Jun 29 2007

Witch Hunting Democrats, Impotent Republicans

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Our nation is being led by a lousy bunch of power hungry idiots. Somehow America has allowed our meddling news media to make running for office so arduous the best among us are not participating, leaving us with hypochondriacs and obsesive-compulsives. The DC swamp (and the surrounding news media) are in full summer stench. The hypochondriacs succeeded in failure. They trumpet how great it is they left a mess on immigration for others to clean up (seems the only ones unwilling to do something were the GOP in Congress, not those trying to enforce useless laws). Thanks to the GOP we will have years of violent criminals on our streets who shouldn’t be here. And in achieving this great ‘nothing’ the GOP and its more vulgar supporters insulted the ancestry and culture of the largest minority in the country. Brilliant. Pissed off violent criminals. What will the GOP think of next? And it is truly pathetic they are running around saying the Democrats made them act like idiots. Bush and Kyl are not democrats. It seems it was their fault for making the far right expose its true nature??? Well, with that debacle firmly behind us and the GOP crippled and the President powerless for the next year and a half we can all turn off the news until 2009. All we are going to here is DC blather, which is usually tolerable when something is getting accomplished. With nothing going anywhere the blather is going to be more inane than usual.

Take the Democrats obsessive-compulsive disorder when it comes to avoiding work by going on witch hunts. This Dem Congress is probably the most useless Congress in our history. Nothing is getting done. This might be a good thing to some, but it really just emphasizes rot in DC. Now Dems are trying to subpoena Bush over 8 measely firings of Attorneys. And because Bush exercised his constitutional authority Congress wants to create a constitutional showdown:

The White House invoked executive privilege yesterday in withholding subpoenaed documents on fired U.S. attorneys out of confidence that it can prevail in court and weather a political storm by blaming Congress for overreaching, administration officials said.

The details are not even worth addressing. It is the big picture from which this is just one more irritating pixel. We are paying a bunch of overrated egomaniacs to do nothing but run zero-sum games of gotcha. The immigration debacel and this Attorney issue simply demonstrates how immature and unimaginitive Pol and Press have become. We are scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of inspiritation, leadership and honor it seems. The coin of the day is the fly-by insult. Hot heads instead of hot ideas. It’s like cock-fighting versus the I-Phone. It is a total waste of time. America simply deserves better. Sadly, we don’t seem to be willing to do anything about it. The zero-sum game has people paralyzed thinking there is no way out of this quagmire.

But there is a way out and it begins by rejecting both parties and their fringes. Don’t take sides. Vote the best candidate with ideas and reject the anger candidates who hide their lack of imagination behind hot rhetoric. Don’t be Democrat or Republican. Become the demanding American consumer who wants anything but the current situation. Don’t worry, the country will not collapse. It made it through Bush and Clinton both. It is simply time to give up the parties. Fund candidates only. Starve the parties. Money talks loudly in politics. In this new electronic age the candidates can get their messages out. It is about time America sent a message to both parties. We are withholding your allowances until you grow up and fly right.

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    SallyVee, I thought there for a second you were gonna launch into a list of good things Soros has done for the country. Seems you stopped short of the first item. Want a list of the ‘bad’ things, tho I’m quite sure you already have that list.
    Would you publish a list of the ‘bad’ things the “The Right Wing sugar daddies” have done? I missed that list.

  2. For Enforcement says:

    Let’s see, there’s leniger in Texas, he wants school vouchers so people can get a better education. ooooh that’s evil.

    Well, it’s useless, I googled right wing sugar daddies and didn’t get anything worth publishing. So CrossP, since you know all about them, could you get something up on google so everyone can know about the evil right wing sugar daddies?

  3. For Enforcement says:

    Sorry CrossP, I said you, I meant SallyVee, she’s the advocator of the evil of the right wing sugar daddies.
    I apologize for naming the wrong person.