Jun 11 2007

Bush Finds Support In Albania

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With the far right in this country calling Presidente Jorge a ‘traitor’ who should be impeached (violating Reagan’s 11th commandment) and the far left calling Bushitler a ‘traitor’ who should be impeached, it is no surprise Bush has to go to Albania to get some open sings of support. Of course Bush has a hard core of supporters, like me, who appreciate the man’s efforts and don’t expect him to be their puppet. Bush was not behind 9-11, did not use forged documents to get us into Iraq and is not for open borders and amnesty. But more than anything else Bush is no Adam Gadahn – the first American charged with treason since the days of World War II. Neither are those who support Bush. Gadahn is a traitor. Albanians get it. Too much of America is in such a fevered frenzy they have simply lost it.

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  1. owl says:

    I took a ‘no blog/min news’ vacation after the Nov elections because I did not want to go screaming ‘traitor’ into the night at my fellow Pugs. Had to do it again the last few weeks in order to keep my mouth shut but what the heck……..when our President has to go to Albania to get some respect……..that’s it. I didn’t vote for Bush Sr the second term because the Pugs made me ill (not Bush). I learned a lesson but if they made me ill then, I am darn near terminal at this point. Only certified anti-American haters who are so insane that they are worst than Pugs will make me vote. And yes, I will vote. Not cheerfully. Not with enthusiasm. Not with great respect for my fellow Pugs.

    I am so angry with the Pug Congress and the Pug Bimbo Pundits. Naming names. Seldom do I go to Malkin because she has jabbed at the White House from Day 1 on every issue. So she links to NR Lopez and I get to read this one natter on with her jabs. In walks Ingraham with her self-sacrificing in her loyal support of this President. Give me a break. Lopez and Ingraham want to talk about Miers? Bimbo elites……all three of them that have wrecked such havoc on this party that it will not be in power for a long time, if ever. Sure…….all of you point at Bush now.

    Immigration has been the driving force behind it all and the stupidity by the pundits is unbelievable. Darn shame Malkin wrote a book. I doubt if any of us agree. I am not 100% with AJ. I am not 100% with Bush. But I am 1000% against the Malkin/Tarcredos. Only……only……only if you only care about immigration can you buy into what just happened. What? You don’t care about the war? You don’t care about that corrupt UN or the freaks that have decided to set up international courts to rule us? You don’t care if the way they figured to tax us was called “Global Warming”?

    You must be in power to stop these forces. Bush came in and for the first time…The First Time….Mexican Americans took a look. He courted that vote for us. I am not talking illegals. I am talking illegals that have become citizens and now vote. I know these people. Good people but they definitely had been Dims until Bush. Their MSM fed them the same crap we get. Bush came. He worked it. I know Mex voters that voted Pug.

    Now? We have lost them for all time. The exact same way Pugs painted themselves out of the black vote, they have killed the Mexican vote. The Mex cut their eyes. It’s gone. For what? I have been waiting for 30 years for something to be done because we had a bad immigration situation………long before George W Bush. So would the Pugs work out a reasonable solution while they controlled both Houses and the WH? No. They killed it and whatever hope of controlling all the other forces that are determined to kill America. Immigration is just one tiny part. I am going to sit back and watch how long it takes for Pugs to get the Congress and WH again. Just so damn dumb for nothing. Three bows to the three Political Bimbos and their issues.

    Meanwhile, Bush fights all the forces that be ……for us…..and must go to Albania to get credit. I can’t tolerate watching this wreck.

    AJ, feel free to delete this rant by this Bimbo. I am just so mad that they (Pug Congressmen and Pundits) have deliberately tore this party in power apart for nada. BDS must be very contagious. And some have the guts to call HIM incompetent. Oh no……he is just not a very smart guy. Rather like Miers. Elite Bimbos.

  2. thecentercannothold says:

    Bush cherrypicked intelligence to get us into Iraq, there is no doubt about that-and misrepresented the sweep of it to the public. He also ordered his representatives in Iraq not to publicly admit there was an insurgency till many months after he was officially told. Perhaps he was in private disbelief on both subjects but a president-in-serious-denial is hardly better than a corrupt president

  3. thecentercannothold says:

    And siding with the Kosovo Liberation Army against Christian
    Serbia is nothing to brag about.