive truck bomb in Iraq over the weekend. It was meant for one thing and one thing only. It was meant to be picked up by the media to show to Congress so they wilt and run away from Iraq.

These so called leaders of Congress and these talking-head-enablers of theirs in the media have broken the rule of national security. There is a reason politics must end at our borders. It is so cruel killers like the Islamo Fascists of al-Qaeda do not use massacres to exploit American differences. But this crop of disasters are so arrogant they felt their self-seen omnipotence makes them so much better than the generations who came before and learned the lesson of standing by each other through thick or thin. The exploiters have come to power to gain, not to lead.

The Congress and the media will have a lot of blood on their hands as al-Qaeda does what they trained them to do – kill for attention. And it will be hundreds and thousands of Iraqis who will be doing the dying for attention. Iraqis WE voted to liberate – and to protect as we did so. It is no shock a half-assed Congress has done a half-assed job in Iraq and are ready for the half-assed retreat. This is the worst Congress this country has ever had to endure.

Update: Kevin Sullivan has not only been gracious with a compliment on how I express my views and to some degree the views of those on the right, he also has asks me to list what President Bush has accomplished that makes him so successful. OK, here is the list:

(1) Serious income tax reductions in two bills, which helped our ecomony wrestle through the attacks of 9-11 and show consistent, steady growth since the downswing in the aftermath of the attacks.

(2) Bipartisan legislation on reforming the nation’s schools and making them accountable for the Federal money they get. This has resulted in steady gains in the success of our students because now we test to make sure the knowledge is being transferred and not just bouncing off the wall of the classroom.

(3) Rx policies for Medicare/Medicaid, which changed senior citizen medicine this country from reactive to preventative, while saving these programs lots and lots of money related to emergency room visits for prescriptions. Now those who cannot afford their medications can get them, and those who can are in a great national insurance plan which has been driving down drug costs for all Americans.

(4) Afghanistan – hugely successful war effort which did not result in the lamely predicted Quagmire but did result in a new, democratic Afghanistan which is withstanding years of efforts by Islamo Fascists to tear it down.

(5) Iraq – yes, Iraq. We won the military war within weeks. We established a democratically elected government which was created by broad support of elections across the country in the face of terrorist threats. The purple thumb revolution is something all naysayers predicted would not happen. There have been set backs – we fight a brutal and intelligent enemy. But we are slowly cleansing Iraq of the Islamo Fascists, standing up Iraq security forces, and the Iraqi street is taking our side as a wave of anti al-qaeda sentiment crosses the country. The only thing critics can lamely point to is their impatience with schedule – not progress. We keep make progressing and we keep adjusting. Impatience is not a reason to allow a massacre and Bush has won this debate too.

(6) A Federal ban on killing young humans for the stem cells so we can grow spare parts for the wealthy who are ill. No need to explain why this was a big win.

(7) Ban on partial birth abortions and requirement for parental notification. Again, the respect of life (and of religion) was raised during Bush’s two terms. In fact, Bush did more for AIDs in Africa than all Presidents before him, showing his respect of life credentials comes from a universal compassion for human beings.

(8) Bush cut federal deficit in half from its peak in 2004 – as he promised but years ahead of schedule.

(9) Two solid judges on the US Supreme court, numerous judges to the federal bench.

(10) Bush has kept this country and its assets overseas safe from attack since 9-11.

OK, so that is just the list of big ones off the top of my head. An analysis will show Bush was incredibly successful – because he had a Republican Congress to honcho is his policies. Now let’s compare Clinton on these issues, being the most recent two-term President from the other side:

(1) Clinton raised taxes and stifled the expanding economy, while not enforcing business practices that would have curbed the wild speculation surrounding the dot.com myth. All of this ended in a crashing economy which Clinton saw in 3 out of his last four quarters in office, and which went into the first 2 quarters of the Bush administration (before Bush could get any tax fixes passed in Congress and effect a change in the economy). Fact. Clinton left a down turned economy which Bush turned around and then bolstered through 9-11.

(2) Clinton did nothing on schools – but did propose standard uniforms.

(3) Clinton did nothing about Health Care, but Hillary sure scared he hell out of everyone with her government take over plans.

(4) Clinton saw the rise of Islamo Fascism in Afgahnistan and did nothing about it. His big military endeavour was Somalia and was an epoch disaster immortalized in the film Black Hawk down. He hesitated to take out Bin Laden numerous times, but was able to destroy a deserted aspirin factory, training camp and some camels.

(5) Clinton left the status quo in Iraq left to him by Bush I. Saddam did get into the Oil For Food bribery game with the UN during Clinton’s reign though. Best spin – Clinton was not paying attention.

(6) Clinton did nothing for stem cell research, nothing on Kyoto, nothing on any liberal agend item.

(7) Clinton kept fighting for the use of federal money to abortions across the globe and he was incredibly stingy on aid to Africa for AIDs (just ask Bono). He did nothing in these areas – he was the status quo President.

(8) Clinton can only claim fame for deficit reduction because the GOP Congress forced him (after two vetos) to accept deficit reduction legislation. He went, unwillingly, into the deal.

(9) Clinton can claim success for liberal judges – that is for sure.

(10) Bill Clinton allowed numerous attacks on this country to go unanswered. Starting with WTC 1 and two US embassies in Africa and attacks in Saudi Arabia and culiminating with the USS Cole, Bill Clinton took the terrorists to court and exposed our intelligence processes to Bin Laden’s group. Jamie Gorelick added more bricks to the wall between intel and law enforcement which made it impossible to deal with leads on terrorists. Successes were seen in taking on US citizens in Waco, Ruby Ridge, and a young Cuban exile boy in Florida. We missed the terrorists but killed our people by the dozens under Clinton.

I feell that should answer Kevin’s question reasonably enough.

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  1. Bikerken says:

    AJ, I know we don’t agree on everything, but I think you wrapped up a perfect summation of two presidents here. I couldn’t agree more. Bush does deserve a lot of credit for the good things he has accomplished. I don’t intend to abandon him on the war either. I think he deserves much credit even if in the end, it is a total success. There has been a lot of good outcome from this war regardless of those not reporting it. And I would give him credit for being one of the few with the guts to fight for freedom around the world.

    On the other hand, Bill Clinton was a master at taking credit for what others did or what they forced him to do. Like when he signed a welfare reform bill with his arms twisted behind his back after vetoing three times, then he claims credit for welfare reform. He had no nerve to get into a real fight and conducted a bogus budget policy to make it look like everything was great by manipulating the numbers. I still don’t understand why people worship that frat boy clown.

  2. Jake70 says:

    My ideal would be for the federal government to stop providing money for education altogether. It is silly to think that the same educational standards would work in both Alaska and Florida, for instance. Besides the fact that being involved in the issue is a blatent violation of the Constitution.

  3. KauaiBoy says:

    AJ, I could not agree more with you on what a horrible institution Congress has become. Aren’t their latest approval ratings around 14%—I think this means that the official stupidity rate in the US is 14%. The problem is that there is no difference between the parties other than in the shouting and name calling—–by not fixing any problems they perpetuate their alleged usefulness. Cindy Sheehan may be a breath of fresh air in Congress or at least an interesting train wreck to gawk at. I think they need to understand that the Second Amendment also serves to keep them in line with the wishes and best interests of the people. However, we elected them—–I guess that makes us Palestinians.

  4. Terrye says:


    I tell you what, run on that and see what happens. Just jump right in there.

  5. sfoster says:

    I enjoy your site and am thankfull it is here even when in in opposition (immigration). There are a handfull of sites which i visit which allow me to watch the news on tv and in print and not feel sick to my stomach, so thank you. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the Bush strategy in Asia or know of anywhere which does analyse it. With Australia expanding its sphere ,Japan rethinking its constitution and the Nuclear deal with India i believe that we area finally begining to maybee see begining signs of a group of states (like nato) there to counter China. I think within 5-10 years the Bush Legacy will be clear to all.

  6. AJStrata says:


    Thanks, appreciate it very much. I do not know of a site off hand to look at for the Bush Asian policy, but I think we heard it in 2000 and see it with North Korea. He likes to create regional blocks who can join forces to solve problems and not rely on the US to do the heavy lifting (or pretend the UN can do anything). That’s my quick assessment.

  7. ivehadit says:

    As in the Casparian Guard, AJ and sfoster?

    I watched the end of the press conference today. The president was so strong today. A hero for us all. G_d bless George W. Bless, a truly remarkable , brave and courageous man.