Jul 25 2005

US, UK, Australia and India?

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What do the US, UK, Australia and India have in common? According to a great catch by Ed Morrissey, they are all targets of Al Qaeda. The original piece is here and has this statement

AN INDIAN man was jailed in Bombay yesterday for plotting to fly passenger jets into the House of Commons and Tower Bridge in London on September 11, 2001.

Mohammed Afroze was sentenced to seven years after he admitted that he had a role in an al-Qaeda plot to attack London, the Rialto Towers building in Melbourne and the Indian Parliament.

This is interesting in many ways. First, it is a confession and I would suspect can be collaberated somehow. Second is the details on a well known rumor at the time of 9-11 that the resulting disaster was only one part in a bigger plan. Is this a glimpse at that bigger plan? If so, the terror in the UK is not a result of Iraq. Not if they were being targetted two years prior to anyone even thinking about removing Hussein from power. Capt Ed has some other great observations

However, Australia didn’t have troops in Saudi Arabia in 2001, although they supported the US and UK diplomatically. The Aussies had not even sent troops in the first Gulf War, sending a support contingent instead. However, in 1999 they did help liberate East Timor from the grip of Islamist terrorists, which apparently caused the inclusion of Melbourne on the al-Qaeda’s hit list.

But the final target raises the most questions about the supposed causality between American/Western interference in Southwest Asia and AQ operations. Afroze, an Indian, had targeted the Indian Parliament. Why India? India opposed the American intervention in Iraq later, and before 2001 had not maintained terribly friendly relations with the United States. India also had no troops in the Middle East, especially in the Arabian Peninsula, where US troops supposedly provoked the AQ response.

OK, before I read further, my guess is they are a large, influential democracy in the middle of the Islamic Center of The World….

AQ targeting of India shows quite clearly (as does its attempt to strike Australia) that the analysis of American causality as the origin of the 9/11 attacks and the London bombings clearly do not make sense. If anything, India’s targeting shows that AQ doesn’t just dream of an Arabian peninsula under its tyrannical control, but an Asian and African continent ruled by a new Caliphate. That has nothing to do with American interest in the Middle East, but rather an old dream of world conquest that has haunted the consciousnesses of lunatics for centuries.

Bingo! Not only is this possible, it is obviously happening. I have made an even broader case based on the recent pattern of attacks.

And here’s a good question for our media — why haven’t we heard about Mohammed Afroze? Why hasn’t his conviction for targeting India and Melbourne made headlines in the United States?

Because that would mean admitting they have been wrong all this time. It is time to stop waiting for them to admit their mistakes. It is time to have the media replaced with new voices because of all their mistakes.

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