Jul 08 2007

al-Qaeda Killing Massive Numbers Of Muslims

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al-Qaeda has not learned their lesson yet. Somehow these bloodthirsty thugs think killing massive numbers of Muslims will win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people and push the US to depart. Far from it. One thing we Americans can sympathize with are innocenbt people being attacked by Islamo Fascists so they can get a big media splash from the carnage. Take what al-Qaeda did in Iraq over the weekend in preparation for the media blitz running up to the Pentagon’s report on Iraq next week as an example:

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has described Saturday’s bombing in Amirli, northern Iraq as a “heinous crime”.
Rescuers are still searching for survivors of the attack, which officials now say killed 130 people and injured 240 others, many seriously.

Mr Maliki blamed insurgents for the attack, saying their actions were showing signs of desperation.

The US commander in Iraq, Gen David Petraeus, said he expected a series of similar-scale attacks in coming weeks.

He said Sunni extremists would seek to pull off attacks to “grab the headlines”, he told the AP agency.

al-Qaeda is all about sending signals in the news media. They are trying to say ‘we’re big, we’re bad, leave or we will kill more’. Of course, if we leave they will kill more also. More people in the West from their new base in Iraq. What is tragic is some of the vultures in the news media don’t get their assigned role in all of this. Neither do the Surrendercrats. Their role is to whimper and wring their hands every time a bomb goes off. That is their assignment as directed by al-Qaeda.

Local officials confirmed that 20 houses have completely collapsed, while another 20 were damaged and 50 market shops were destroyed.

It was the deadliest single attack in Iraq since April, correspondents say.

Amirli’s remote location meant that rescuers were forced to move injured people to Tuz Khurmato, the nearest major town, some 45km (28 miles) away.

Maliki is right – this was a cowardly act of desperation (unless it was an accidental detonation as the truck bomb was being built). This small village out in the remote country is of no value to al-Qaeda except to grab healdines. There were no US or Iraqi troops. This was not a seat of power or a military base or the Green Zone. This was slaughter, for slaughter’s sake. All al-Qaeda did was show its impotence by targetting this remote village of simple people. The holy warriors of Islam are simply cowardly butchers who can only win against unarmed villagers.

And ANYONE who tries to make this into a success for al-Qaeda by saying this a reason for the US to leave Iraq nefore we are done is truly a terrorist sympathizer. No one can look upon this slaughter of the innocents as anything America did or caused. And no one should turn this crime against humanity into some political signal for their cause. There is no ’cause’ in this. Just the killing of innocent people in large numbers. This is why we need to stay and finish off al-Qaeda. It is not a reason to run away. This village just had their own 9-11 and then some. They deserve our sympathy – not our backsides running into the distance.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    AJ Even Gen Patraeus is saying AQ and others supporting them will try to stage a mini-TET offensive before his September reporting deadline.

    One milblogger named Pat Dollard has a good analysis of the situation


    Pushed out of Al Anbar, pushed out of Baghdad, Al Qaeda is left to strike in mostly inhospitable territory. A week or so ago, I told you that in the wake of both the Al Anbar and Diyala offensives, Al Qaeda would initiate sporadic strikes in Kurdistan and the remote desert towns on the Iranian border. The first signs of this new situation appeared yesterday and today. There were large strikes south of Kiruk in Armili and in Diayala near the Iranian border. Now as terrible as these bombings are, they are not a good sign for Al Qaeda, because it is clear that they can no longer operate in the key Baghdad/Anbar population centers, and more significantly, because it means they are left to operate in strictly non-Sunni areas.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Pat has served in Iraq and like Mike Yon has been embedded there so he talks with authority as boots on the ground. He is well worth the read.

  3. Terrye says:

    People in small towns know who does and does not belong. If the terrorists start doing this in little towns the locals will know who to blame. I would think that would make it more difficult for the terrorists, but then again it is hard for the IDF and the Americans to be every where.

    yes, it is cowardly and rewarding these murderers by giving them what they want will not stop them. And it seems to me that the media and the terrorists have developed a sort of symbiotic relationship. It is as if they live off of each other.

  4. Christoph says:

    “al-Qaeda has not learned their lesson yet. Somehow these bloodthirsty thugs think killing massive numbers of Muslims will win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people and push the US to depart.”

    I’ve often wondered lately ____ ____ ___ ____ ________. (censored to avoid a direct personal attack)

    Okay, let’s take a look at that statement. Somehow these bloodthirsty thugs (so far so good) think killing massive numbers of Muslims will win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people…

    Okay, here the problem begins. Adolf Hitler, to quote a particularly warm and fuzzy example, did not kill large numbers of Germans to “win the hearts and minds of the German people”, it was to terrorize them. Joseph Stalin is an even better example. So was Saddam Hussein and it worked well for 30-years.

    So for you to say the enemy’s plan is to win the “hearts and minds” of the Iraqi people is pure _______. (again, censored)

    … and push the U.S. to depart.

    Well, they do seem to have more and more Republican senators and representatives clamoring to depart on an almost daily basis.

    So what evidence are you basing your supposition on?