Jun 25 2007

Immigration Bill Or Nothing

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Want 5-10 more years of the currently broken down immigration system and impotent laws? Side with the Amnesty Hypochondriacs in the GOP because if they succeed and tank the immigration Bill in the Senate there will be no new legislation on this issue for the remainder of Bush’s term and well into the next President’s term (because what new President would risk a chance at a second term on immigration reform?).

The bipartisan backers of the legislation, including President Bush, have spent the interim trying to build support for the measure and believe they have the votes to at least restart the debate if not approve it. But opponents intend to pull out the stops.

“We’re going to use every effort to slow this process down and continue to hold up the bill and read it to the American people and show them that even though they may favor the ideals of the legislation, that the legislation won’t get us there,” Senator Jeff Sessions, Republican of Alabama and a leading opponent, said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

Session and his hypochondriac buddies have no alternative, so all they can do is hope to stick us with this mess for the next decade or so. They cannot abide the penalties in this bill for the long term illegal aliens who have not committed any serious crime. They are so obsessed with getting the nannies and cooks with more than fines and back taxes they are willing to leave what is easily over a million hardened criminals on our streets to prey on our children. That is a serious obsession – something the rest of us do not need to wallow in.

If you want to see ten more years of alien criminals on our streets support the amnesty hypochondriacs. They believe the current laws are like Aladdin’s Lamp – just use them and miracles will happen! If you want to have the 12 million illegals who are here now to remain in the underground economy and NOT paying taxes and a share of the public services they use – for another ten years no less – support the hypochondriacs. Just like a normal hypochondriac who loves nothing better than to stew in a fantasy world of illness, too many in the GOP would rather we all stew in a mess of an immigration system than take steps to fix the situation.

Are there things not covered in the Bill? Of course – there is no magic bullet out there. Is it perfect? No such thing exists unless you are the hypochondriac awaiting the perfect solution. Does the bill make some leaps forward – yep. But if you love the way things are now, happy to have over a million convicted illegal alien criminals on our streets, and would love to wallow in this for another ten years then by all means, destroy the only chance to make progress. Remember these people have no alternative except perpetuating our current mess.

Not what I would call visionary, but that is all they have now. Tomorrow we will see who wiins, the hypochondriacs are America.

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  1. Bikerken says:

    I had to spend the week in Phoenix for work last week. Got there on Monday afternoon, saw an armed standoff between a local policeman and a guy in an old van with Baja plates on the interstate. Guns aimed at eachother, the entire freeway stopped. Luckily I was going the other way. The next day on the local news there was a story about a motorcyclists run over by a truck, when the bike burst into flames, the driver of the truck just bolted, an illegal is being sought. By the way, you should see the local news in Phoenix, they don’t use politically correct phrases like, “undocumented”, they call them ‘Illegals’ like they really are. The third incident of the week was an illegal in Durango who was drinking a bottle of beer in his vehicle, he threw the bottle out the window and an unmarked police car saw him. He proceeded to ram his car into the cop until he pushed the cop into oncoming traffic and killed an innocent mother of two. This is one paragraph in the story:

    “According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement records, Perez-Bojorquez is an undocumented immigrant who’s been sent back to Mexico five times: once in 1997, twice in 1998, once in 2001 following an arrest for assaulting a police officer, and in 2002. Each time, he agreed to a voluntary departure, meaning his subsequent returns to this country were considered federal misdemeanors rather than felonies, said Vinnie Picard, an ICE spokesman. Re-entry after a deportation would be considered a felony, though even that likely wouldn’t be prosecuted.”

    Heres the wholes story:

    I didn’t see this story on the main stream news, Hmmm, wonder why?

    Deportation is a bad joke if the border is essentially open. This is what needs to stop. If you have to put the damn Army on the border, DO IT! Nothing makes any difference if you leave the border open. And you all know damn well that EL Presidente is telling his DHS people to go easy on border enforcement. The people who work there will tell you that and describe the specific policies that make the border a joke, such as their pursuit policy. And when you combine that with the hugh lure of lax enforcement policies and an occaisional amnesty, every person who can possibly get here will be on their way.

    AJ, Thou doth protests too much! Take a deep breath man. First of all, everything for you is the last straw with the right, we get it, OK? You don’t agree with republicans. You have never claimed to be a repub or a conservative but you have never really chosen sides with the Dems either. You really don’t have to say it AJ, you’re words are more than enough to see where you’re head is at. What I don’t understand AJ is your extreme passion to get this bill passed. There is a lot more there than you’re letting on.

    Those of us who treasure American values, culture and freedom are not traitors just becuase we don’t wan’t to throw the door open to every single poor, unskilled sick person in the world. Call me heartless, I don’t give a damn. I’ve travelled all over this world in my life and I’ll be damned if a bunch of bleeding heart idiots are going to shove this country down the path of a third world craphole without a fight, and I do mean a fight. It is my belief that the people who support this bill are thinking with all heart and no brain. They are stuck on their opinions and nothing is going to change that. However, only 3% percent think that congress is doing a good job on immigration. THREE PERCENT! HELLLLLOOOOOOO.

  2. Terrye says:

    Everyone gives AJ a hard time but they do not mind using his blog to insult him. Typical.

    I support the bill because I know we have to have something that can gain bipartisan support if it is going to pass and that requires compromise.

    The hardliners offer nothing. They rant and rave and carry on and act as if they have been wronged. But in the end they are going to look pretty lame. Either they will get what they want and then be forced to admit things are not as simple as they say, or they will not get what they want and the rest of us will just ignore them.

    I know that if they fail, I intend to call the offices of people like Sessions and Tancredo on a regular basis and demand they get off their dead asses and just enforce the laws.

    Either way what goes around comes around. And complaining about being lied to when hardliners routinely lie about this bill themselves, is just hypocritical. After all considering the fact that they constantly contradict themselves and each other they must be lying or just full of it.

  3. metster says:

    Some of the people we elected to run our government are fools because they just don‘t get it. We elected you to represent us, the LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS, not the ILLEGAL ALIENS here in the US. This so called immigration bill is so full of holes I could drive a SHERMAN TANK through it.

    If you have read the bill, you would know that it applies to illegal aliens except those from Mexico. Count the number of times the bill has the clause “except for Mexican nationals” when talking about illegal aliens, punishment, arrests, holding by the government, deportation, etc.

    I think it is time to vote out anyone who votes for this sham.

    Do they really think we are that dumb????????????

    Maybe we do not pay you as much as the groups who lobby for the illegal aliens.

    Isn’t taking money for your vote called bribery??????????

    800+ pages of BULL CRAP. I can put everything in two sentences.

    1- Enforce ALL the laws already on the books from the last immigration bill.
    2- Protect our country by building the fence already approved by Congress.

    Maybe that is too simple for the very smart people in Washington who think and act like lawyers.

  4. Aitch748 says:

    If “enforce the law” and “build the fence” is so very very simple, then why hasn’t it been done already?