Jul 03 2007

Wave Of Islamo Fascists Enter Islamabad To Take On Musharraf

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As I posted earlier today here is a lot happening in Pakistan between Musharraf and Taliban/al-Qaeda supporters. It seems the situation in Pakistan is escalating as Islamo Fascists are entering the capitol of Pakistan “in droves”:

akistan’s president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, and other top officials met late on Tuesday to plan military action against militant Islamists after at least nine people including two students, a soldier and a journalist were reported to have been killed during clashes with security forces at the controversial Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) in Islamabad. A total 140 people were reportedly wounded in Tuesday’s clashes.

The ‘crack’ III Brigade of the Pakistan Army’s 10th corps is likely to be mobilised against jihadists reported to have entered Islamabad in droves and to have joined forces with militant Islamic students from the Lal Masjid, according to well placed sources.

Interestingly enough the intel on these terrorists seems to be coming via the US:

Pakistan has finally drawn up comprehensive plan to destroy the hardline Taliban and Al-Qaeda’s assets in the country after proof of these was presented to Musharraf by US vice-president Dick Cheney and other senior US officials who visited Pakistan in recent months. These include the Taliban and Al-Qaeda ‘sanctuaries’ in Waziristan and Bajaur tribal areas. US intelligence is believed to have emphasised a link between these strongholds and the Lal Masjid in Islamabad.

Not sure how much stock to put into that claim, but it is not far fetched. More here on the mosque and the pending actions:

Contacts in jihadist circles told Asia Times Online that there will be a reaction all over the country, including in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar. They claimed that more than 1,000 jihadis were already on their way to the capital.

If accurate these reports are signalling a very bad time coming up for Pakistan, and it will need our support.

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  1. WWS says:

    Musharref should have known – if you keep a basket full of pet snakes around the house, sooner or later they’ll try to bite ya.

    On a slightly more serious note – it’s obvious that the counter-terrorist operation in Afghanistan are working, otherwise this crowd would be heading up there. Where’d that much heralded “spring offensive” by the taliban go?

    I’m not sure Pakistan deserves much support – they are in large part responsible for AQ and the Taliban, which they created and supported to back up their guerilla war with India over the Kashmir. (with the Saudi’s bankrolling the operation) Loads of people inside Musharref’s government still support the Taliban, which is why those safe havens exist. If they have the guts, let them take care of this problem themselves. If they don’t, let them burn.

  2. CatoRenasci says:

    The critical question is who has control of Pakistan’s nukes? Do we have adequate plans in place and ready to go to secure them if things hit the fan in Pakistan?

    Pakistan, given its geographic position alone, was going to be our ally or our enemy when we went after Afghanistan. Musharref, logically, chose ally right in the aftermath of 9/11. Open enemy in the Fall 2001/2002 was probably not a winning game and he knew it. So he cooperated as little/much as he could on the tight rope.

    He’s been a little too cozy with the Taliban and radicals lately, and now things are getting very dicey for him. Soon, he will have to choose which way to jump, without a very good idea how the armed forces will break.

  3. WWS says:

    I know it’s been a lot better to have Musharref on our side than against us, although people tend to ignore that he wasn’t simply frightened of the US, he was worried about what happened if the US militarily allied itself with India and open war broke out. (very possible, remember there were a million troops of both sides on the India-Pakistani border at the time)

    What I hold against Musharref is that if he had done what was required, as opposed to hiding out in Islamabad hoping to get by with platitudes and nothing else, then the Afghanistan problems (and our troop requirements there) would have been over 4 years ago. He plays a backhanded game of attempting to placate the US and attempting to placate the Taliban/AQ forces simultaneously. Interestingly, although T/AQ gets the better of this deal, they got sick of it sooner. (I think we put up with way too much, but that’s one of the burdens of being civilised)

    It’s popular to say that Waziristan and the tribal areas are “ungovernable” or “uncontrollable.” Nonsense – just like any wild place, all it takes is the will to control them, backed by force. We’ve had similar areas in this country in our past, as have many places. Given that this is the anniversary of the high tide of the Confederacy, a Virginia reference seems appropriate; in 1864, the Shenandoah Valley was an area that in size and temperament was not too different than Waziristan is today. (large, hostile population interspersed with guerilla fighters who were their relatives and who vanished after each attack) Musharref would do well to study how a man named Phil Sheridan dealt with the problem.

  4. Pakistani Forces Attack Mosque……

    Despite all the violence and mayhem perpetrated by followers of the Lal masjid mosque, Musharaf’s government is entertaining the idea of a ceasefire. These thugs had no problem starting a riot with hundreds injured and repeated calls for jihad and su….

  5. biglsusportsfan says:

    I tmust be remebered not too long after our engagement in the WOT that Pervez Musharraf wife was sighted in DC looking for possible homes in case they had to flee.

    It is is very easy to criticize the man but lets be honest here. Do we really know the dynamics of power there and how much power he had and had much he as had to accumulate. I suspect it is not that easy.

    It should alsobe remembered that fly over rights were essential for our success in Afghanistan. He delievered so let me say “let them burn” would not be a good option.

    I have been careful of being critical of him because in part I knew if he moved too fast or to soon or overreached the whole house of cards could falling down on him. I have a feeling what would have replaced him would not have been in our national interest

    We need to support him in fact we have too. The alternative in unthinkable

  6. ivehadit says:

    Sending prayers for saftey for Musharref. G_d speed sir. You have been a good ally. And keep you hands securely on those nukes.

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  8. reader2007 says:

    HA HA HA.

    Dale has turned into a spammer.

    That is a funny site. FE is always comical.

  9. crosspatch says:

    The leader of the Red Mosque has been captured while wearing a burka and attempting to flee with female “students” according to a BBC article.


  10. Cobalt Shiva says:

    The leader of the Red Mosque has been captured while wearing a burka and attempting to flee with female “students” according to a BBC article.

    And Aerosmith’s “Dude Looks Like a Lady” just popped into my head . . .