Jun 25 2007

Al-Qaeda Killing Muslims Again

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al-Qaeda took a strike at those Iraqis who have been fighting back against their jack-boot tactics:

A suicide bomber killed 12 people in the lobby of a busy Baghdad hotel on Monday, and the US military said six tribal leaders opposed to Al Qaeda were among the dead.

It was one of four separate bombings across Iraq in which 40 people were killed.

Police said a bomber wearing a vest packed with explosives blew himself up after walking into the lobby of the Mansour Hotel, where Sunni Arab tribal leaders from western Anbar province had gathered for a meeting.

‘According to initial reports, six shaikhs are among the dead,’ Lieutenant-Colonel Scott Bleichwehl, a US military spokesman in Baghdad, told Reuters.

Iraqiya state television said prominent tribal leader Fassal Al Igoud, a former Anbar governor and onetime deputy minister of agriculture, was among the dead. Iraqiya said one of its journalists was also killed.

This will seal the fate of al-Qaeda in Iraq. They have declared war on Muslims and the Muslims will fight back even stronger. This is the kind of desparate brutality that turned Iraq against al-Qaeda in the first place. It is a tragic loss of life, but it will not bow the Iraqis to al-Qaeda. It will do just the opposite.

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One Response to “Al-Qaeda Killing Muslims Again”

  1. thecentercannothold says:

    This makes about the tenth time alQaeda has sealed its fate according to Strata. Being charitable, AJ.

    With Strata a tactical retreat is a loss, & a successful strike is a loss -he’s learned the Rummy/Cheney discourse so well he could apply for Baghdad Bob’s job opening.

    If “al Qaeda” (which may mean any Sunni opponents of the occupation Bush orders his p.r. flacks to label such) continues
    effecient strikes like these, it might seal its fate all the way to
    Grand Caliphate Central Iraq.

    AJ glossed over the references to the shifting pro and tribal alliances in his latest post above. Guess this hit at least is gonna necessitate
    some more shifting.