Jun 26 2007

Provisional Legal Status Spooks Hypochondriacs

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As we are set to see if this country will finally take actions (imperfect and incomplete as all actions are when legislated) I find the shrillnes from the hypochondriacs this day laughable. A series of hypochondriac myths are falling to reality and it is just sometimes pathetically funny to watch.

We had the fence BS which just illustrated the government tooth fairy can’t snap its fingers and a week later a fence magically appears on our borders. The hypochondriacs see suspiciion and evil in the fact a fence takes time to design, put throught the bid and proposal process (9 months minimum) and then, well you know – build. These people keep looking for what I like to call “The Jetson Button”. The one George Jetson went to work each day to push so the Spacely Sprockets would be produced for that day. Everyone wants a “Jetson Button” (now in its recent incarnation as the Office Depot “easy” button). The Fence canard was the about the fact no one had pushed the Jetson button and made the fence appear yet. Silly.

The other myth I busted was the one where a background check for a criminal record could be done in less than 24 hours (yes) and it would take 3-4 months to process 12 million applications (yes) with what we have in place today. That false alarm from the hypochondriacs was really pretty silly. If it took 24 hours and 10 seconds they were going to walk away and allow us to sit in the current mess – happy as pigs in a mud puddle.

Another classic Chicken Little story is the dreaded “PROVISIONAL LEGAL STATUS”. Not to be too harsh on our paranoid friends, but I need to remind them of one of our country’s basic tenants: “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”. Of course the hypochondriacs are not going to let a little thing like our Constitution get in the way of a good bout of the vapors! I can see them now fainting in the aisles as people who have been in this country for up to ten years or more actually end up staying in this country a whole 18 months more! The HORROR of it all!

But if you want to assess the silliness of all this look at the two options we have and the results of the two options. Option A: Bill passes and 10 million or so illegal aliens apply for legal status, filling out the proper documentation needed, paying the processing fee and promising to pay a fine and prove their taxes are in order. They stay here but they become registered (and therefore they can be tracked and monitored) and start restitution for the violations of the law begins. That is supposedly the SCARY option.

Option B: Nothing – for ten more years in all probability. The 10 million illegal aliens are still here, but they are not coming forward and remain underground. They are not paying restitution or taxes (their fair share) – but they continue to drain resources.. They are not being tracked and the criminal element cannot be culled from their midst. This is the PREFERRED option of the hypochondriacs! This is what they dream will be the outcome!

It is clear we have to assume (and it is common sense to assume) those coming forward would be confident in their ability to pass a background check and would work to begin paying restitution (the tax payback plans could extend 5 years or more depending on what deals they can work with the IRS). The entire purpose of these provisions was to provide sufficient incentive for the good apples to separate themselves from those we want out of here ASAP. It was not to derive as much blood from the illegals for breaking some process laws. Within months anyone not in the system (you know, provisionally legal) would clearly be someone trying to AVOID the process. As more and more illegal immigrants become legal immigrant workers, with new tamper proof IDs, those who are left without will be easy to identify. They will not be able to hide behind fake SS numbers or other IDs anymore (as they do now). They will need the new immigrant worker ID to prove they are here and in the process of restitution. Otherwise we can pull them off the street and do the background check and see if they get a fast track to our borders.

But this is SCARY to the hypochondriacs. They are less worried about getting the convicted, violent killers out of here than anything else. They are obsessed. Lool “Provisional Status” simplt means these people are in the system for verification. Yes, we have to give them the benefit of the doubt they can PASS that verification process. That is the essence of our legal system. But the fact we would allow people the benefit of the doubt for some fixed period as they get their act together and prove they will meet the requirements needed to stay here is NOT a reason to do nothing. Only in the mind of the truly paranoid would igrnore the reality that many of the people who will come forward will do so because they are confident and determined they will make it through the process. LOL!

The opposition to this bill is based on the most twisted logic and shakey reasoning I have ever seen. Sorry for being blunt, but that is what I see. Irrelevancy tied up in hysteria blinding people to the potential this bill has to radically change our path on illegal immigrantion. And that is sufficient reason to realize that their irrational panic is no reason to uphold progress any longer. They have made their case. It is truly pathetic. Pass the bill and make as many fixes as needed in future updates. But stop pretending their is any credibility in opposing this bill. There just isn’t. The hypochondriacs had their three cries of ‘wolf’ on the matters I just outlined and were shown to be wanting. They will continue to find things to panic over. The question is when will we realize they have nothing but fear and fantasy?

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  1. DaleinAtlanta says:


    AJ, you’re spinning so bad, you look like a Top!

    You have NOT “debunked” this mythical Myth, I debunked YOUR “debunking” of this REALITY!

    “The other myth I busted was the one where a background check for a criminal record could be done in less than 24 hours (yes) and it would take 3-4 months to process 12 million applications (yes) with what we have in place today.”

    No ONE, can do a “Bankground Check” in 24 Hours; NO ONE!

    You CANNOT process 12 MILLION applications, in 3 – 4 MONTHS; it IS IMPOSSIBLE!

    The ONLY thing you showed, was that a FINGERPRINT Check (which is NOT the same as a “Background Check”, can be done in the IAFIS DB, within 24 Hours, under optimal conditions; and you IN THEORY, if the system is humming along, and there are no breakdowns, no interruptions, and NOTHING ELSE TO CHECK, you could, in THEORY, process 12 MILLION “Fingerprint Checks” in the IAFIS DB, in 3 – 4 MONTHS!

    That’s all you so-called Proved!

    I have made it very clear, you CANNOT do a Single, solitary “Background Check” in 24hrs; NOT ONE!

    You can ONLY query the IAFIS DB, for a Fingerprint Check, and see if there is a criminal record attached.

    The fact that you consider a “Fingerprint Check”, the same as a “Background Check” shows you have no experience, nor knowledge of what is actually involved, I’m sorry to say.

    Please read the link AJ (though I know you won’t)!


    First if all, it makes it clear, it is a FINGERPRINT check system; and it’s a Criminal check system, ONLY insofar as there IS a criminal history, associated with that set of fingerprints!

    Please also Note AJ; there are ONLY 47 Million Sets of Prints, in that DB, AJ! 47 Million!

    Why is that relevant? Because there are over 12 MILLION ILLEGALS are currently in this country (if not more); and we have also 300 MILLION Citizens in the US as well.

    That means that only 15% of the US/ILLEGAL population could possibly be in that DB to begin with! FIFTEEN Percent; NOT EVERYONE; and certainly NOT EVERY ILLEGAL!

    In fact, except those that have been arrested and fingerprinted; and you are NOT Fingerprinted, for every crime you committ/when you are arrested.

    In addition, the DB contains “historical” fingerprints as well; which means the FBI has digitized and stored ALL the fingerprints, it has obatined throughout it’s history; that means, the actual percentage of actually currently living individuals within the DB, compared to today’s Population/ILLEGALS, is actually smaller than 15% of the total Population, Legal and ILLEGAL!

    Couple that with the operative word “voluntary” in this sentance:

    “The fingerprints and corresponding criminal history information are submitted voluntarily by state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies.”

    That means AJ, that as with any DB, “garbage in, garbage out”!

    Especially at the State and Local level; if they don’t fingerprint people as a matter of routine, or if they have some incompetent local clerk, or just someone who is lazy; or you are dealing with Officials at any level, Federal/State/Local, that is one of these “Santcuary” nuts; to you think they are “voluntarily” submitting fingerprints to the DB, AJ??

    Do you really think that all the Sancuary Cities we have, in nutty places like Mass, or Wash, or in those cities in the Southwest, where the entire town speaks Spanish, and they fly the Mexican flag, that those officials at the Local and State level, have “voluntarily” submitted Fingerprints to the FBI’s DB, AJ?

    If you believe that AJ, I have some swamp land in FL that I’ll sell you, real cheap!

    A FINGERPRINT check, against the IAFIS, AJ, is NOT a “background” check; and I want you to quit misleading your readers, and telling them that is so!

    There are any number of readers of this Blog, such as R05, myself, maybe Merlin & LE, who KNOW what a REAL “Background Check” is; and what is proposed in this Bill, and what you are touting that you “debunked”, are NOT “background checks”!

    They are cursory Fingerprint Checks, with a possible criminal history attached, IF the Local or State authorities, “voluntarily” submitted the information to the FBI, via IAFIS.

    And someone else asked you this question AJ, which like all the hard questions we ask you, you refuse to answer:

    What happens to those ILLEGALS, who are living here, who have committed crimes, and who KNOW they’ve been fingerprinted!

    Do you think they’re going to “voluntarily” come forward, to apply to be Fingerprinted and checked again, when they KNOW they’re going to get caught this time!

    If you believe that AJ, again, I have some swampland for you!

  2. Bikerken says:

    “The other myth I busted was the one where a background check for a criminal record could be done in less than 24 hours (yes) and it would take 3-4 months to process 12 million applications (yes) with what we have in place today.”

    Busted this myth???? Where? in AJ world! Process 12-20 million people in 3-4 months. Have you tried to get a passport lately??

    Provisional Legal Status – 18 months???? You left something out AJ, it is automatically renewable for LIFE.

    Oh, and the idea that those with criminal records and intents are going to come out of the shadows with their hands outstretched waiting for handcuffs and deportation. Are you REALLY THAT DELUSIONAL???

    You are a real mystery to me sir. You seem to be intelligent on some issues and then you come up with some of the, forgive me, dumbest ass, theories that anyone with a fifth grade education could do the math on and know that it don’t add up.

    The fact is that pushing this bill on the American people against their will, and it is against their will, is an anti-American thing to do. In any forum where the American people have voiced their opinion on this bill, the overwhelming majority has been against it. To delude yourself by saying that most people are for some provisions of the bill is lying to yourself. I’m all for a real guest worker program but it would be very different from what they are proposing.

    Mexico is a corrupt socialist crime ridden country that is bent on soaking every dollar it can out of America to pay for their peoples education, medical care and basic subsistance and essentially squatting on certain pieces of land until it eventually becomes theirs, possesion being nine tenths of the law. And don’t be so obtuse as to tell be it’s not happening when I can see it with my own eyes. Bringing in over half their population is not a good idea. Why do you want that to happen so much? That is not what not what America is about. Although we have made our mistakes in the past, we still have always strived to improve our country. But we have NEVER taken in so many people so fast who have exactly no intention at all of ever assimilating. NEVER.

    I know why the opponents of the bill are against it because they say so. They live in areas that have been overrun with crime and cheap labor that vastly changes the culture and standard of living of the Americans living there. That is why those of us who are against it fight it. But you keep coming up with the most non-sensical weirdest logic justification for supporting this bill that anyone has ever heard. Sometimes you sound like someone on George Soros payroll. Right now, that would not surprise me to hear that. WHY DO YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN?? Sometimes I wonder what you are hiding AJ. Eventually, I think we will find out what it is and then all of your cryptic lack of ability to reason will become very clear.

    And by the way, you are using the term Hypochondriac way off base here, it has to deal with health paranoia, it makes you look uneducated.

  3. AJStrata says:


    I see you have your blinders on again. The post was quite clear why the passport analogy was wrong on background checks. Doh! You folks keep going nowhere fast.

    And Hypochondriac is the PERFECT analogy to those who fear any effort to legalize (through fines and resitution) illegal immigrants. The truth is the label is sticking because it is not far fetched.

    And I am anything but uneducated.

  4. AJStrata says:

    BTW Bikerken, the only reason I have not banned you yet is you are perfect example of where the GOP should not go. The insults when you lose, etc is a perfect foil to where I would like to see the GOP go. But be warned, I barely restrained my 5th grade self.

  5. Bikerken says:

    You can ban anyone you want anytime you want. You are the one who mainly throws out temper tantrums and insults. I have ask you some very pointed questions that you never answer.

  6. AJStrata says:


    I have answered all the questions many times over. You don’t agree with my answers and show me respect by throwing childish temper tantrums. And then, laughable, complain I don’t listen to you.

    Just chalk it up to my 5th grade, Soros loving mentality and you will never have to face the fact you effed up so badly I could care less what you write.